This beautiful photo is taken from the "Fantasy" category with the resolution of 1600 x 1200. If you don’t express the passion inside you – the ideas and deeds that make you feel alive – you will die one moment at a time without ever having lived. Remember, you are never too old, too young, too busy, or too educated to find value and joy in new, unexpected opportunities.  So stay on the lookout, because with each step down the road of life you take, a fresh supply arrives. How far should you go in the name of true love?  Until you can’t physically take another breath.  Read The Mastery of Love. Interesting, this is actually the third article I’ve read today that deals with the questions about nearing death. I feel I’ve got points 1-5 down pretty well, but that thought may change in the future. You have the positivity in your genes and it is quite evident from the fact that your grandmother had thought about these things a few years back. Great article, I’m going to use this title and some of your thoughts for an up and coming speech. This post will help me write a letter to a friend who is nearing the end and very consumed with guilt and anger over his life. Good questions and food for thought, but I think everyone might have slightly different questions to ask. As for #7, I wrote my story, literally, and a person in my life badgered me until I was convinced it was worthless and I burned it all, all the years of writing the stories in my soul.
I visit your website every day simply because your beautiful words of wisdom never fail to inspire me. Really, these questions should be posed early in life so awareness can help us provide better answers when we get near the end.
The best part is you have skilfully fitted maximum wisdom in each paragraph with words rightly chosen.
It is a best practice to always remind ourself that today maybe is my last day try to do thing perfectly.
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The latest date to herald widespread alarm is 21 December, which marks the conclusion of the 5,125-year "Long Count" Mayan calendar.Around the world, precautions are being taken.
Media captionFarmer Liu Qiyuan has built seven survival pods in which people can ride out the Apocalypse, if it happens. The 2012 phenomenon is essentially an accounting problem; a misinterpretation of some very ancient book keeping. This more detailed text predicts that, at an even later date, the great king K'inich Janaab' Pakal will return to Palenque to rule.
Authorities in the French Pyrenees are preparing for an influx of believers to the mountain Pic de Bugarach, where rumours have spread that UFOs will rescue human gatherers.And one doesn't have to belong to a sect to find these predictions compelling. The seminal study into this phenomenon came in the 1956 text When Prophecy Fails, in which psychologist Leon Festinger recounted how he and his students infiltrated a group who believed the world was about to end with members being rescued by a flying saucer.When both the apocalypse and the UFO failed to materialise, Festinger found, the leader declared that the small circle of believers had "spread so much light" that God had spared the planet. According to Dawson, the 200 Lubavitcher families in Stamford Hill had the most crucial trait necessary to keep a group together after a failed apocalypse - a strong sense of community. More on this story Mayan apocalypse: End of the world, or a new beginning?
Mother Rachel Fee and her partner Nyomi are found guilty of murdering two-year-old Liam Fee in Fife in 2014.
A terminally ill Calgary woman who suffers from ALS has ended her life in Vancouver with the help of two physicians. The woman, who cannot be identified because of a court-ordered publication ban, died Monday with her family at her side. Wiebe is one of a group of doctors who have formed an organization called Hemlock AID to provide B.C. In a written decision posted online Tuesday, Justice Sheilah Martin said the woman meets the criteria for a constitutional exemption to the law prohibiting physician-assisted suicide. The Supreme Court struck down Canada’s ban on assisted death in a landmark ruling last year. Martin heard submissions last week from the woman’s lawyer, Olivier Fuldauer, seeking an order allowing the procedure. In the hearing, the woman, who could no longer speak, provided affidavits detailing her condition and her wish to die. The degenerative neurological disease destroys motor neutrons and weakens most muscles of the body. Postmedia asked to cover the application, but the judge agreed with Fuldauer that the hearing should be closed for privacy reasons. If you want to find the similar photographies you can use the search on the site with the next queries: life, after, end, world, life after, life end, life world, after life, after end, after world, end life, end after, end world, world life, world after, world end. James Altucher, I think, proposed an interesting idea of figuring out if your life up to this point would be able to fill up 30 chapters of an autobiography. I also often ask myself whether I’m tolerating things in my life that are unnecessary burdens, as well as what do I have to celebrate right now and what am I looking forward to. How will the believers cope when life carries on?The clock strikes midnight, the hallowed date arrives and, once again, the apocalypse fails to turn up on schedule. In Russia, where sales of tinned goods and matches have surged, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has urged his countryfolk to remain calm. If this Maya prophesy is true, then the world will not end in 2012 or even 4772, no matter how the ancient calendar functioned. Humankind's ongoing fascination with the apocalypse is evident in mainstream popular culture. Jehovah's Witnesses are viewed as having predicted some form of end several times and yet still have more than seven million followers.

Her followers responded by proselytising the good news among non-believers in what Festinger saw as a classic case of cognitive dissonance.In a similar exercise, psychiatrist Simon Dein spent time with a small community of Lubavitch Hassidic Jews in Stamford Hill, north London. I was 14 and in my freshman year at high school in Amarillo, Texas," says Jason Boylett, author of Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse.
Others apologise to their members for getting the scheduling wrong.Tragically, some take more drastic action.
Ellen Wiebe, a clinical professor at the University of British Columbia, said in an email to The Canadian Press, adding the woman made the trip from Calgary to Vancouver the same day.
The Liberal government, elected in the fall, secured approval from the top court for more time to draft legislation allowing for doctor-assisted death.
S.’s privacy, dignity and autonomy were the more important interests and the hearing was held in camera,” she said. Please find time for voting for the "Life after the end of the world" on the current page chosen from 1 to 5 stars rating.
From that point, I can smile and set up new goals to keep focusing on what would bring me to an even higher level of happiness. That?s a little insight for my Friday morning – to realize that even if it is not our fault, we have to own the life circumstances we find ourselves in and once we do, we accept them and are not victimized.
When you’re on your deathbed, you can reflect on these questions and know you did your best and lived a full life. Now I am writing several things, none of them are my story but all tell it by expressing my life’s learnings. Thank you for inspiring everyone with this message and for giving up your time to write these amazing articles. On 21 December, we will reach that same number of days once again, and many now are concerned that a calendrical reset the following day will mean the end of the world. But a third focuses on 13 October 4772, the end of an even bigger cycle that cannot happen if a reset occurs in 2012. Films like 2012, Armageddon and The Day After Tomorrow all packed out multiplexes by depicting threats of global catastrophe. The Seventh Day Adventists, who have an estimated 17 million members, grew out of the Millerites, whose failed apocalyptic forecast in 1844 became known as the Great Disappointment. For years many Lubavitchers had believed their spiritual leader Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known as the rebbe, was the messiah.According to their theology, he would herald the end of civilisation and usher in a new age. When the dates came round I went to bed thinking this is going to be the last time I see my parents. Thank you for insisting that I am not dead after all and that any time is the right time to begin again. The couple met at the University of Chicago in 1979, where Bruce was studying landscape architecture, and married four years later. The Left Behind novels about a "post-rapture" world have reportedly sold more than 70 million copies.If precedent is any guide, however, 21 December is likely to prove an anti-climax. Their faith was tested, however, when the rebbe passed away in New York in 1994."I was there at the time he died," says Dein. They had taken their own lives in the belief they would reach a UFO following the Hale-Bopp comet.Most, however, find a peaceful way to adjust. But as long as we don?t take responsibility, we will continue to be stuck for as long as it takes to make that shift and accept. In a palpable blackness where I fought for survival by myself, your posts have entered and are challenging the dross with the light of your compassion and wisdom.
Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have often been gripped by certainty that the world was about to end.The Romans panicked at predictions their city would be destroyed in 634 BC. Last week, on a windy, early summer day, Hoffman was making his daily rounds with his nephew, checking the perimeter of a 200-acre parcel of his land. It was really a dream job for him,a€? says Kate Borland, 48.Bruce Borland flourished in his profession, and he and Kate were active members of their community and of their church in Palm Beach Gardens. The two men soon found themselves near a pale, gray solitary stone memorial, a three-foot wide flat face inscribed with six names, a passage from Psalms 40 and a date a€” Oct. During the English Civil War, groups like the Fifth Monarchists believed the end was nigh.More recent apocalypses have panned out in much the same way. Borland wasna€™t scheduled to fly with Stewart and the others, but Stewart said Borland was welcome to join them since an extra seat was available.a€?Bruce asked me to find a photo to take with him on the plane to show Payne. Followers of Nostradamus braced themselves for the arrival of the "King of Terror" in "1999 and seven months". Would he reveal himself?"But, Dein says, these Lubavitchers did not give up their belief system.
After it becomes apparent that the new order isn't going to come, there are ways of adjusting the message."For true believers, the saga is only just beginning when the clock hands reach 12.
The same stone lay 10 to 12 feet underground in that same patch of land before that October day a€” a day that that in Hoffmana€™s words, a€?was a nice fall South Dakota daya€? when he and a group of men were pheasant hunting about a mile away. US television evangelist Pat Robertson forecast that "something like" a nuclear attack would occur in late 2007.The California radio preacher Harold Camping set a date for the end of the world no fewer than six times, settling on 22 October 2011 - a day which, historians may recall, was distinguished by an absence of fire and brimstone. Very quickly, they took up the idea he was still alive and could not be seen, or that he would somehow rise from the dead."There are very heated tensions between those who believe he's alive and those who believe he's dead, but his death doesn't seem to have diminished the number of people in the group," Dein says. But at approximately 12:17 local time, the unimaginable occurred on Hoffmana€™s property, when a Learjet 35 plunged into the earth after an eerie, four-hour pilotless flight that had originated in Orlando, traveled north-by-northwest, before making its horrifying descent in northeast South Dakota. The photo he chose shows Kate and Bruce with their four children, strolling along the beach, the three boys horsing around near the oceana€™s edge, little Elizabeth Borland clutching her mothera€™s hand.
All six people aboard the plane a€” two crew members and four passengers, including two-time U.S. The photograph was one of the items recovered from the crash site and returned to Kate Borland.
The idea for the stone memorial came from several of the women who became widows as a result, and the stone was laid in a cement foundation in the fall of 2000, less than a year after the crash.
Kate had a jeweler reshape it.When Kate Borland picked up the phone several days ago, and was asked by a reporter for an interview, she says she at first a€?started to sweata€? and was a€?transported back to that momenta€? when she got news of the crash.
The years since have been trying, and she says that her children have had some difficult stretches since 1999. There is now a center connected with the Palm Beach Community Church that is named in Brucea€™s honor a€” the Bruce E.
Hea€™s going to be a sophomore in high school this fall and he had seen the spot one time before, but ita€™s been nine or 10 years.

Kate Borland says the facility is for community members of all faiths and backgrounds to enjoy, indicative of the type of values and decency that Bruce Borland embodied.***Donna Kling says that all the young, single women who attended her church in Oklahoma City had eyes for Michael Kling, the handsome Air Force pilot who was single. I said, a€?Payne Stewart, he had just won the Open that summer (1999) and here he crashed in this pasture that fall.a€™a€?This Oct.
25 will mark a decade since the surreal news played out on television and computer screens across the country and around the globe. After he retired from the Air Force a€” with nearly 4,000 hours of flight time a€” Michael Kling started working for Sunjet Aviation in September 1999, a month before the crash.
It was on that last Monday of October when Stewart boarded the private plane a€” Registration No. N47BA a€” at Orlando International Airport along with his agents Robert Fraley, 46, and Van Ardan, 45, golf course designer Bruce Borland, 40, pilot Michael Kling, 42, and co-pilot Stephanie Bellegarrigue, 27, for a two-hour flight to Love Field in Dallas.But 14 minutes after takeoff, approximately 37,000 feet above northwestern Florida, Jacksonville Air Traffic Control lost contact with N47BA, setting off a chain of events that included three separate military responses by F-16 fighter jets.
25 flight, Donna and Michael had escaped to a beach getaway.a€?He was the love of my life,a€? says Donna. 28, 2000 and investigators concluded that the probable cause was a€?incapacitation of the flight crewmembers as a result of their failure to receive supplemental oxygen following a loss of cabin pressurization, for undetermined reasons.a€? Ten yearsa€™ time has done little to ease the torrent of grief born of the crash, when the lives of families and friends from Oregon to Orlando, Winchester, Tenn. Helena Reidemar, Bellegarriguea€™s flight school roommate and close friend, has acted as a spokeswoman for Stephaniea€™s family, and says the El Salvador burial site is a peaceful, fitting tribute.Reidemar, a pilot for Northwest, says Bellegarrigue had a spirit and personality that few could rival. There was the charismatic Stewart, a devoted husband and father of two, who was finishing up perhaps the most gratifying season of his career.
There was Fraley, the country boy nicknamed a€?The Winchester Rifle,a€? who hailed from the tiny Tennessee town of the same name, played quarterback at Alabama under legendary coach Paul (Bear) Bryant and later founded Leader Enterprises, amassing a Whoa€™s Who client list of athletes, coaches and VIPs that included football coaches Bill Parcells and Joe Gibbs and former Cy Young winner Orel Hershiser. 25, 1999, when the Learjet co-pilot confirmed the planea€™s next altitude climb as it headed west toward Floridaa€™s panhandle.But soon the plane veered off-course and began its ghost flight north. There was Borland, an equally devoted husband and father, with four kids, who landed in his wife Katea€™s words, a€?his dream joba€? working for golf icon Jack Nicklaus at the Golden Beara€™s golf course design firm after Borland earned a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Chicago at Urbana-Champaign. Chris Hamilton, then an Air Force pilot with the 40th Flight Test Squadron out of Eglin Air Force Base, was the first of the military personnel to respond to N47BA. Kling, the pilot, was an Air Force veteran, deeply religious and a true romantic, who swept his wife, Donna, off her feet when both lived in Oklahoma, and who became a revered stepfather to her three children. Bellegarrigue, the co-pilot, was one of three children of El Salvador immigrants, Irma (Mima) and Roberto, a a€?homebodya€? as described by her close friend Helena Reidemar, but an adventurer who received a degree in aeronautical science from the prestigious Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach and chose to fly private business aviation over commercial so her schedule would be less hectic.Two of the five widows have remarried.
11 terrorist attacks a€” with violations of restricted air space possibly resulting in aircraft being destroyed a€” but ita€™s unclear if such a decision would have been made had N47BA approached a large city as opposed to an open field. The children of the victims have grown, some have started families, others have finished high school and college, started careers.
25, 1999 crash, however, have found it difficult to feel a sense of closure in the years since the doomed flight came to its final resting place in Mina.a€?If ita€™s something that big, that had that much of an impact on your life, thata€™s going to be a defining moment in all of our lives, everyone in my family.
The Learjet eventually began to fall from the sky and impacted in a field near Aberdeen, S.D. Thata€™s never going to change,a€? says Aaron Stewart, Paynea€™s 20-year-old son who is following in his fathera€™s footsteps, playing golf at Paynea€™s alma mater, Southern Methodist University, and hoping to become a PGA Tour regular. Two F-16 fighters remained on scene until NORAD was informed their assistance was no longer required.a€?***Aaron Stewart was 10 when his father pulled off the miraculous putt on the 18th hole 10 years ago in North Carolina.
Aaron says he wona€™t be at Bethpage this week, but hea€™ll be watching Tiger Woods, Mickelson and the rest of the field, just like every year when he tunes in to this major.a€?Ita€™s a big thing because ita€™s the 10th year,a€? he says, a€?but for my mom and sister and I, we think about it every day a€” every day thata€™s something that impacts our life. He was a fun-loving guy.a€?There was no denying Stewarta€™s passion for golf and his competitiveness and success on the links during the two decades he played, but Stewart made certain he would always leave an indelible mark on any tournament or round, even if he missed a cut or fell to the bottom of the leaderboard.
Ita€™s pretty cool.a€?Jay Loar, Aarona€™s coach at SMU, says his studenta€™s overall game is shaping up to be like his famous fathera€™s. But Payne was always interested in learning and getting better.a€?Stewarta€™s game did improve through the a€™80s, after he spent time playing in Asia. For now, Aaron wants to shoot for the stars, follow in his dada€™s footsteps, even though he got a late start on the game. Both his mother, who has not remarried, still lives in Orlando and is the president of Payne Stewart Enterprises and the Payne Stewart Family Foundation, and sister Chelsea are fervent supporters.
The Stewarts had two children, Chelsea and Aaron, and in 1989, Stewart won his first major a€” the PGA Championship a€” at Kemper Lakes in Illinois.
Open at Hazeltine in Minnesota and seemed poised to dominate the Tour for years.Instead, the victories dropped off and Stewart went through a prolonged slump, his fun-loving nature at times supplanted by a prickly side, particularly with the media.
Open at the Olympic Club in San Francisco in 1998, Stewart rebounded a year later with one of the most memorable finishes in Open history, sinking a 15-foot putt on the 18th hole at Pinehurst No. That September, Stewart played on the Ryder Cup team and helped propel the Americans to an emotional victory over the Europeans in Brookline, Mass.
They worked hard to get their clients top dollar, but as far as standing side by side in the limelight, you didna€™t see them,a€? she says.
In 2002, Debbie Ardan married Rick Christian, a literary agent who specializes in religious books.
Debbie devotes a large portion of her time to humanitarian trips to Africa, to help women who are widowed through genocide, AIDS, or other calamities. She has not visited the South Dakota memorial that bears Van Ardana€™s name, and does not know if shea€™ll ever make the trip to Mina.a€?I dated Van six years and we were married for 22.
I had 28 years with a wonderful man.a€?***Diane Hickman says there are still plenty of a€?Robert momentsa€? shared between her two siblings and her parents, plenty of tears shed for her older brother, her rock growing up in Winchester.
He was the handsome varsity athlete who gave his younger sister his letter jacket instead of giving it to a cheerleader, who comforted her when her high school crush spurned her affections, and who later on took her in as a roommate a€” leading to some comical exchanges. When Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996, Robert and Dixie drove from Orlando to Tennessee to take Diane to Nashville for her treatment.a€?He was my hero,a€? Diane says. One of Corrinnea€™s favorite memories is Robert leading the Crimson Tide to victory at Tennessee. One of Fraleya€™s former clients is former Giants and Jets coach Bill Parcells, now a VP of football operations with the Dolphins.a€?I have a very, very high regard for him personally a€” his forthright manner,a€? says Parcells. But I guess they say, a€?Friends are someone that knows all about you and likes you anyway.a€™ Thata€™s the way I think he felt about me. I tell you, I would put him way, way, way, up on top of the list of people that Ia€™ve ever known.

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