Cambodian healing practices, see the Traditional Medical Practices section of the EthnoMed Cambodian Cultural Profile. The search is finally over, and my “funemployment”(what unemployment really is according to my dearest little brother…) has come to an end. As much as I was desperate to find a job and stressing about it, there is a little bit of nerves but mostly excitement as I start this new job with new people and new responsibilities. But its new, and maybe a tad scary. I often fall in to the routine and forget to step out of my comfort zone, because its not in the schedule or calendar. When you begin to dream big, and when you begin to imagine what could happen, and you take steps towards the edge of your comfort zone, I can almost guarantee that there will be moments where you feel uncomfortable. A couple summers ago, Summer and I worked on a “Summer Goals List” to accomplish over the summer, and I asked her to set goals in these five categories. What was fun about working on these goals with Summer is we wrote them down, and we both knew her goals and I could help keep her accountable to accomplishing them! We are here cheering you on! We would love to hear what some of your goals are, comment away!

Horoscope enthusiasts will be happy to hear that a grand cosmic force does indeed seem to be responsible for controlling the direction of all life on Earth.
Earlier this year, research revealed that the rise and fall of species on Earth seems to be driven by the undulating motions of our solar system as it travels through the Milky Way. Fascinating, BUT -- why isn't this tied in with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, which apparently predicts (at least according to C. Quote, "At least two of the Earth's great mass extinctions-the Permian extinction 250 million years ago and the Ordovician extinction about 450 million years ago-correspond with peaks of this cycle" Really!
I am not sure how that correlates to the end of he world but I think if it as their own version of the Y2K bug.
I’ll admit, I am really good at putting other people in uncomfortable situations than I am putting myself in them. But we often fall into routine because we haven’t taken the time to dream or imagine what could be.
Maybe its feeling inadequate, maybe it’s you not knowing anyone, maybe it seems impossible.

It wasn’t just setting random goals, but intentional goals and helped both of us be intentional about doing these things, which often weren’t in our comfort zone, or in our regular schedule. However, this grand cosmic cycle has more to do with extinction than finding a tall, handsome stranger. Some scientists believe that this cosmic force may offer the answer to some of the biggest questions in our Earth’s biological history—especially where evolution has fallen short. But this quote has got me thinking, what if the goal in life isn’t to get everything perfect so that you are comfortable and safe, but what if life truly begins when we take steps outside of our comfort zone? I am not saying that routine and calendars are bad, because they are good, but I know that I have to intentionally schedule time where I am able to dream bigger than where I am right now, and to imagine what I want life to look like.

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