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The challenge is that not everyone sees their inner leader, nurtures it or takes responsibility for it. Do you find the balance between setting the course with a solid foundation and allowing the contribution from everyone involved? Do you micromanage and control every aspect of what you are leading or do you encourage and allow everyone involved take responsibility and ownership for their contribution?
Do you trust that you’ve gathered a cohesive team who connects to a common vision and each separate contribution creates the collective whole? Do you instill resentment, apathy, and indifference by your attitude and actions as a leader or do you hold space for your vision and your team to grow and perform in a positive and supportive environment? When I look at my own experiences, the places where I have excelled an contributed and produced my best is when led by someone who saw my potential, gave me space to run with my ideas and encouraged me to do so, who treated me with respect and expressed gratitude. Whether teachers, employers, or colleagues I excelled and performed with dedication, creativity and commitment to those who led with the collaborative spirit of creative leadership. Cheri’s is passionate about holding sacred space for men, women and children to create life, health and relationships that serve their highest good. Henry is a specialist in reserve evaluation and quality control testing for slurry impoundment recovery projects, participated in thousands of batteries of tests to evaluate size distribution, deposition patterns, washability studies, facility circuit design and anticipated product quality. Someone has to lead the way, set the tone, provide the focus, have the vision, communicate the vision, and gather the right team to bring the vision, intentions, and goals to life and manifestation.
They communicate clear expectations, and allow their children the freedom to explore, create, make mistakes, evaluate and change course.

They are responsible for specific outcomes and their style of running their teams and classes very much affect the results that students have. Her innovative and spiritual approach offers practical and intuitive guidance for breaking down the barriers to health, happiness and love.
Schwedel has a demonstrable career in building businesses and creating shareholder value for more than 25 years. He has also been appointed the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Miami Waterkeeper, a Miami-based, non-profit organization that advocates for Biscayne Bay, its watershed, and its wildlife.
Fish brings more than 25 years of experience within the energy industry, managing large teams, leading project development and construction, as well as managing both domestic and international large-scale commercial and coal mining operations. They model how leadership is done for their children, yet not all are good or even great leaders.
Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are most definitely leaders and if they haven’t figured that out yet, it’s time to start!
My colleague, Robb Braun, a Success Strategist, wrote a great post on the responsibility of leadership. He has a depth of experience in complex cross-border financing, project financing, and global capital markets. For nearly a decade, he held various leadership positions at TransAlta Corporation, including Mine Engineering Director, Mine Director, Director of North American Mine Operations, and most recently as the Director of Commercial Operations. For some reason, I never saw myself as a leader and yet when I reflect on the many layers and experiences of my life, I’ve been leading since my first marriage, actually since high school and probably even before then. Some lead with tyranny or an iron fist, controlling and stifling creativity and thought leadership in their children. Parents who ask open-ended questions and listen with patience and not criticism teach their children how to discover their own answers and greatness. Kathy Garland, who inspires visionary leaders, described 3 qualities to strengthen the leader in you.
Schwedel has been responsible for completing more than $2.1 billion in financing for various businesses over his career.

Fish worked for 13 years at The North American Coal Corporation where he was accountable for environmental and permitting activities, coal production, mine engineering, and coal mine operations in various management positions. Monica Regalbuto has been nominated to be Assistant Secretary of Energy for Environmental Management.
You may need to undo some outdated beliefs you incurred in your life from bad leadership whether from parents, teachers, coaches, or employers.
Both nominees currently serve as Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary for their respective offices. Unconsciously you may be storing experiences, emotions, and memories that feed mistrust or control issues. He was the founder of Florida Marine Management (MAREX), which he grew from a $2 million investment into a $550 million NASDAQ listed company. You may expect that people will disappoint you, that you have to do it yourself for it to get done “right” and you believe there is only one right way. Fish earned bachelor's and master’s degrees in Mining Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. During his time with BTI, he has focused on the development of coal recovery operations through the utilization of advanced coal processing technologies and the production of high-grade fine coal products.
He also founded Corallum, a diversified holding and investment enterprise with interests in energy, energy technology, and corporate finance. His area of expertise includes recovery and reclamation of coal slurry impoundments, testing and analysis of coal slurry reserves, slurry impoundment reclamation design and coal preparation.

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