Masters in English Programs & DegreesStudying for a masters in English will introduce you to topics relating to literature, writing, and language.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics post-secondary teachers (college professors) earned a median annual salary of $72,470 in 2014. This program leads to careers in education, government, technical communication, law, public relations, theology, and business; or advanced studies in fields like English, law, creative writing, religious studies, and education. The Master of Arts in English is a wide-ranging program that allows students from various backgrounds to pursue a course of study that meets their interests and goals.

If you’re interested in a doctoral program but lack a strong resume and experience, a master’s degree may make you a better candidate by increasing your breadth of knowledge.
Graduate school programs in English are diverse, which provides the student with many learning options. A master’s in English can often qualify individuals to obtain teaching positions at the high school and community college level, students considering a master’s for this reason might also look at a Master of Arts for Teachers. A master’s in English takes approximately two to three years to complete and usually requires many research papers as well as a final thesis.

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