I would like to thank BAFEL for their support to clear my IELTS Test with flying colours. Since, I was raw in my speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities of English, hence I was looking for an Institute, which would help in sharpening my skills for better performance in the IELTS Test. I live in Sector-6, Dwarka and after certain enquiry and research, I was referred to Sector-7 branch of BAFEL as a good centre for English learning and improvement. I visited BAFEL on 14th Apr 2014 for the first time and after meeting Alka Ma’am and seeing the learning atmosphere being created here by the teachers, I was motivated to join.
Understanding the state of my abilities in different modules of English after a week’s of regular classes, I was shifted from regular IELTS batch to a Customized one, wherein influence was given specifically on improving my English speaking and writing abilities, which lagged behind a little.
Now, I am continuing my customized classes for clearing my Visa interview, which is expected to happen anytime in the first week of July 2014.
With BAFEL helping me with their structures learning sessions, I expect to be a winner in my Visa interviews also. For anyone wanting to take IELTS or TOEFL test for foreign settlement or is willing to improve their general English Skills, I would highly recommend BAFEL because of their highly proficient and learned faculty and structured Course material. Foundation course helps in introducing the basic concept to people for whom English is a new language.
I went to several English speaking institutes, but when I told them that I am a Merchant Navy student and I am looking for advance English speaking course and personality development, they said that you really need good spoken English classes and they only told me to visit Vwin.
And friend I still remember my first two feedback in the institute where we have to rate the teachers on their knowledge and the way they are teaching. When I was in a college every one spoke in English but I did’t ,everyone laughed at me .
I am really grateful and thankful to V win for making me so confident and a good English speaker. When I joined the V win, I was not confident, not fluent, low in energy but after 3 months learning at V win, it changed me completely.
V win provides a true and Best personality development course, it motivates you towards good things, it helps to view things in different and a good way. After some days of classes I started developing confidence as there were many sessions in which I had to face every class mate and speak in front of them. V win classes helped me in building my personality and my faculty always guided me in a very good manner. Before joining the institute I was afraid that knowledge provided here will be of very high level which I won’t be able to understand but I was completely wrong and everything is taught from a basic level as per the requirement of students. Here my confidence to speak in front of others, whether it is a person or a call, boosted up.
Before joining V win I was not confident and I could not speak English I was feeling nervous when I joined V win first day. Here we do many activities likes group discussion, group activities and presentations and many more. I also found many friends here, we can say a group of friends we all enjoyed and studied as well. Before joining V win, I was very shy person and felt so nervous in front of the people and was not sure about talking in English. Sir gives us task in teams or group, we learn the team management also in classes, and developing good leadership qualities. But after joining spoken English course at V win, my attitude changed and this change was very positive. Before joining Personality Development course at V Win, I was just trapped in a shell, I was a typical house wife… that I never wanted to be.
After joining V win , my confidence level has increased and now I do not hesitate in speaking in English with my friends, and at my kids school (when I go for a PTM or any other function) . Before joining Personality Development course at V win I used to feel hesitation while communicating in English, now I feel much comfortable.
The knowledgebase and Practice sentences available at V win website are very useful for Personality Development and improving English communication .At last I am very proud to study in the best PD and Best English Speaking institute of Ghaziabad, and also thanks to Paresh sir. Really, I also improved a lot in my personality traits by knowing the importance of body language in Professional and personal life. My self Mahendra Prasad Yadav, I joined V win spoken English and Personality Development course, before 3 months.
Before joining V win I visited many institutes but finally I chose to join V win and today I thank V win is top English Speaking institute to learn English. I had many experiences in this institute, of which one most important is that my confidence level in front of public has increased a lot, because of activities like extemporary, presentation and many other activities. Also inferiority complex in my mind about English has been removed .Grammar portion was covered here very nicely as my sir explained basic rules & how to apply them in making sentences. Many moral thoughts were also given by sir to achieve success in life without facing failure (failure means refusing to get up on falling down). I found that I have joined a good institute for improving my communication skills and personality.
I think this institute is the best institute forPersonality Development and English Speaking, because here so many good thing are there for learning, and most important thing here is a good atmosphere. My trainer gave me good feedback to improve my English speaking, listening, writing and reading. I joined Vwin English Speaking, Personality Development institute in the end of November i.e. I was looking for an institute to cultivate my English speaking skills, fluency and knowledge. My English has improved and now I can talk to anybody in English and my vocabulary is increasing day by day. Three months ago I was searching a Best personality development course, then my husband told me about Vwin and about organizer of Vwin Mr. Before joining the English Speaking and Personality Development course at Vwin institute I was feeling much difficulty and hesitation to speak English language and without its precious knowledge I was incomplete in life. When I joined English Speaking and Personality Development course at Vwin, I didn’t have enough confidence in speaking English and I have lot of hesitation. I want to discuss about English Speaking and Personality Development course at Vwin with all of you, Vwin is a best personality development institute where you will improve your soft skills much better. I joined this institute 3 months ago and I remembered that at the first day I was unable to express myself and felt shy in front of the people.
As I had seen that English Speaking and Personality Development course at Vwin institute improved my English speaking skill.
It was a very good experience for me to study English Speaking and Personality Development course at Vwin.
Before joining Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin I was less confident. Hi friends, I want to share my views about Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin institute.
Before joining the Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin institute, I was feeling much difficulty and hesitation to speak English, but I joined Vwin Indirapuram Gzd. Hello everyone, I started Personality Development and English Speaking classes at Vwin to enhance my English speaking skills and grammatical skills and to my relief I got the right place at the right time and the classes were right up to my expectations and not only I enhanced my spoken English and other Personality skills and knowledge with good guidance from srivastav sir and also made some great friends.

After Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin, I am feeling confidence in me.
My opinion : we learn in Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin, is not only English Speaking, but also we improve our personality which is required for our career growth and teacher understand well what is the student problem like fluency, confidence, and hesitation. I joined Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin Indirapuram,Ghaziabad (weekend batch) before one & a half months ago. After completing my B.tech in 2009, I started applying for jobs but I was always rejected in the interviews just because of my very poor communication skill. My experience says that, Vwin Personality Development, Spoken English Institute is the temple of knowledge which improves your soul and fulfills it with ample of skills.
I want to share something about my experience at VWin English Speaking Institute, Indirapuram. For me in Vwin Spoken English Institute, It was a great experience here because Vwin English Speaking course helped me to improve not only my English speaking but also my personality. So, I am very thankful to sir for giving me right guidance that will help me throughout the life. After leaving this institution I will make others also know about Vwin Spoken English and Personality Development Institute and suggest them to visit Vwin.
One day while surfing internet I came to know about a renowned Personality Development and English speaking Institute “V win” which has also been award the best Personality Development institute not even this year but in previous years also.
I came to know about various significant traits which are needed to make it big in the competitive world e.g. He teaches in class about how to speak to other persons, how you could improve your confidence, how you could remove your nervousness and how you could improve your presentation skills.
I have joined Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin before few months and now I am very well in English. This enabled the authorities of the Troy University to invite me to join the Aug 2014 batch of M.S. Since its inception in 2006, Vwin is persevering in making the life easier and more meaningful for its students.
I had so much fun, the class started with the grammar concepts and gradually included group discussions, presentations and role plays and many interesting group exercises. The modern way of training on the personality development at Vwin helped us so much to understand many things about life, besides learning English.
I have started to think again about my career because I feel my confidence has increased just because of V win. I found different way of teaching and training here which I found the Best and totally suitable for me. Before joining V win I used to hesitate to speak English in front of others but now my confidence has increased, and my vocabulary has improved. I have been a student at V win and it seems to be a miracle but it is true that I am able to generate enough confidence and also desire to develop my personality as much as possible.
Feedback was taken on every step to ensure that students are not facing any kind of problem.
At last I want to say that V win is the best personality development institute in Delhi NCR.
Sir takes the quiz many times to know about our practice in home and what we are learning in class. Sir honestly does his work he is very nice person also he understands the people and his students.
Today I can speak English without any hesitation and nervousness with the help of Paresh sir. Because of that I lost my confidence and whenever I had to talk to someone, I felt hesitation and so I decided to join the V win. Trainer provides sufficient time for practice and conversation it helps to improve my English.
They improve vocabulary, pronunciation and our confidence level in their English Speaking and Personality Development Course. Even they improved my vocabulary and pronunciation and taught me new important words of spoken English which are useful in our daily routine and in future. I have learnt a lot of new things from Vwin which are very helpful in my personal and professional carrier.
The course helped me to improve my confidence level, vocabulary, interview preparation, tenses, speaking skills and grammatical skills.
I use to come here only on weekends for 4 hours, but I am feeling much confident than before when I speak in English.
When I came here my knowledge was not to the point but now it has gradually improved in very easy and interesting manner. When I first came here for my assessment test, I was quite nervous and hesitant but after one month, I started feeling confidence in myself and now I do not feel hesitant in front of anyone. I am more confident now as I am much clear about the concepts of tenses, prepositions, modals.
But now after joining Vwin, I have overcome all my shortcomings and problems faced by me in any type of presentation, speech or debate. In school time I was in my prime for my fancy of speaking as well as I was usually admired for my stage speeches. Before joining V win my English was very bad and I could not speak English to any person. Vwin provides a good attitude to all students and according to me that is very good for bright future. It has earned many appreciations and recognitions in its endeavour, but again for us ** Sky is the Limit **. I filled up the form and after few seconds mam called me inside and told me, about my mistakes and gave me the microphone to speak to computer to check my expressions and pronunciation and suggested for 3 months course for English Speaking and Personality Development course. I realized that my way of talking, understanding improved with the help of Spoken English and Personality Development Course. After seeing my feedback the coordinator asked me whether I was learning and understanding each and every thing taught in English Speaking and Personality Development. They taught us by showing several videos on importance of life, value of having some dreams to live and work over it and also several self-motivating videos.
I learnt a lot here about many important and useful factors that are very necessary for effective and fluent English.
I found every class & every day important in V win because of many activities like Group Discussions, Public speaking , Presentation and many other things. With time I developed a confidence in myself and now I can speak fluently in front of everyone.
I felt very shy and I used to think that I will not be able to speak in English or what will happen if I speak wrong English .people will make fun of mine. The mode of teaching by faculty is excellent and it is very easy to grasp each and everything. I am sure, my improved communication skills will give a new direction to my career, and it was impossible without having a good guidance as V win has provided me. Besides all activities I also learnt how to interact to a group of people &to express my own views effectively.

This institute has got award from Ms Kiran Bedi for best personality development institute.
I think whenever I’ll go from here I’ll have achieved more which will help me to live with a very good personality. Regularly we also give presentation here due to presentation I found my confidence level has increased and I stopped to hesitate to speak in English. Vwin institute gives a lot of knowledge about personality development along with English speaking. Srivastav helped me to accomplish my presentation skills, because of which today I have the ability to perform in front of group of the people. The Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin helped me to improve on my various aspects like confidence in English speaking, vocabulary, interview, tenses.
I went to Vwin and sir (Paresh Shrivastav) took assessment and recommended me for 4 months to improve my communication skill with Vwin. I felt so good in Vwin and I will recommend to all my friends who want to improve their communication skills. I would like to say that out of all activities, my favorite is presentation and trust me it is really good. For the same, I have been asked by the authorities to clear IELTS Test before May with atleast 6.5 as the Overall Band Score. This really gave me new vision to see the new world with plenty of responsibilities around me and ability to find good qualities in others.
In the end I would like to say that this is the best institute for English speaking in Delhi,Noida,Ghaziabad as well as Best institute for personality development in Delhi NCR. Now, I can speak as well as write .Now after doing course at V Win, the hesitation has gone and confidence has increased.
He teaches very well and he has lot of patience and always motivates his students and supports fully to remove hesitation. Many group activities helped me a lot to boost up my confidence and now I could face public smartly and confidently. He has taught to make sentences in different way which I liked very much and it is a unique thing which I had never seen. Srivastav helped me to accomplish my presentation skills because of which today I have the ability to perform in front of the group of the people.
The course not only included taking the topic and explaining it, but sir helped us in learning and practicing the topic. Whatever I learnt from Personality Development and English Speaking course at Vwin, will help me in my whole life. After joining Vwin I improved those things and gained lot of knowledge from here in such a short time. I was instructed to take either General Training module or Academic module for the admission as both were accepted but to my misery only Academic session was available for May with 17th Jun 2014 being the earliest date available for General Training module on 11th Apr 2014, when I registered for IELTS. For Professional students, it is very hard to manage the time but within this time, he manages very well with unique methods. Sir teaches us how to overcome fear of public speaking and also tells us about what should be done to improve our personality, English speaking, grammar and he also explains every key point. After joining English Speaking and Personality Development course at V win, I found myself to be very keen to know new vocabulary words, English learning and speaking has become my new passion. They use lots of activities like Group Discussion, role play, vocabulary, quizzes which helps us to improve communication skill and personal behavior also. Before joining Vwin my confidence level was very low but when I came here, then I got my confidence, which I had lost and which is very necessary. So, if anyone of you is thinking to improve not just spoken English but also personality , then surely join English Speaking and Personality Development course at Vwin for great improvement. In Vwin institute first time I realized that my English speaking was so poor but at that time lots of thought generate in my mind but I couldn’t understand that how would I speak?
Various group exercise and solo presentations helped me a lot to get control on my nerves while speaking in English. The most important thing I learnt was how to make your presentations effective and how to carry your point across your audience. I could speak English but when it came to public speaking, lack of confidence was one of the obstacles which I always faced. Vwin not only helped me to increase my confidence level but it also helped me to improve my vocabulary and pronunciation.
I am very thankful to sir, because of his support his technique to teach his patience to handle weak one. These are enhancing my personality one thing I would like to appreciate about trainer : he always tries to make us understand enough with the help of educational game. Rather, than going in further details, I would like to tell that my confidence level has gone to a quite higher level compared to that I used to have before joining the institute. Here we not only practice English speaking, writing, listening but also we do personality development course . I was supposed to score minimum of 6.5 in Overall Band Score to be eligible for getting admission to the Course.
Sir always encouraged and advised us for reading newspaper, speak in front of the mirror and speak with friends In English. I am really surprised that how he can notice so many mistakes or I must say every mistake when we speak in GD or Presentation. Before joining Vwin I felt hesitation but now I feel good these days and I forget my hesitation only because of Vwin and Mr.
While playing these games it becomes easy to understand language.Thanks Vwin’s Paresh sir!! The best factor I liked that Sir discussed every aspect of the topic in detail and explained its effect on our life, in a very good way. I would say that it is one of the best decisions of my life and I am proud to be a part of V Win. He is never tried of questions asked by students and he encourages students to ask more questions.
And I will suggest all who are interested in improving communication skills; Vwin can definitely ameliorate the situation for you. It is helping me to develop much knowledge about vocabulary, Role play, tongue twister, positive attitude and many more aspect of personality. It really helps these days I am improving after completing my Personality Development and English Speaking course I am dead sure that I’ll be a very good fluent speaker and a knowledgeable person. Now without any hesitation I can share my opinion to all that now I can talk with my family members In English.
Finally I want to recommend Vwin Spoken English, Personality Development course to every person who wants to improve his communication skill as well as personality.
V win is the only place where you can easily learn the English and it helps you to develop your personality.

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