We are here to facilitate your language skills for better performance.NESI is a one stop solution for all your English needs. For a good command over any language one should have sound knowledge of grammar, ample vocabulary along with excellent power of expression and articulation. We know no one likes to listen to themselves, but if you’re able to spot your weaknesses, then you’ll be able to correct them.
By listening to different accents, you’ll get to the point where you’ll be able to tell the slight differences that are obvious for natives and challenging for English learners.
If we apply this tool wisely, we’ll be able to improve our second language speaking skills as well.
You don’t need a fancy device, if you have a phone with voice recording or anything similar, you can use that. However, if you get to this point, your oral and listening skills will have improved significantly.

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It may seem as a simple idea, but set your radio to a channel that is playing English songs so you will wake up hearing English. There are many things you can do to improve your English speaking skills, the good news being…all of them are fun! There are many things you can do to meet English natives who will be willing to do a skype session with you: look for someone interested in learning your language (by joining a language-exchange Facebook page, for instance), or join any other page, for example of an English city, and start posting and talking to people. Day by day you will start to catch some specific words or phrases and they will be very useful for you while speaking or let’s imagine! For starters, you’ll need a computer with Internet access and earplugs…here are some ideas. The most important thing that we want to mention is you should take English into your life.

Since we are living in a global world now, why not meeting with new people from English speaking countries? Here are some ideas of keywords that will lead you to useful videos for this purpose (type them on the YouTube search engine): “English accent”, “BBC News”.
Try to find new friends from different countries and speak with them on Skype or on Facebook. Do not forget there are too many people who want to practice English and you are not alone.

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