How to link words and sounds together so they sound smooth and natural, not stiff and choppy. English As A Second Language Students Need To Learn How To Speak With Confidence And Ease, Without Thinking And Without Translating In Their Heads.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn English the same way you learned the language you speak now?
Memorizing vocabulary lists and studying grammar rules will not make you speak English like a native.
You will learn the English vocabulary including all those words that sound the same but have different meanings depending upon how they are used.
You will develop the confidence to speak English in business and social surroundings without hesitation and without being embarrassed.
Bettina, an English learner like you, discovered this website and my English writing tips and loves them. Speak to as many English people as possible; if you see English people in your country, say hello and ask if they need any help. Subscribe to an English newspaper or magazine or read one regularly on the Internet; see the links page.
When you find new words try to guess their meaning before looking at them in the dictionary. Practice reading quickly, without re-reading, to see how much you can understand (this can also help your listening).
Scanning is reading for specific information, eg reading some adverts to find the ones that interest you.

Skimming (or reading for gist) is reading to get the main point of a piece of text, e.g you might do this with a newspaper or magazine to decide which articles to read in full. Find some English speaking penpals or email friends to practice real English communication with. Would you like to have your resume, cv, letter, essay, report or other document checked by a graduate native English speaker?
English Writing & Grammar Course - Hong KongThis course is suitable for students of all levels in Hong Kong who want to increase their English writing proficiency for use in academic or professional situations.
This is the stuff you didn't learn in your ESL class- even the average American doesn't realize he is doing this!
A technique for improving your vocabulary, so you can speak more confidently about many topics. This Program Trains Them To Do That With Enough Audio And Text Material For 5 Months Of Intensive Study. Based on this fact, I have created this book to help you speak English in a short period of time. Listening is the key to improving almost every aspect of English so why not use it to improve your writing.
You don’t have time to read all of that information, so I made sure that this course was easy, effective and focused.
Don't be discouraged if you can't understand everything first time, the more you listen the more you will understand. Try the Oxford Elementary Learner's Dictionary of English, or Collins CO BUILD Advanced Learners English Dictionary.

We focus on developing your ability to write Clear and easy to read documents with Correct grammar and vocabulary. With movies on video, if you find it difficult, don't try to watch everything at once; watch a little at a time, checking any new words in your dictionary. Try to write the lyrics of a song only by listening to it; you'll probably need to listen several times with many pauses.
You already have some English writing skills so your tutor start by finding out what you want to learn and analyse your current writing skills.
We then create a teaching plan to specifically improve on the areas where you need most attention. Course MaterialsThe English Writing and Grammar Course (Code EWG-101HK) course uses professional customised teaching materials as well as text book. You will be assigned weekly homework assignments and will received detailed feedback on these during the following lesson.
You may also bring in your own documents for correction and use within the course.Native English TutorsAll our friendly English Teachers are very experienced, internationally qualified, mature native English speaking foreigners.

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