Managers need top-flight communication skills to keep their staffs productive and collaborative. Fire Up Your Communication Skills-Get People to Listen, Understand, and Give You What You Want!
The field of corporate communications describes the practices organizations use to communicate as coherent corporate "bodies". The Communications for Business is a comprehensive textbook, workbook, and reference book rolled into one.
The work laid out may be used to form a separate course of study, or a course of training running parallel with a course in debating or other original speaking.

The preliminary fundamental work of Part Two, Technical Training, deals first with the right formation of tone, the development of voice as such, the securing of a fixed right vocal habit. It is regarded as profitable for the student to practice, at least to some extent, in all the several kinds of speech here chosen. Well it may seem so, but consider honestly when was the last time you were involved in a breakdown of communications?
It has been prepared with a view also to that large number who want to speak, or have to speak, but cannot have the advantage of a teacher. Following comes the adapting of this improved voice to the varieties of use, or expressional effect, demanded of the public speaker.

In thus cultivating versatility, he will greatly enlarge his power of expression, and will, at length, discover where in lies his own special capability.
After this critical detailed drill, the student is to take the platform, and apply his acquired technique to continued discourse, receiving criticism after each entire piece of work.

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