Abraham also talks about the early days of giving seminars, reveals why Esther & Jerry agreed to let Hay House put out their books after nearly twenty years of self-publishing, and then explains why the Teachings of Abraham can never become a religion. Discover the Secret of Your Unique & Authentic Soulprint - Free Introductory Course Get Your FREE Access NOW! Abraham, translated by Esther Hicks, responds to a question from a woman has tried every diet, done every exercise, and still cannot lose weight. Just have to say how much I love and appreciate abraham and all those involved in bringing this wonderful stuff to us! No matter what our starting point is (childhood, background, current financial situation etc.) ANYTHING is possible!
Wow, the concept of starting with an emphasis of action over vibration for particular instances has really and immensely helped me overcome a major block in another area of my life.
Esther Hicks masterfully coaches a participant from a state of stuckness, to a state of joy.
Learn all about Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham-Hicks, their workshops, their appearance on The Secret, Oprah’s XM radio show, and much more! Abraham is a group of consciousness with infinite intelligence, from the non-physical dimension. When Esther Hicks channels and becomes one with Abraham, the name Abraham-Hicks is used to define the alignment. Esther Hicks wants us to understand that we can all channel Abraham, if we are in the same vibrational frequency as Abraham. Esther Hicks uses workshops as a platform for people to communicate with Abraham and learn more about the Law of Attraction.
As you watch the Abraham-Hicks videos recorded from these workshops, you will find clarity for yourself.

If you are coaching yourself to become more enlightened, we recommend you to watch the inspiring Abraham-Hicks videos.
Furthermore, Esther and Jerry Hicks have produced many other inspiring spiritual products such as DVDs, CDs, card decks, calendars and kits. In this video, Esther Hicks talks about the tools and practices that she has learned from Abraham, the infinite intelligence.
Have you wondered why some people always seem to have all the good luck in the world, while others struggle their whole lives? In this video, Abraham-Hicks is coaching on the Law of Attraction and and about the importance of loving yourself, if you want to attract good things into your life.
It explains in detail how just one small shift of a negative emotion can have a dramatic effect, and lift us up. Esther Hicks is a woman who has learned to channel these non-physical entities, called Abraham. The infinite intelligence, called Abraham, wants us to know that the basis of life is freedom and the purpose of life is joy! Esther Hicks has learned to quiet her mind, and thereby raised her vibrational frequency little by litte, through practicing meditation. You just need to be on the same vibrational frequency as Abraham, to open up the communication. Esther Hicks used to do these workshops together with her late husband Jerry Hicks who passed away November 18.
These books give you tools to coach yourself on the Law of Attraction; how you create with your thoughts, and how to direct your thoughts in order to become the receiver of your dreams.
Esther Hicks has been using these Abraham processes in her everyday life for years now, but she found them especially helpful when the love of her life – her late husband – Jerry Hicks passed away in 2011.

Even if we leave the current relationship and […]What a great siteThis should be taught in pre school for sure.
Is one of many reasons why The Secret did not resonate with me- did not address the real emotional issues you do. I am at least 20 lbs smaller in FAR better health and it’s only been two months since I heard this. She is able to open up a communication with Abraham and receives a block of thoughts from this infinite intelligence. Try to meditate for about 15-30 minutes every day to quiet your mind and raise your vibrational frequency.
Abraham’s infinite intelligence and broad perspective will give you a new insight on the Law of Attraction and on how to attract someone specific.
Today, Esther Hicks continues this work alone, but with the inspiration from Jerry Hicks from “the other side”. The answers are then channeled through Esther Hicks and communicated with clarity and wisdom. Abraham who is the infinite intelligence, has a deeper and broader perspective on things that can be very enlightening. Find summary and videos from conversations with Abraham-Hicks on the subject of apology and forgiveness. Wondering what took so long being awakened 9 years but is what it is all that matters is I found u.

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