Required coursework and field experiences contribute to the development of reflective educators who are able to make wise decisions when planning, implementing and evaluating instruction to promote learner growth and development. Faculty members in the Education and Leadership Studies Department believe that educators who are prepared to make well-informed appropriate decisions when working with children and youth are more likely to promote their students’ learning, growth and development.
To develop in candidates the ability to make judgements about the performance of learners and about their own performance.

The purpose of Texas AgriLife Extension in Kerr County is to educate residents in agriculture, environmental stewardship, youth and adult life skills, human capital and leadership, and community economic development. Mission: To provide quality, relevant outreach and continuing education programs and services to the people of Kerr County. Quarterly E-Newsletter with updates on CEU's, Trainings, Field Days, Forage Production, Wildlife Management, Gardening and Natural Resources, and much more.

They were exposed to many quality programs and had the chance to better their understanding of the agricultural food producing industry that feeds a growing world population.

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