ISM's SP Logistics has qualified Trainers on staff with Certificate lV in workplace Assessment & Training. This Event Management Diploma Training Course is available in our Pitman Training Scotland Centres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dumfries, Inverness and Forres.
The reality of event organising is not quite the same as the idea of it, so give yourself a break and make your life easier by honing a few skills with our Event Management Diploma. With your Diploma you will not only gain confidence in organising great events, but you will show employers you have got what it takes too.
Get to grips with the tricks of the trade and build your practical insights, helping you to create events with the ‘wow’ factor.
Learn advanced word processing skills including mail merge, creating graphs, creating and running macros, creating an index, table of contents and more. Learn advanced spreadsheet skills, importing and exporting data, creating templates, linking workbooks, data management and use analysis tools and pivot tables. A flexible course covering database terminology, planning, design, exporting html and macros. Learn what a marketing plan is, how to carry out appropriate research, how websites are designed to market the company, effective advertising and the four P’s of marketing products.

Priceless for anyone involved in organising events, the training within this Diploma brings together all the elements you need to produce memorable, stress-free, successful events. This Event Management Diploma is designed to train you with the skills you need to get the job. At ISM we use only top quality equipment from renowned manufacturers such as Shure, Crown, DBX, Yamaha, Soundcraft and Midas. As a coordinator or planner, event organising is no walk in the park and there are many complexities that go into making an event, such as a wedding or party, a success. This will enable you to create professional looking documents, produce tables, insert pictures and much more.
Areas covered include formatting, inserting tables, pictures, sound and hyperlinks; applying transition and timing effects.
Covers the use of email, electronic calendar, scheduling meetings and appointments, creating and assigning tasks and creating address lists. Build your understanding on logistics, preparation, note-taking, agenda planning and how to clarify actions.
From price-setting to turnover, margins and profits, this course will set you on the path to understand how to market and sell products and services.

Great for event managers, charity fundraisers, business owners and many more roles, you will find this Diploma provides many skills that can be used throughout your career.
With Pitman Training qualifications behind you, you can approach your Event Management career with confidence.
With the help of Pitman training I also gained Microsoft 2010 Master Qualification which enabled me to become a confident and proficient administrator in record times. With our well regarded, practical, Pitman approach you will gain the edge in event management after carrying out this Diploma and that is when you will really love this element of your job. We can supply PAs for any occasion from small seminar systems to concert rigs and any size in between.

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