For mining companies, a long-term licence to operate depends on a capacity to renew existing commitments while seeking new solutions to environmental concerns.Sustainability best practice recognises the need to reduce a site’s ecological footprint, so it is logical to include any mine camp in this equation. As mining operations face ongoing demand to increase productivity and decrease costs without sacrificing safety, a challenge exaggerated by a lack of highly skilled operators, Atlas Copco has published Blasthole Drilling in Open Pit Mining aimed at helping customers successfully meet these challenges. Tenova TAKRAF has won a turnkey contract for the supply of one SRs2000 bucketwheel excavator  for the coal mine extension operated by the Zhahanaoer branch of the CPE Mengdong Energy Group. China, which is the world’s second-largest energy user, may consume between 4 and 6% more coal next year on continued economic growth, China Securities Journal said, reporting on a forecast from the China National Coal Association. OTB Products' 50 degree cooling vests can significantly reduce the threat of heat exhaustion amongst the workforce.
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Columbia Steel's 86-acre facility is home to an on-site product design and engineering department and full-service steel foundry, with the capacity to produce wear parts and custom castings weighing up to 40,000 pounds.

Many companies have been embedding sustainability principles into mine camp design for decades and their experience in this area can be shared with others new to these concepts. Atlas Copco shares the knowledge of its product experts and customers through 11 technical articles and nine case studies. The Zhahanaoer coalfield lies at the northwest end of Togliao city in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous District. Demand from the world’s biggest producer and consumer of coal could be about 3,400 Mt from this year, the newspaper reported. The application of sustainable development principles can include the selection of location, materials, energy and waste management for the mine village. The technical articles offer important information in a practical and concise manner that everyone from experienced drill operators to industry novices will find useful and easy to understand.

The open pit mine is situated on a the ridge of the southern part of the Daxing’an mountain range. In this region the tough climate is characterised by temperatures varying from +39°C down to -39°C.

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