Staff Attorney Bob Leonard, who has been with CLEAT for nine years,  has been promoted to Assistant General Counsel by Executive Director Charley Wilkison.
CLEAT General Counsel Michael Rickman, who has been working from the San Antonio, is now setting up shop in the State Headquarters in Austin. About UsThe Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program is sponsored by the Hedge Fund Group, a global networking association of more than 100,000  industry professionals. Since its founding in 2006, the Hedge Fund Group has grown from a small network of industry professionals into an internationally recognized organization with over 100,000 members from more than 60 countries employed at the world’s top hedge funds. David Becker is an expert in portfolio and risk management, and is well adept in his knowledge of financial derivatives.  Mr.
Aldo began his career in Montreal Canada and maintains both his Canadian chartered Accountancy as well as CPA licensure.
Angela ensures that our main office runs smoothly along with a number of other duties including producing and distributing our training materials and assisting in the marketing and promotion of our investment workshops and events. Rafael Tassini was added to our team to help us consistently produce new resources, alumni benefits, and downloadable multimedia from our website. Rafael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Business from Universidade Paulista. The following recruiters and placement agents are not part of our internal team, but they act as an extension of the Hedge Fund Group (HFG), assisting with the CHP’s offerings. The CHP Designation is sponsored and offered by the Hedge Fund Group, an international industry networking association with with more than 100,000 members.
The Board of Advisers for the Hedge Fund Group consists of over 50 hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, and industry consultants making this hedge fund certification program designed for and by hedge fund professionals. Shier Lee graduated with the Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the National University of Singapore.
Brad is the Operations Manager for the Bond Trust Accounting Group within Performance Trust. Note: The CHP designation certifies that participants hold a certain level of fundamental hedge fund specific knowledge.
Guaranteed Valuable TrainingWe guarantee that you will find the CHP program of great value. TBG Partners landscape architecture and land planning firm recently announced the addition of landscape designer Stephanie Poage to their Dallas office. Jason Dolan has been promoted to project Landscape Architect at the Pennsylvania office of ColeJenest & Stone. Landscape architecture and engineering firm Dufresne-Henry recently hired Paul Kaskey, the former city manager of St.
Walt Dutko was recently named president and chief operating officer of CLC Associates, a planning, landscape architecture, architecture, engineering, and land surveying firm. Deanna Bounds has been promoted from director of marketing to associate at the TBG Partners office in Austin, Texas. Initial Tropical Plants, provider of interior landscaping, design installation and maintenance services to business in North America, recently announced the appointment of Michelle Rodwell as director of marketing.
Clyde Smith has joined BASF Professional Vegetation Management as a sales specialist covering the north Florida territory.
Robert Best has been hired by Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting as their new northern California district trainer.
He will be able to travel more in the field but will continue with a presence in San Antonio when needed, Wilkison said. The Hedge Fund Group strives to create a valuable, rewarding experience for clients through our team of full-time employees, industry consultants, and board of directors.

Wilson is a bestselling author, global speaker, and the founder and managing director of the Certified Hedge Fund Professional Designation (CHP) Program.  He is a prominent figure within the hedge fund industry, working daily with hedge fund managers and family offices.
He is primarily responsible for alternative investment research analysis, having produced over 1,000 pieces of research and reporting content on the space. Rabih is a Senior manager in New York working on reinsurance technical issues and derivative credit valuations. Aldo’s former and current clients included Hedge funds, Private Equity Firms, Clearing Brokers, Introducing Brokers, Mutual Funds, and, Registered Investment Advisors, Trust Company, or Transfer Agents, as well as Alternative investment vehicles.
She is responsible for ensuring that the CHP Designation materials and Hedge Fund Premium resources are updated frequently and that participant needs are promptly met.
Rafael is an expert in resource research and construction and many of the tools you use within our programs were built with his help.
The recruiter below have become familiar with the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Program and would prefer to work with professionals who hold this designation over those that do not. Specifically, I cater to Investment Banks, Asset Management firms, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity. Our team of eight professionals has been working with CHP Program participants on a daily basis in addition to fielding advice and input from our Board of Advisers shown below. Ongoing conversations with additional funds and industry consultants indicate the Advisory Board will grow to over 100.
Omansky helps our team spread our brand among hedge fund managers throughout the industry and he has recently been spending time helping us improve and refine the learning objectives of the CHP Designation overall. Arnau’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Century University as well as completing courses in Income Property Appraisal and Real Estate Analysis at UCLA.
Dan has been researching alternative investments and hedge fund strategies for over 24 years. She is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) and holds the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation in Portfolio Analytics and Risk Management.
His main responsibilities since becoming a member of Performance Trust have been to streamline the Bond Trust Accounting system using his process creation and procedure skills and unique industry experiences. The CHP designation is a professional self-improvement program meant for continuing education for both investment and hedge fund professionals. Poage, who earned her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M in 2003, is currently involved with the schematic and conceptual entry designs for Lone Star Crossing, a retail development in Fort Worth, Texas. Lauro will focus on market development for Profile Erosion Control Solutions (PECS) in the western United States. Before coming to Initial Tropical Plants, Rodwell lead the development and implementation of direct marketing campaigns for Chartered Marketing Services. Smith comes to BASF from the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension where he served as a regional integrated pest management agronomy agent. Best will be leading Vista training seminars and offering field support in an area that includes San Francisco, the Monterey Peninsula, Bakersfield, Sacramento and Reno, Nev.
Csech will work with Profile sales managers to process distributor information and provide customer service. Daphny comes to us with over 15 years of hands on customer service and high end sales experience, and is bilingual in English and Spanish. Theo is also responsible for advising on technical aspects including web design, exam technology, and program planning.
Aldo gained over ten years’ experience dedicated to serving financial services entities (mainly hedge funds and private equity entities) and over four years of diversified experience in other industries and capital markets, both at Metlife as well as from other big four public accounting firms.
Charles helps produce video study aides, video recordings of team member speeches at conferences, and Hedge Fund Premium resources.

Adriana also helps coordinate Hedge Fund Group networking events and seminars for CHP members and hedge fund professionals across the industry in over 10 cities around the world including New York, Moscow, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Boston, London, and San Francisco. He is a former bank executive as an EVP Chief Lending Officer as well as a co-founder of a State Chartered FDIC insured commercial bank with over 25 years of underwriting and asset origination experience with large institutions. Professor Hachem also has investments experience in a variety of functions with companies such as Southwest Securities and Fidelity Investments. In addition, she is a licensed holder for Fund Management as well as Investment Advice (pending approval).
The CHP is not provided by a government body, cannot be a substitute for a securities license, and is not meant to signify the ability of any one individual or company to manage money or run a hedge fund. He provides landscape architectural design services for clients throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Cassandra Goodwin, civil engineer and Joe Porter, site designer joined the staff at the Madison office.
Profile Products manufactures erosion control and hydraulic mulch products for commercial, residential, transportation, landfill and golf course markets. Daphny will likely be your point of contact for registration information; and serve as your advocate throughout your time in the program(s).
His background is in hedge fund market research, alternative investments and private equity, and he is a frequently published writer on these subjects. Aldo has also spent two years as an independent risk consultant with a focus on internal controls and due diligence for fund of funds as well as reviewing transparency standards for fund of hedge funds. Charles’ background is in conducting market research and investor database product construction projects within the Hedge Fund Group.
Dolan received his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from West Virginia University in Morgantown, W.
Prior to this position, he was employed with GeoSyntec Consultants, a leading geotechnical, environmental and stormwater consulting firm. We have a team of professionals ready to answer your questions and we look forward to hearing from you. As a member of the CHP Designation Program you will gain access to Hedge Fund Premium and watch many videos which Charles helped produce and edit over the past few years.
My industry experience prior to my recruiting career, my dedication to building and maintaining relationships, and the level of honesty and integrity that I work with are what separates me from my competitors. Prior to his work on SkyRank, he created and managed an equity options volatility model for Tradelink LLC, a Chicago-based multi-strategy hedge fund.
Arnau has an extensive background in the capital markets with experience in secondary markets as well as loan securitizations and trading bank notes.
Prior to this, he was an equity options market maker of Lakota Trading Inc., a market-making entity owned by Steve Fossett on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.
He is well versed in bank compliance and operating in a highly transparent and regulated industry.
Arnau is responsible for operating the Managed Funds group where he oversees all aspects of the fund’s administration and portfolio asset selection.
Garcia is a site designer who recently completed coursework for her master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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