With Coach Training Intensive (CTI) as a prerequisite, the Certified Personal and Executive Coach Program is a training geared to master the art of advanced coaching skills. Research Paper: Coaching As A Mainstream Profession – How Does The Near Future Looklike? Heraclitus’s prediction in 500 BCE could not be more appropriate in terms of timing than now!!! One of the off shoots of this awesome change sequence in the professional stream is, the emergence of Coaching as a field of discipline which has the potential to positively influence the lives of so many. The scope of this paper is to study and visualize the progress coaching as a profession is likely to make over the near future, say over the next 5 years, surface potential challenges and explore a few responses to the emerging context.
By flux of time and practice, these terms tend to be used interchangeably, often defusing the power of each of these approaches.
Before we embark on the study, it’s worthwhile to record a few characteristics of “Coaching” as a profession. Coaching is relatively new as a concept (mid 90s) and draws from many other disciplines such as adult education, psychology, sports, and from many leadership theories and practices.

Doesn't have a defined standard that is universally accepted such as Doctors, Lawyers, and Teachers.
Getting into the State where one Responds in the moment versus ‘reacts’ to one’s environment (persons, situations, tasks on hand) finds one Resourceful, Full of Choices, Empowered, Free-er, At-Locus-of-Control, Present, Open-to-Inspiration and Powerful compared to Upset, Helpless, Blaming, Emotional, Away-from-Locus-of-Control, Absent from Now, Replaying Moribund Memory Patterns, and Disempowered and Weak. A hypothesis could be that Man evolved from the primates, amongst several factors, chiefly because the faculty of Memory was manifested. With Coach Training Intensive (CTI) as a prerequisite, the Certified Personal and Executive Coach Program is a training geared to master the art of advanced coaching skills, positive psychology, and business development. The last few decades witnessed unprecedented changes that have changed the way we connect with the world.
The earliest evidence of Coaching comes from the great Indian epic Mahabharata where characters such as Arjuna, Dhrona, Karna, Bhim were hailed for their mastery over a few martial arts. The inference is that a “coach” carries people from their current place to a desired place!!! The significant difference between coaching and the other three forms are that, in coaching, the client has maximum say and seen as an expert over the subject.

At all levels we see and experience change, be it social, professional, political and technological space!. Thus one memory-impression (either retrieved or freshly created ready to be archived) links up with triggered older ones from the archives and follow a branching-out pattern to form what Tony Buzan depicts as a Mind Map. Psychological Time is nirvana or release from the bondage of the Memory faculty running unobserved and unattended. The Hawaiian method of healing and problem solution, Ho’oponopono refers to the problem being nothing other than ‘toxic memories replaying in the subconscious mind’ which need to be cleared to return to our primordial connectedness with Divinity.
Obsolescence and innovation have become such an inseparable twins that we can’t but deal with them together.

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