During our interview, Marshall revealed how his PhD supervisor changed his life, in what may have been his first ever informal coaching session. Towards the end of our interview, Dr Goldsmith went on to bust one of the most common myths about coaching highly successful clients. What can you expect when deciding to enter into a coaching relationship with an executive business coach? If you’re looking for an executive business coach, you already have an idea, most likely, because you find yourself in the gap; the gap between where you are and where you’d like to see yourself in your business, organization or team. The first step is to partner with your personal success coach who becomes your accountability partner.
The executive coach is your GPS, helping you navigate your professional self, managing relationships and personal or professional branding, while advancing your business or career, helping you to finely hone your skills as you find that which your seek. For many years, our corporate coaches have been working with CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, mentors, authors and others who desire to achieve their full potential and maximized quality of life, offering personal support and feedback. If you’re ready to take massive action and control of your professional and financial destiny, seeking a certified business coach can be the best action that you take, especially if you are interested in increasing your personal and professional performance. In the event that you do not partner with a coach to achieve the results that you desire, there remains a likelihood, that you may not be able to bob and weave, in a way to win your prize fight.
Call us at 206-395-4870 and we will match you with the right coach that can help you along your desired professional life’s journey.
This entry was posted in Business and tagged business coach, business life coach, certified business coach, corporate coach, executive business coaching, executive coach, life coach, personal development coach, personal success coach, professional life coach, small business coach on September 30, 2013 by olylcadmin. One of the most debilitating conditions humans can encounter is that of emotional pain, from loss, abuse or regret.
When one has suffered a psychological trauma (which can be demonstrated physiologically as illness or disease) as a result of something that has happened in the past (like, post traumatic stress disorder, for instance), the standard response from someone who hasn’t walked a mile in your shoes is, “Just get over it.
Psychopaths are unique in that they have no feelings, no feeling of love, remorse, guilt… they are psychologically bullet-proof (or bankrupt)… they have no need to seek forgivenes, nor do they accept responsibility for their missteps… To those of us who suffer emotionally from being abused, wronged or traumatized, this would be considered a superpower… and in some ways, it is. Bottling up suppressed emotional trauma related to the past weighs heavily on the normal operating condition of the human body and is not an effective approach to dealing with PTSD. Thankfully, there are therapeutic models that help people deal with traumatic incidents that have been experienced in the past that continue to thwart our sense of well-being.
I know that the idea of a time machine seems like a bit too much science fiction for the average person… but time travel has been accomplished using the power of the mind for thousands of years, though some intellectuals insist that it’s only been about 150 years… It doesn’t really matter how long it’s been, what does matter is that it is an effective process that can have valuable healing power today. With access to this potent therapeutic modality we have challenged that famous catch-all phrase, “the past is the past,” because now, we have a method not only to access the past, but to manipulate or even change the past. It’s also important to have access to the skills that it takes to let go of the past, to disconnect the physiological connection that leads to discomfort and stress.

Being distracted by the concerns about one’s past makes it difficult to navigate one’s present.
It is imperative to begin to live in the present, and together, we can get you from there to here and powerfully empowered to be the best that you can be. You may associate a lot of negative associations to the idea of tampering with one’s memories, but this is done at the request – and with the full cooperation and consciousness – of the client; and in times of emotional crises time machine therapy is a healthy alternative to a condition that might otherwise be unmanageable.
In the event that wiping the slate clean is necessary, the client is always equipped with the combination to the mental safe that keeps those memories locked safely away, if it becomes important to access them once again. Once you are in charge of your life again, you will find yourself making positive progress, changing your future and the world for the better.
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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There’s a great deal of research out there now on the effectiveness of Executive Coaching.
Thanks for providing these wonderful article links that describes well about the need and importance of executive coaching.
About Paul AndrewPaul is a fresh voice in keynote speaking and has had the privilege of speaking regularly to audiences of thousands, delivering literally hundreds of presentations in eleven nations to date. Paul is also a successful executive coach working with leaders across a wide variety of industries across the world.
He was recently recognised as one of the 15 most influential business thinkers in the world, in a global bi-annual study sponsored by The London Times. Through the combined efforts of you, your mind, passion and commitment and the skills of a professional business life coach, you can overcome obstacles, navigate ever-changing landscapes and learn to capture and dominate opportunities that may have otherwise been missed. One must be willing to adapt to your environment in such a way to optimize your human potential and achieve high levels of success in your area(s) of pursuit. All Olympia Life Coaches are certified in corporate stress management and corporate life coaching, while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality for your protection. Our small business coach works in tandem with small business men and women, targeting the challenges of reducing financial and personal investments and increasing profit while increasing professional performance, developing public persona and balancing one’s professional and private life.
A professional life coach can assist you in areas of career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, organizational effectiveness, managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an organization. Traditionally, depending on the defined goals of the client, the relationship lasts seven to twelve months; some shorter, some longer. The cost range of an executive business coach varies, depending of the type and style of coach required to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

Even though an executive life coach can cost up to $3,500 an hour, Olympia Life Coach has options that are appropriate for you and the attainment of the achievements in store for you.
Interestingly, we suffer this pain independently of any physical condition, yet the physiological distress can be as serious as the psychological discomfort. That’s what a psychopath says when he or she has committed a significant transgression, and expects you to disregard the past because it cannot be changed (here’s where they insert assertions about how much they’ve changed, assuring you that you would never be at-risk again) all in an effort to set you up for the next unexpected blow. There are many methods available to help you overcomes traumatic loss or change in your life, and to put you back in the driver’s seat of your life.
That is why it is imperative to deal with the issues of the past for a normal person (does not apply to psychopaths or sociopaths) in order to not have your cognitive resources bogged-down with the burden of yesterday. Everyone deals with the issues of their past in different ways, and we maintain a quantity of tools and techniques that ensure that you can have a positive outlook for you and those whom you care about.
The bottom line is that coaching produces exceptional results and a multiplied return on investment.
As we all are in a competitive world and facing a lot of challenges in our career everyday.
With an energetic and thought provoking style, Paul is a sought after speaker who is passionate about helping everyday leaders become effective leaders. Marshall is one of a select few executive advisers who have been asked to work with over 120 major CEO’s and their management teams.
He said it is then important to listen in a non-judgmental way and treat the input as a gift that can be used to create an empowering future, which is much more important than criticizing errors of the past. Working in tandem with your executive business coach, you can make the changes necessary – right down to the core of your being – to propagate your path to success, if you take the appropriate action steps. In rare cases, entire memories need to be altered or erased in order to preserve a healthy perspective of the client.
Once you are back in the present you can be and do more than you may have every imagined because you are more empowered and aware than ever before. So to achieve success and growth we need to improve our performance and do some innovative things that will make us different from others. He is the million-selling author of numerous books, including New York Times best-sellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – a Wall Street Journal #1 business book and winner of the Harold Longman Award for business book of the year. Executive coaching will help a lot in this regard and by choosing a right executive coach it is possible to utilize our capabilities properly.

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