March 23, 2013 by Fred Phillips 2 Comments Executive coaching courses are part of a executive coaching curriculum in any accredited coaching program.
It has been our privilege to train thousands of professionals in 39 countries- and growing. We are proud to have earned the CCE (Continuing Coaching Education Provider) designation from the International Coach Federation. Our CMEC Program qualifies for 15 Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEUs)- 6 ICF Core Competency (CC), 9 Resource Development (RD), Credit Hours. We have trained thousands of Coaches, HR Professionals, Executives, and Managers in 39 countries. Gain valuable insight about yourself while learning to use that knowledge to help others progress.
Obtain skills needed to create a coaching environment that will help decrease absenteeism, turnover, while promoting employee engagement. 10 high powered classes, each 90 minutes in duration, taken on your schedule and at your pace.
Exclusive access to powerful, proprietary Coaching tools such as the Values Tests™, the Time Audit™ and Personal Dashboard™.

The Executive Coaching University Values Assessment to use yourself along with use of this exclusive assessment for your employees as well. If you want to pursue this we will need a commitment from you- that you will study hard and do the work that is required in order to succeed. Even after earning a coaching certification, continuing education is essential for each and every coach.
It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit).
Training is via webinars in our world class on-line training center that you can access 24-7.
This is where all the audio and video of for the self-directed program resides, as well as homework assignments and workbooks for the course. However, you do not always need to go back to school to further your education – sometimes you can just open a book, or turn on your e-reader. That's a good question, because coaching skills don't come from executive coaching courses. This is a private site created exclusively for participants as they progress through the self paced program.

It is essential that you posses solid coaching skills in order to enhance your career and help your organization. As a Coach, you need to know how to coach in the business world. Our program will help you gain coaching skills quickly and powerfully. You will expand your personal leadership skills and learn how to use new methods to help others grow.
You will learn a proven coaching process- gaining critical knowledge about your coaching style and how to apply your inherent strengths to coach others. This experience will help you create a healthy and productive coaching climate in your organization or in other organizations as an external Coach.

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