Mary Allen, CPCC, MCC is America’s Inner Peace Coach, author of The Power of Inner Choice and host of Conversations with the Masters interviewing best-selling authors, speakers and coaches including Dr.
Mary Allen is an author, she also offers speaking engagements, group workshops as well as Life Coaching on a one to one basis. The coaching sessions take place via phone. The Introductory Session is listed as costing $100 and lasts for 60 minutes.  The coaching fee is not listed on the website. Mary Allen also conducts ‘Inner Peace Immersion Retreats’ as well as seminars and workshops. Looking for experienced executive coaches who can really improve the performance of your business? Our executive courses and executive coaching programmes encompass the short-term and long-term aspirations of your business, as well as the personal motivations of the business owners, directors and other top-level executives. We challenge the existing perceptions and beliefs, which you may have subconsciously developed over time, and which may be inadvertently holding your business back.
We are a unique blend of top-level executive coaches who all believe real change comes from within. Throughout all of our executive coaching and our executive courses we aim to create a uniquely challenging yet supportive atmosphere where we can really build upon existing skill sets and identify areas where support is really needed.
Our goal is to provide your directors, senior executives and business leaders with the tools to enhance their strategic thinking, especially important when it comes to the leadership and overall vision of your organisation, where we utilise a range of learning principles based on the very latest thinking in executive coaching. With a breadth of international experience our executive coaches can equip your senior executives with all the tools required to achieve sustained growth and improved business performance, helping you to compete at the very highest level. Use the following points as a guide to choosing the right executive coaching provider for your business. Access from the pavement is via a hydraulic chairlift platform, lifting the wheelchair passenger and attendant up to a door in the side of the coach at floor level for easy access.
In addition, passengers with wheelchairs who are able to transfer to conventional coach seats once they have entered the coach via the chairlift can also be accommodated. Please check with us before booking to ensure that your wheelchair is compatible with the restraining mechanisms fitted to our coaches.
Both types of coach are powered by environmentally friendly engines, with emissions designed to meet the 2012 LEZ emission requirements. All our drivers have attended CPC Training Courses on the use of the passenger lifts and wheelchair anchorage systems prior to using the coaches. As space for passengers with wheelchairs is limited it is essential that we are informed about the wheelchair passengers' details and their wheelchair specifications at the time of booking. I only work with individuals that are committed to the process of coaching, and that I can truly believe in.
At t2, we provide a bespoke service centered on finely tuning the skills and talents held within your organisation.

Using the very latest thinking and techniques in executive coaching we help our clients create the change they need to establish themselves and remain as leaders within their industry, fully removing any limiting beliefs along the way. We have vast experience of executive coaching in a range of sectors, public to private, from large multinationals to smaller private limited companies and believe that this is unrivalled in the industry. The executive coaching and our executive courses we offer enable you to confidently challenge conventional thinking, making it possible to easily understand strategic situations from differing perspectives.
Once in their seats, their wheelchairs will be folded and stored in the coach's main luggage compartment.
Should you have any queries concerning the type of wheelchair to be used in transportation, please contact us on 0115 989 4466 where we will be happy to discuss the requirements. Mary loves veggie smoothies, yoga, her Golden Retriever Cruzer and walks on the beach with her husband John. I love working with clients who want to be challenged to stretch and grow to the max, exploring new territories of personal and professional growth.
I was privileged to attend one of her Success and Inner Peace Boot Camps for a year, and can’t recommend her highly enough to others.
For over 13 years, her clientele have included transformational leaders, entrepreneurs, and even a couple billionaires.
Her book is packed with wisdom and insights, along with exercises to reinforce your learning as you read. Together with husband Angelo they founded Alexa Property Group with Real Estate Sales, Property Management, Acquisitions, Research, Education under this extensive company umbrella.My interest in conducting these interviews has always been to uncover the motivation that spurs a person to become successful. Mary started her career doing executive search for large companies like Price Waterhouse, American Express and IBM, then co-founded a software company working with universities and restaurants, including TGIFridays. I draw upon my intuition and senses to guide our sessions, while remaining incredibly focused on my client’s agenda. It’s impossible to choose one favorite chapter, as her dynamic personality flows through each page of the book, and engages the reader from page one!  Oprah would love to interview Mary, as her philosophy and approach to life are very much in sync with Mary’s teachings!
The breadth of her business background helps her relate, on a very personal basis, to the full spectrum of business professionals.
And, while I consider myself to be professional, I like to keep our time together as light, playful and fun, as is appropriate.
Equally important, a€?Find mentors and associate with like minded people who want to succeeda€?.You cana€™t argue with that direct kind of approach that dare I say harks from her time as a medical research scientist.Is it paradoxical that someone trained in analytical, scientific evaluation methods can point to an individuala€™s mindset as the determining factor for success (or not)? Leta€™s just say that the person most adaptable wins.What this should mean to you dear reader is that within each and everyone of us is the potential to becoming successful and creating lasting wealth. In essence we unwittingly repeat actions that do not serve us and consequently cause us to self sabotage our attempts at improving our personal and professional circumstances.She explains how these wealth wounds may be a carry over from karmic patterning.
Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.Liana Allison is a Beyond Success Qualified Coach, a Master NLP Practioner and Trainer.

She is experienced in Remedial Massage and Reiki and is a highly gifted Intuitive Counsellor who draws on Spiritual Teaching when helping her clients breakthrough their blockages.Her acumen in business saw her holiday houseboat business in the South Australian Riverland area be the first in the world to receive Eco-tourism Accreditation. Professional qualifications aside this remarkable lady has a God given and unique gift to help her clients find their voice (literally).
I have no doubt that countless women can identify with Katanaa€™s early financial circumstances. Roberta€™s gift for getting consensus saw 21 of the eventual 45 founders agreeing to meet and freely share their insights, occasional pain and billion dollar experiences. Their collective wisdom has been distilled into his latest book, How they did it: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America. He freely admits this book was a labor of love, driven by an insatiable curiosity to know the minds and passions of this select group of diverse individuals.All aspiring entrepreneurs who believe they are billionaires in the making will do well to heed the advice of the 45 who have gone before them. Honestly is still the best policy, so be on the level when communicating with the people who work for you because no one becomes a billionaire on their own.
It is tangible and can be tizzed up with an exterior paint job or reasonably priced landscaping to the front garden. In doing so, extra value (capital growth) can very quickly be added.In this article I want you to consider the diametrically opposite. I invite you to get your head around the idea of investing or more specifically trading the stock market.So I asked Louise Bedford the question: What makes a successful share trader? Unable to work, she looked to share trading as a means of making an income.Thankfully Louise fully recovered the use of both limbs and has gone on to not only understand but also conquer the market. Her burning desire to share her knowledge resulted in Louise authoring not one but four best selling books on how to read and profit from stock market trends regardless of whether the index is up or down. Trading Secrets, Charting Secrets, The Secret of Candlestick Charting and The Secret of Writing Options, are without a doubt a€?must readsa€? for anyone wanting to successfully trade the share market.Her invaluable insights into how not to lose your shirt trading include having a strategy and being disciplined enough to stick to it.
She explains how we can be our own worse enemy, when unbridled emotions scupper our ability to trade analytically and sensibly.
Besides understanding the charts, self awareness and personal development make up the equation of a winning trade.Louise is a woman after my own heart as she believes that wealth and philanthropy are inseparable. As she rightly says, a€?Give a hand up and not a handouta€? as part of her commitment to international programs that disburse and administer micro loans to women entrepreneurs in developing countries.Louise and business partner Chris Tate offer a mentoring program to guide the novice and even the experienced become successful traders.
Do not let fear of making a mistake stop you from taking action, because that is the only way you will learn, grasshopper.So, let me introduce you to Debbie Williams.

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