Today’s successful leaders must develop the skills and versatility to thrive in the face of unprecedented challenges and today’s successful companies must gain competitive advantage through human capital as other sources of competitive advantage erode. Executive coaching is a one-on-one, on-going relationship established to improve professional performance, personal satisfaction & organizational results. Subscribe to Mike the Mentor's free newsletter - and get 2 bonus articles "The Future of Leadership Coaching" and "Mentoring" available only to new subscribers. I work with executives in the private, public and not-for-dividend sectors to help them deliver the results demanded by their role now, and to develop the capabilities necessary to step up to their next role. Being coached can therefore be a challenging and stretching experience, inviting executives to draw on and develop hidden personal resources and qualities. It can help executives discover the unique contribution that their particular blend of characetr, personal history, skills, personality and spirit enables them to make to their current and future organisations, their community, and the wider society.
In Executive Coaching, the focus is on increasing the effectiveness, impact and success of the individual executive, helping them improve their individual performance and management effectiveness.
In Leadership Coaching the focus is on the executive as an agent of organisational change and focuses on the network of relationships the executive leads through. If you'd like to explore these ideas further or discuss working with Mike to improve your effectiveness as an executive then contact him here. Is a highly effective means of increasing job performance, achieving goals, and enhancing growth. Our Multi-Level Leadership Coaching programs provide an array of development tools and services that are customized to the organization or individual.

Our clients choose to work with us because we are a trusted resource for helping them create high-performance workplaces through inspirational leadership that inspires results.
What this means for those we serve is that we create an integrity-based environment where, in talking confidentially about their greatest business issues, leaders get clear about how to realize previously unimagined futures.
The benefit is the confidence and clarity to break through roadblocks and take advantage of opportunities that serve employees, the organization, customers and shareholders.
As catalysts, we question self-imposed limits and break through what stops you from realizing your highest aspirations. Even though we challenge barriers, we always do so in a spirit of mutual respect, trust and safety.
We partner with our clients in a process of listening, inquiry and feedback designed so you discover your own answers. We lead by example, convinced (as was Gandhi) that we must strive to be the change we wish to see in the world. Boost your Life by getting resources, help, and advice to plan, motivate, and develop your skills.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. System, or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission from CPS. The Positive Program provides a variety of executive coaching and business solutions, tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Utilizing the theoretical underpinnings of Neurolinguistic Programming and Positive Psychology, the Positive Program’s method is applicable to any business or corporate setting.
Ask about our professional and executive coaching, and see how being Positive can work for you in your organization! Recognizing these challenges, most top companies have turned to executive coaching as a solution.
It is particularly suited to senior executives who have risen above the scope of formal management development programmes and require highly focused development and support tailored to the particular challenges facing them in their business. And it can be an exciting, stimulating journey of self-discovery and development which opens up new opportunities for professional fulfillment and achievement.
Personal coaches help clients effectively focus on setting and reaching personal goals using a variety of tools and techniques. Engaging environments install systems and processes that humanize, not de-humanize – making it easy to get the job done.
Contains information about how an effective executive coaching process should be implemented. Support is also fostered through the Positive Program’s Positive Posts and on our Facebook site, which can serve as daily reminders to retain a positive outlook and mindset every day, in every way.

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