Executive coaching has moved beyond a remedial fix for poor performers to a strategy for developing leaders and high potential talent. We have a dedicated team of outstanding executive coaches with extensive track records in working with diverse organizations on leadership transitions. We are one of the few companies in the world who can provide executive coaching at local, regional and global level. All our coaches follow the same framework, coaching structures and reporting to provide consistency regardless of project size.
We know how to link executive coaching to talent management, learning organization, change management, strategic alignment and other big organizational initiatives.
Because this one word is so powerful, I’m curious to know, just how much impact perspective has on your performance at work. To illustrate how perspective influences everyday business decisions and behaviors, try this exercise. Next, take about one minute and make a list of everything that you remember from the picture.
Other factors such as culture, religious beliefs, and past experiences might also impact perspective. The missing piece of the puzzle was perspective.  As a Vice President, my client’s outlook on the situation was strategic, his thinking and the terminology he used came from his corporate perspective. The participants entered the meeting with a local perspective in addition to their individual personalities and experiences. The fact that the participants did not achieve the results the Vice President had envisioned was not a case of insubordination. As a business owner or executive you might prefer to ignore the drama that happens in your company.
Most office drama is created by employees who respond emotionally to minor events and ruminate on issues that most likely shouldn’t even concern them. Ironically, people who create problems are often individuals who perform their specific job tasks well.
If you could look down from that helicopter, you might recognize the hours of productivity lost each day when managers deal with employee conflicts rather than the job at hand. Have I had to intervene in personnel issues unrelated to business on more than one occasion?
Have you tolerated behaviors that you would not tolerate if the staff member were not performing well in other areas? Are you, or your managers emotionally exhausted and distracted from your own work due to time spent dealing with this employee? If you answered yes to five or more of these questions, you may need to replace, (or at the very least intervene with) that employee. There is power in your inner dialogue and it has propelled you to succeed and stay one step ahead of your insecurities.
Fortunately, there is a way to harness the strength of that inner voice in a way that allows you to maintain impressive high-quality results while allowing you to accept and believe that you deserve recognition and rewards.  You can master the art of rising above your unjustifiable inner fraud and tap into your inherent strengths.
July 13, 2014 by Cynthia 1 Comment We live in a world where people are basically good, but sometimes the ego takes over and causes them to behave in ways that are less than admirable. March 17, 2014 by Cynthia 2 Comments Sometimes we find ourselves working every day in a “job.” It is not our chosen career but it pays the bills and it fulfills a need until we actually end up in the career we desire.
I didn’t realize at the time that I was learning many valuable skills that I would carry forward to each and every future position I would hold.
As a health club manager I learned empathy for people who were working hard to get back into shape after they had let themselves go. As an elementary school teacher I learned different methods of teaching for various types of learners. January 8, 2014 by Cynthia 1 Comment Our culture celebrates and encourages New Year’s resolutions, it is traditional. Forgive the lady at the grocery checkout station when she takes forever to ring up your order. Starting a year of forgiveness in this small way will eventually lead to forgiveness on a much larger scale. Practice forgiveness on all levels and keep a journal of how forgiving others improves your own emotional well-being.
December 16, 2013 by Cynthia 3 Comments As a coach I focus on goals and January 2014 will be no exception. Reflection on the year as it ends provides an opportunity to reevaluate your path, a chance to take a breath, look subjectively at what you have accomplished, and identify where you have gotten off track.
The first step in closing out your year is to consider what has changed for you over the past twelve months.
The next step is to reflect upon each item on your “positive items” list.  Reflecting on these items will help determine why it made you happy. Remember and keep the items on your list that brought real happiness; the items that were pleasing, but only because they solved a problem or removed a barrier, should be crossed off your list. After you have gone through these steps you will have a positive list that includes things that brought you true happiness and strength of character. Finally you will have a list of items that helped you grow spiritually and emotionally in 2013.
During 2014 whenever things seem difficult or whenever you feel like giving up or you can’t reach your goals, pull out the list out and look it over. Our team offers a full range of executive and senior management experience serving as facilitators, as motivators and as sounding-boards as you deal with your business goals, interpersonal relationships and self-management issues.
It is a simple word that can be used in seven different ways as a noun and one as an adjective. Look at the picture below for 30 seconds and then scroll past it so it isn’t showing on your screen. To help us understand different personality types, Myers Briggs identifies 16 personality types each using a combination of four letters. It demonstrates why two people look at the exact same situation and process the information entirely differently.  Myers Briggs Type is only one example of why perspectives differ. A brilliant man with an exceptional track record, he was struggling with getting the best results from his team. Although the team did move forward in implementing actions, those actions were not the actions my client was after. The meetings he facilitated were too similar to meetings he might have led with the board of directors.
It was perfectly natural for them to unconsciously apply their own meaning (perspective) to the content of the meeting. It was simply that they put their own perspective onto the words they heard at the meeting and they produced accordingly. It is a very simple word but it is also a valuable tool for success and a key to enhanced leadership skills.
They overhear conversations, interpret them (usually inaccurately) and then spread their opinions to others causing entire departments to be at odds. You can’t afford the toxic behavior, your staff can’t afford the turmoil, and you can’t afford the time you waste dealing with counterproductive issues.

Make today the day you set the tone for your business to be professional, positive, and drama free. It starts when your actions are in line with your highest self; when the work you do and the results you achieve honor the values that you hold sacred.
When someone says or does something hurtful, it’s easy to allow ourselves to feel offended. When it’s all said and done, the person that offended you has already forgotten about whatever it was. I speak from experience; I have held “jobs” as a waitress, a health club manager, a designer in a flower shop, a resume writer, and a secretary.
As a waitress I learned excellent customer service skills which helped me land the position as a flight attendant a few years later.
I was able to take those same skills later on and use them as I trained professionals on various topics like time management and leadership. We set goals and make commitments to ourselves to improve our lives and reach our full potential.
It is an important goal because without it all of the actions we take in other areas of our lives are stifled. Yes, you have a schedule, yes she is moving very slowly, but is allowing your blood to boil over really going to help the situation? You will begin to recognize feelings of anger and resentment and have the self-awareness that is necessary to acknowledge the feelings and let go of them. And you will have a list of  bad things that happened that did not add value to your life in any way.
You will be reminded that things do work out in the end and that you can overcome your obstacles.
Even if you can only manage to sit quietly and breathe for five minutes in the middle of your hectic day you will begin to see progress.
And as you meditate this Thursday, let your five minutes be totally focused on the many blessings in your life. For instance, if you noticed the details like how many computers were on the table, what patterns were on the shirts, or specific jewelry items worn, you are more likely a sensing individual.
When he visited branch offices for meetings to discuss goals and expectations, the meetings appeared to be going well. This kind of bad behavior, when permitted to fester without acknowledging it exists causes tangible as well as intangible damage. The cost of hiring and training a replacement is substantial, but, the greater cost that you may be over looking is that solid employees feel drained and even less motivated to perform.
It is time to raise the standard of conduct in your work place in order to improve the morale of everyone.
Make today the day employees return their focus to their job and you return your focus to your profit. Inner strength begins when the person you see in the mirror matches the image you show to the world.
Allow yourself to embrace with grand confidence a past that embodies grace and talent which will continue to be a significant player in your  future success.
Haven’t you noticed that when something sets you off first thing in the morning it ruins your whole day?
You are still obsessing, ruminating, and dwelling and they are out and about living their life as if nothing happened. Next time you feel that blood start to boil, pick at least one of these reasons to stop, take a deep breath, smile, offer gratitude, and move on. One, we can treat our current “job” as if it is our career and make the absolute best out of the situation; or we can treat our current “job” as nothing more than something that pays the bills. I have had “careers” as an elementary school teacher, a flight attendant, a chamber of commerce executive, a human resources executive, and as a life and career coach.
But, I knew that I wanted to be the best waitress I could be so I watched the more senior staff (the 19 year old waitresses) and I modeled myself after the best.
Sometimes you don’t recognize this for several years when you find yourself in another position.
If you are behind the counter at Walgreens or if you are a Project Manager in a large corporation, be the best.
Handling customers as a waitress provided me with experience that I was able to use to answer interview questions with real examples of how I handled specific situations. But, as much as I hated it every day, it taught me how to deal with difficult people, it taught me appropriate work place behaviors; it taught me that if you feel degraded at work your entire life suffers.
It is impossible to fully engage in any other goal if we are harboring anger, resentment, or regret.
It will start with forgiving the check-out lady but will end with forgiving the bigger hurts.
But, before we jump ahead to our goals for the New Year this might be a good time to reflect upon and close out the current year. Do you believe you have become stronger or more resilient or closer to God because you went through this negative experience? These are the things you need to “delete.”  In order to delete them you have to make an agreement with yourself that you will truly let them go.
Sometime during the day on December 31 decide where you want to place the list for safe keeping and put it away. So relaxing — until you sit for the first thirty seconds and start to think about what you need to pick up at the grocery store this afternoon. No matter how simple it sounds to sit quietly and meditate, I assure you it is not an easy task. I can think of no better day to begin the practice of meditation than on this day of Thanks.
Based on the Myers Briggs assessment, a sensing “S” type takes in information in an analytical and detailed way. His team nodded in agreement, asked intelligent questions and even seemed to take notes on particular topics.
Although, they were aware that they are a part of a larger corporation, their day-to-day focus was necessarily local.
Both your bottom line as well as office morale is in danger of tanking if the office gossip, bullies, and general havoc is left unaddressed. You risk the frustration and possible resignation of very good employees due to the behavior of staff members who create toxic alliances and pit employees against one another. Why then, when your world slows down and you find yourself in a quiet space, do thoughts of failure overwhelm? The inner voice that pushes you forward is your best motivator as well as your worst enemy. Each moment that you spend dwelling on something you have no control over takes time away from dwelling on all the good in your life. In order to rationalize this feeling in your mind, you start to make a mental list of all things you have to feel badly about. If you choose the first option you will gain more than you can imagine and your true calling and career will fall into place.

I listened to my managers as they told me how to look at a whole section at a time and not just an individual table. Suddenly you are in a situation, perhaps with an irate client; you remember the customers you waited on in the restaurant and you remember how you spoke to them to resolve the situation. Recognize that work is a privilege and even if you aren’t where you want to be, this is where you are today. The airlines were very skilled in behavior based interviewing so real examples were crucial. These were all lessons that I carried forward in my human resources career and later in my work as a career and life coach. The beginning of the New Year is a time to re-commit our minds to move forward in a positive direction.
For example, if we set a goal for a healthy lifestyle in 2014, but hold on to emotional hurts from our past we limit our ability to embrace the healthy lifestyle. Your anger and your frustration will ultimately cause you negative effects both physically and emotionally.
You will soon find that forgiveness is a habit and many of the things that bothered you so much in the past will become powerless over you. It is a list of circumstances that arose during the year that you were forced to deal with. If the answer to any one of those questions is yes, you can take this item and transfer it to the positive list. You will not harbor negative emotions about them, you will not hold grudges, and you will forgive whoever caused the pain. Your year is successfully closed leaving you plenty of room to create a new set of goals and dreams for the New Year.
I don’t remember the sources of my techniques they are just tips I have picked up, perhaps one of them will work for you too. Is the air filling your lungs completely or are you leaving them partially empty leaving room for stress and anxiety?
Perhaps you noticed the smile on the faces of the women, or the way they seem to be sharing information. If you noticed the mood, the smiles, the brightness of the room, you are likely to use intuition “N” more often than relying entirely on data analysis to process information. My client left these meetings feeling motivated and believing that when he returned to corporate headquarters the team would move forward to implement his plans exactly as he believed he presented them. Perhaps, you fear that eventually people will realize you do not deserve the success you have achieved; because, inside your own mind you feel you are a fraud. If you dwell on whatever someone else did or said that offended you, you create an energy that remains focused on negativity.
The mental list becomes the topic of your conversations with friends and is fed by their empathy toward what you are going through.
If you choose the second you may become frustrated, bored, resentful, and basically miserable each day when you go to work. Each had valuable lessons for me to learn and each made me a better employee and better professional for the next position.
I watched my customers react to various levels of service provided and learned quickly that friendly competent service provided generous tips and happy customers.
I probably wouldn’t have gotten the position had I not been able to clearly demonstrate past success. If you are a waitress today, but hope to be a physician in five years, practice the work ethic today that you will need to succeed in five years. The future is so close; don’t be so distracted by your current unhappiness that you miss it. If we set a goal to improve time management but are constantly distracted by feelings of resentment or anger we are unable to succeed. This daily practice of forgiveness will lead you to the ability to forgive the most important one of all; yourself. Look at all aspects of your life in January from this imaginary airplane and make a list of what you see. Did you noticed the brightness of the room and how the people at the table leaned into one another as though they are close friends?
Insecurity sprinkled with an overall feeling of uneasiness can sabotage your peace of mind. You constantly find yourself pushing those thoughts out of your mind and driving forward in the persona that you have created. Personal enlightenment will not change your ability or motivation to achieve success; it will change your attitude about whether you deserve continued success.
If you do it often enough you may become defined by complaining and suddenly everything that happens in your life causes you to feel more like a victim.
It seemed like second nature to you, something you didn’t even think about; but in reality you learned the skill in an earlier position. Working as a flight attendant gave me amazing skills in interacting with people of all professional levels; skills that I later needed when I traveled extensively in my human resources positions. If you are working the drive through at McDonalds today but hope to be a waiter in a high end restaurant in a few years, use this time to learn. Perhaps in 2014 we set a different kind of goal; one that will begin to heal our spirit and one that will create a change in us that is big enough to matter.
Start with things you are happy to see in one column, list the things that you wish you didn’t have to see in another.
There are so many answers to life waiting to be given to us but we don’t take the time to listen.
Every breath should be a focused effort on breathing in peace and breathing out negative thoughts.
But, years later I made sure that no employee in a company where I had authority would feel belittled or hate going to work. This year let’s set a goal to create a change so powerful that we will not allow ourselves to give up three-months down the road.
Continue this imaginary flight over each month of the past year and add to both lists as you go. Admit to yourself that it is over and that you refuse to allow any negativity from this circumstance to remain in your life.
It also provided me with the empathy I needed to see the need for an eBook (Your Place in the Work Place) on toxic work environments. But, I did know that in order to have any spending money I needed to work; and if I were going to go in every day I may as well make the most of it.
I was able to create these types of work atmospheres and tools to help others because of the important skills that I learned from “jobs” in my past.

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