The Washington Firm can help every manager in your organization lead more effectively, bring their teams to peak performance, and ensure a safe, productive environment for your employees. For managers at any level, we offer a wide range of leadership training modules from running effective meetings, to managing remote employees, to harassment and discrimination prevention. For executives, we offer individualized executive coaching based on rigorous assessments to support development, succeed in their current role, and prepare for what comes next. Individual modules can be offered on a stand-alone basis or as part of a continuing leadership development plan, and each module can be offered as a half-day or full day session, depending on the depth of content and amount of practice time desired. The following are examples of the topics that we can offer; other training topics are available upon request.
Most companies are committed to creating a respectful, harassment-free workplace for every employee. This is offered as either a stand-alone module or as part of Working with Differences, a more comprehensive program. Study after study shows that today’s employee is more engaged when he or she believes that their manager and the organization care about their personal and professional development. This module is designed to teach managers how to coach for performance improvement while continuing to support and motivate employees.
While conflict is often a natural outcome of differing opinions and styles, it can hide real issues and keep leaders from achieving optimal results. This workshop focuses on increasing awareness of the kinds of issues that tend to be sensitive for people in today’s workplace, including stereotypes, cultural assumptions, and how easy it is to offend, even completely unintentionally. Sometimes what stands in the way of managers being truly effective is their ability to delegate appropriately. We spend our lives in meetings, but many of us have never been taught how to make them effective. Hiring the right person can make many problems easier to solve, or never happen in the first place.
Using Daniel Goleman’s situational leadership model, this workshop provides leaders with a framework to evaluate their own leadership style and the style of those with whom they work.
These mid-management leadership topics can be combined in any way that makes sense to fit the client’s particular needs. Envisioning the Future: Leaders explore the critical need to articulate a vision and communicate it effectively over and over again. Strategy Implementation: Managers learn a model for identifying key stakeholders for an initiative. Building Cross-Functional Partnerships: Principles of influence are discussed in this section, including when it is appropriate to use the techniques discussed. Corporate Life Cycle: This session presents the Adizes corporate life cycle model, then leads participants in a discussion of their organization’s current status and its implications for leadership.
As companies expand their markets across states, country, and globe, their office locations and employees also become distributed across regions and countries. This module provides a step-by-step overview of the performance management process, including developing performance expectations, writing effective performance reviews, and conducting the review conversation itself.
We work closely with leaders at various levels in your organization to support their skill development and ensure alignment with organizational goals and priorities. Our coaching process involves a 360-degree assessment that gives leaders an invaluable opportunity to receive feedback from direct reports, peers, and others who depend on them for guidance, direction, and partnership.

Coaching your employees to achieve top performance has become just as important as supervising them. This workshop helps examine how CEO's and your managers, supervisors and team leaders can effectively coach others by unlocking each team members’ intrinsic sense of excellence. Executive coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives. Ultimately, a certified coach will ask you to do more than you may have done on your own. In order to get a measurable ROI on your leadership development and team building programs participants need to be accountable for the decisions and learning's from their programs. Note: OWLS offers a 45 minute complimentary coaching consultation at the beginning of our program proposal phase before you spend a single dime. Allow us to provide you with a custom proposal that focuses on taking you to the next level. Our tailored team building activities simply deliver more from every training and development dollar you invest. Our comprehensive scientifically-driven QLG system, developed with and by our most successful clients, guarantees breakthrough corporate business results. The people who operate at the executive levels in organizations and corporations face very unique challenges—a politicalize environment where it is often difficult to get accurate facts about what’s really happening. Providing you with high quality programs and top notch customer service are our priorities. What is used to improve performance of a manager who is struggling to perform successfully? This module provides managers with tools and skills for helping employees prepare themselves for the next step in their career. Essential for managing any workforce, these skills are especially important for working with highly intelligent, creative team members.
It also addresses how to communicate in situations where either you want someone to behave differently, or someone else is asking you to do so. When employees are promoted because of their excellent technical skills, we shouldn’t be surprised when they keep exercising those skills. Building on the skills developed in previous training, managers learn a variety of techniques to accomplish this most difficult of all managerial tasks while maintaining everyone’s personal dignity. This module teaches meeting leaders the principles of effective meetings and how to facilitate the difficult conversations that sometimes occur. Participants identify their primary preferred style as well as styles that could help them become more effective in particular situations. Participants have an opportunity to analyze their real-life projects to see how they can enroll others in support of their projects more effectively.
While technology has improved our ability to communicate across long distances, managing employees in different locations and time zones is not the same as managing them all in one place. Depending on the length of the module, customized case studies can be used to provide relevant examples for discussion and practice. Our approach helps the team give difficult feedback in a constructive but non-threatening way.
After providing the leader with confidential feedback, we then work with them over a designated period of time to support their development.

Can you promote from within or will you need to go to the outside for key leadership openings? The goal of coaching, after all, is to guide, inspire and empower individuals to realize and develop to their fullest potential.
You’ll discover how teams can gain increased productivity through a system of effective coaching techniques, creating new possibilities for realizing extraordinary, and measured, results.
Help you focus better in order to produce results more quickly and provide you with the tools, support, and structure to accomplish more. The most effective way to achieve this, with a group, is with the The Team Coach Approach™. With over 40 PhD and MBA level facilitators, most with 20+ years of consulting experience each, your goals will be achieved. Ground rules for appropriate conduct are not obvious to everyone and if you feel as if the rules keep changing, you’re right! Role-playing and peer feedback help participants develop and improve their coaching skills.
We use a diagnostic instrument, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, to provide a framework for participants to understand their style in dealing with conflict, which can help them to develop different approaches to effective communications in conflict resolution.
This module helps managers identify what they can and should delegate, and identifies tools and strategies to avoid feeling (or being) out of control. It includes steps of defining an open position, recruiting appropriate candidates, interviewing, assessing cultural and team fit, and negotiating an offer and acceptance.
This popular module is supplemented by a Harvard Business Review article, Management that Gets Results. Depending on the needs and interests of the client, we can perform this assessment using a sophisticated online tool, individual interviews with key stakeholders or, as we do in many cases, both approaches.
Our consultants are experienced in helping companies assess their leadership teams and staff in the context of their organizational needs, and plan for the future.
Effective coaching, therefore, provides for the fullest development of your employees’ talents and skills and results in the highest possible level of organizational performance and productivity.
In addition, you’ll learn how to create and implement a coaching methodology that instills a sense of accountability and day-to-day top performance within every member of your team. This approach puts a certified International Coaching Federation trainer in front of your group for detailed workshops to develop specific action plans back at the office. In fact, in many states, managers can even be held personally liable for discrimination and harassment–making it especially important for them to understand the issues involved. Our certified International Coach Federation coaches will work with you to create a plan for achieving that vision and accomplishing what you want in your everyday life and business environment. This session gives managers the tools and techniques to be effective in their unique situations.
To do that effectively, while an Executive Coach doesn’t have to have been an executive, he or she does need to know the challenges in the C-suite and how to have a ruthlessly compassionate conversation about the challenges there.

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