The leading provider of public speaking, executive communications coaching, media training, and public relations services in Taunton MA. We use scenario-based interview techniques to provide immediate video-replay feedback and coaching to reveal your strengths and improve your delivery.
We will show you how to refine your message, stay on point, and maneuver through difficult interviews and questions.
Our training programs will leave you with more confidence in your abilities to face employees, other executives, and the media. Ellis Strategies is pleased to offer a wide-range of public speaking, executive coaching, and media training services in Taunton MA. Drawing on our wealth of media and public speaking experience, Ellis Strategies develops custom programs (for individuals or small groups) to train novice and advanced public speakers. We understand that executives and leaders are under constant pressure to effectively communicate their company’s message to a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders. Whether you’re the CEO of a bank under scrutiny and the media spotlight, the president of a university celebrating the opening of its new science center, or an executive looking to improve your leadership abilities and public speaking skills, the opportunities to communicate directly to the public are too valuable to squander. As leaders in strategic coaching & mentoring development, we can help you build coaching approaches into work at every level of your organisation.
Enabling managers, leaders and top teams to be more effective, strategic and to lead significant change. Mentoring & coaching programme design and support for organisations who understand that people are their most important asset.
At Duchas Coaching and Training, our coaching is active, its about you taking back the freedom to choose how to live so you need to be open to the coaching process with a firm commitment to take action.
Duchas Coaching and Training is established since 2001 and works with both the public and private sector in Ireland, EU and the US. Our business is passionate about supporting and partnering with clients in taking planned daily and weekly action to create clarity, confidence and change in their professional and personal lives. Learning, Excellence, Challenge, leadership, Energy, Connection, Empathy, Creativity, Commitment, Wellbeing. Executive Coaching is aimed at individuals and teams that wish to excel by developing more rapidly and produce more satisfying results.
Personal coaching is a well-structured series of conversations between a professional coach and you. The practice of executive coaching involves a coaching professional working with a client to reach specific goals in their professional development and career.
Any professional athlete that has reached peak performance at their game did not achieve this on their own.
Insight: When you decide to hire an executive coach there is a process that you will be guided through. Empowerment: Once the assessments have been completed and the information interpreted, reviewed and understood, the step by step best practice will be put into place to set you on your path to success.
There is no question why coaching has become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and Europe, it works! A coach’s job is not to tell you what to do, or even make suggestions or give advice. Based in Bangkok, Thailand and ready to coach you where ever you are in the world, contact us for more information and guidance on coaching, Take action today! In addition, get invitations to our frequent webinars, new articles, and surveys about the coaching industry. Enter your name and email and get tips worth thousands of dollars about growing your coaching practice, all for FREE and sent straight to your email box. This program has been approved for (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. Thanks for delivering what your marketing materials promise and exceeding my expectations ten-fold.
You consistently demonstrate a superior knowledge and understanding of B2B consulting, executive coaching, marketing, sales, and customer service.
The program brings not only an incredible wealth of broad-based business experience to building effective executives,, but one of the smartest and most strategic frameworks to ensure success among a variety of executive stakeholders. The program is practical and straightforward, building on real-world leadership issues and challenges; and providing highly effective tools.
Andrew has a rare gift for distilling a clear, step-by-step approach that ensures outstanding achievements. Andrew Neitlich's 'Elegant Strategy' is a simply powerful tool that is proving to be the cornerstone of my consulting business. If you want to start an external coaching practice, your program includes a detailed business development curriculum, tailored to attract your favored clients using proven successful strategies.
If you are an internal coach or wish to be one, the program shows you how to build credibility in your organization so that executives and managers seek you out for your coaching skills. For external coaches, a roadmap to attracting clients and winning engagements, and support throughout so that you never feel like you are going at it alone. The common denominator of the people who join our program is that they are already successful, dynamic people who are smart, have a passion to help people achieve extraordinary results, and are committed to ongoing learning and development.
If you have the above attributes, want to make a difference, and feel truly passionate about helping other people get even better, then executive coaching might be a perfect fit for you. Other coaching programs tout a particular approach, often based on fads, jargon, and fluffy, unproven ideas rather than on what gets measurable results.
In contrast to other programs, we start with specific challenges that leaders, executives, managers, business owners, up-and-coming talent, and other professionals face. To us, the best way to become a successful coach is by having practical tools, methods, and processes that get results and then by practicing coaching…all so that you get results with and bring value to clients.
At the root of everything we do is the strong belief that everything starts and ends with your clients – whether you are working with executives, managers, business owners, up-and-coming talent, or other professionals. Since then, we have been accredited as an ACTP by the International Coach Federation, approved for 60 hours towards the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification, and approved for continuing education with the Human Resources Certification Institute. Meanwhile, I was fortunate to team up with Guerrilla Marketing Founder and Father Jay Conrad Levinson to write a series of books with him, including: Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career (included when you join the Center for Executive Coaching Certification), and Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches. Before you join this program, I invite you to call me directly on my cell at 941- 539-9623 so that we can confirm that there is a fit.
You can join our distance learning program or come to our in-person Executive Coach Certification Seminars at a resort on the beach in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Phenomenal business development system to attract clients, build your practice, and develop your own valuable brand. Unlike the directors in many other programs, I not only lead a coach training program, but I also have a full, successful coaching practice. The program is designed to give you a number of choices, depending on your schedule and how you learn best. You can take our distance learning program (which includes live teleclasses and self-paced learning) and you also can come to one of our 3A‚A?-day in-person seminars in Sarasota, Florida. An orientation call directly with me to get you started, based on your goals, schedule, and how you learn best. Ongoing access to an exclusive member area filled with hundreds of hours of past teleclasses and webinar trainings, video demonstrations, marketing resources, coaching plans, sample proposals, and all future classes in case you miss any. Additional manuals from our library, focused on career coaching, business development, and leadership distinctions.
A complete set of 27 proven, proprietary methodologies via our acclaimed Coach Master Toolkit. 8 hours of video demonstrations of leadership coaching, all in your member area for anytime access. Ongoing personal support, whether to discuss coaching, how to set up your practice, or how to be a successful internal coach. An Online Coaching Conversation Generator: Over 1,000 coaching questions for specific leadership situations. Access to one of the most highly validated off-the-shelf assessment tools on the market, including your own personal assessment and executive session – a $750 value.
Lifetime access to our international network of coaches, referral opportunities, and listing on our coach directory. Full access to our Business Development Intensive series of webinars, business development tools, hundreds of marketing samples and examples, and a series of past teleclasses focused on business development for coaches.
The price of the program is set up so that you pay back your investment and more with just one client. New: All of our options now include -- at no additional cost -- 60 hours towards the Board Certified Coach (BCC) Certification and the required 30 hours of coaching if needed.
If the financing options shows don't fit your budget, and you are a good fit, we are happy to spread payments out longer. If you already know that you want an ICF designation and are looking for a program to help you do that, choose this option.
As with all of our options, this option includes 60 hours towards the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification, including practicum if needed. Accelerate your ACTP Program and Certification as a Certified Executive Coach with our in-person seminar.
These seminars are uniquely designed for the needs of each client and for both the novice and experienced public speaker. Providing customized training programs for both individuals and small groups we put our clients through the paces of a real TV interview, recording their performance for immediate playback and critique. Our in-depth training includes techniques for creating compelling speeches, controlling body and hand motions, and maximizing voice quality. One of the core elements that we include with all of our training programs is the use of video.
Being former journalists with an insider’s perspective, we approach your PR needs with a deep understanding of how journalists think. Read more about our executive coaching services, media training services, and public speaking services in Taunton MA. Business services include Executive Coaching and Training for Leadership and Transition as well as Cross Cultural Coaching and Training for both individuals and teams.

The Duchas approach is to focus client energy powerfully into their professional and personal objectives, goals, aspirations and mission helping them to remove blockages, limiting beliefs and uncertainty so as to get to the heart of client best performance delivering real tangible results for both client and organisation.
Those of you who are familiar with Duchas Coaching and Training will recognise some sections. Our executive coaches help our clients in many different aspect of their professional life. They had a coach who would be there to support, guide and keep them focused on their goals and dreams. It is important that before we start to design goals, we need to find assess your current skills, competences and learning styles. Once a goal or outcome has been achieved we continually re evaluate the path forward ensuing that your success is prolonged and it becomes a habit. For decades, high performance athletes have reaped the benefits of having a personal coach. For those individuals that have never been coached, it is hard to understand the benefits of having your own coach and justifying the expense.
Moving from a team player to a team leader requires a paradigm shift and entirely new set of skills. The job of a coach is to provide you with support, encouragement, and a framework and process for you to reach your goals or dreams. We are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).
It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit. Your vast experience, ideas, integrity, and talent have been vital as we take our business to new horizons.
Using a multi-dimensional training approach that includes group lectures, role playing, personalized one-on-one communication, self-authored books and DVDs, the program not only ensures that learning is effectively passed on but that it sticks like Velcro. I recommend his work for anyone interested in a streamlined, no nonsense approach to breakaway performance.
I have purchased some of your competitors' products, but I find that your content is far more advanced. This program includes one-on-one review of your marketing plan and support to identify the best niche for you and attract clients.
We also help set up internal coaching organizations and train leaders and managers to add coaching skills to better engage, mobilize, and develop teams and individuals.
In addition to coaching, some of our members also have published books, get paid to speak, and recognized as leaders in their respective markets. Of course, choosing an executive coach training and certification program is not a decision to make lightly.
We have also created private-label executive coaching programs for international organizations, including one of the world's largest coach franchises. These tools come from eclectic but proven research in cognitive psychology, positive psychology, neuroscience, and best practices from the top business thinkers about leadership and organizational development. By learning how to get results and have impact with your clients, you will succeed as a coach.
Note that our Seminars include membership in our distance learning program so that you get lifetime support before and after you attend our in-person program.
One of main reasons an executive hires a coach is because the coach has a proven, proprietary methodology that gets results and addresses their most pressing issues. Some coaching programs focus only behaviors, while others only deal with one's internal state and way of being. In other programs, graduates are left hanging when it comes time to get into the real world. If you academic theory, join a ridiculously- priced program at a local college or university.
Our members are often busy professionals, and some are working full time while preparing to make a change.
We are approved by both the International Coach Federation, 60 hours towards the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification, and the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). This means that I bring real case studies and challenges to you during classes, and keep updating the program with new examples and situations. You can join anytime, because each of our weekly teleclasses stands on its own and because we have an orientation call with me to get you going.
On that call, we discuss your goals with the program, and the best path given your aspirations, schedule, and learning style. It takes most members three to six months on average to get Certified with our Certified Executive Coach designation, and a bit longer if you want the ICF designation (due to their requirement of live participation).. Members from five years ago still call regularly to discuss current client issues, new marketing strategies, and to keep up with new content as we add it. We offer all of the hours you need along with the required mentor coaching and oral examination.
This is a long list because we have a range of ways to help you become a successful coach, depending on your learning style, schedule, and goals. Each teleclass stands completely on its own, so that you can start the program any time – especially with the orientation call and Quick Start resources we give you. Each of our tools, used by hundreds of coaches around the world with proven results, is available to you to download as a document (approximately 500 pages in total!), along with a webinar. That way, you have at your fingertips a companion library of coaching questions to help you develop deep, impactful coaching conversations with clients.
We match you up with fellow members or you can work with your colleagues, friends, or clients.
We match you up with other members for coaching practice, and you can use this experience for ICF coaching hours, too! This credential recognizes your mastery of the CEC proprietary materials, skills, strategies, and business acumen enabling you to offer the services of executive coach.
Either way, our program offers you a highly flexible and effective path to the ICF designation if you want one. The BCC is a growing alternative to ICF designations for professionals with a Masters Degree or higher.
Call Andrew Neitlich right away if financing is all that is keeping you from joining: 941-539-9623.
You receive everything described on this website, excepting the International Coach Federation (ICF) Mentor Coaching and Examination Process and ICF application support. This option includes the comprehensive ICF Mentor Coaching & Examination process along with the full 125 hours (of which 100 are live hours) the ICF requires.
We offer our 3 and 4 day seminar every quarter, in beautiful Sarasota, Florida (you only need to attend one). The bottom line: If you are a good fit for this program and become a member, I will go out of my way to help you succeed as an executive coach, feel confident and competent, and turn your passion for coaching into success. With a number of accolades including the New England Emmy Award, and the George Foster Peabody Award, Ellis Strategies has become a leading provider of public speaking services in Taunton MA. Our clients choose Ellis Strategies because of our track record and proven industry experience. We ask the tough questions and try to replicate the same pressures that leaders and executives encounter on a daily-basis.
As part of our public speaking service in Taunton MA we also provide coaching for developing successful PowerPoint presentations that will help engage your audience and give you the ability to deliver your message with confidence and conviction. Executives who understand how to engage with their audience will achieve great results which is why as part of our executive coaching in Taunton MA we teach executives the communications skills necessary to clearly define their message and be persuasive and confident in their delivery. We create a realistic TV interview set and conduct interviews as if we were a network television crew. From developing your message and value proposition, to crafting press releases and media kits, to pitching a story, Ellis Strategies can help guide you through the process and maximize your efforts. If you would like to receive a free consultation from the Ellis Strategies team please feel free to contact us directly. In an increasingly competitive global business market, executives have to work even harder to reach or stay at the top of their game.
Your Executive Coach and you will undergo on-going, regular coaching sessions to help, support and guide you reach your goals and outcomes. Over recent years, top executives and those with a true desire to succeed have realized the power and secrets of coaching and have employed coaches to move to new levels of success and achievement. Moving from a leader in a multinational company to becoming an entrepreneur also requires dramatic change in daily practices and mindset. A coach is there to understand you, to listen without judgment and support you to work through challenges that you face. Equally important, once they graduate from the CEC, our members feel confident, comfortable, and competent as coaches -- whether working to build credibility and attract clients, or working with clients on their most challenging leadership issues. Therefore, I appreciate your willingness to take the time to do your due diligence and get all of the information required to make the right choice for you. We have also trained professional athletes, a 3-time Olympic medalist, and some elite athletic coaches who all want to get into corporate and leadership coaching. Many of these programs come across as evangelical in nature, pushing a particular philosophy onto clients regardless of what the client wants or needs.
Our solutions are grounded in research from psychology and best practices in leadership and organizational development. We have been hired by the world's largest business coach franchise to develop their executive coach training content and curriculum.
All I ask is that you first read this entire page and make sure that you think there is a fit with your goals and budget, and that you are excited about joining the program. Unfortunately, most coaches don't have a proprietary methodology, or even know what one is. Even though those types of training programs were among the first in the market and are the largest, clients are quick to shun coaches with that kind of training. The Center for Executive Coaching takes a comprehensive view of the client and of human performance. You get practical, hard-hitting tools to use with your clients, including dozens and dozens of interactive toolkits, processes, and methodologies loaded with insights and powerful questions for clients to consider.

At the same time, for the solo coaching professional or firm owner, you won't find a better place to get the support you need to attract clients and build your practice. For instance, based on a recent assignment with a billion dollar organization, we added a PowerPoint training about engaging and mobilizing employees, and another PowerPoint about leading up and influencing throughout an organization.
Your manuals (The Way to Coach Executives, The Career Coach Transition Manual, Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, and three more) and a welcome letter are mailed to you Priority Mail. You can also send over any new marketing materials anytime for review, including your website. Remember: If you miss a class, each one is recorded and placed in your member area for anytime review. You also receive marketing collateral to add to your website or business card documenting your Certification. All of our training hours about coaching competencies always count towards ICF requirements. This is the ideal program if you want to get Certified as an Executive Coach and learn best-practice conversations, tools and methodologies to get great results with clients. ALSO, THIS OPTION INCLUDES 60 HOURS TOWARDS THE BOARD CERTIFIED COACH (BCC) CERTIFICATION PLUS PRACTICUM IF NEEDED. The seminar is a highly intensive coach training, and members come from all over the world. You can complete the mentor coaching program in parallel; it takes place over ten hours via teleconference, with a small group size of no more than 10 people per class. Clients will learn how to answer the tough questions, deliver their message with confidence and conviction, and gain the tools necessary to maximize their communications potential. With your input our media training coaches prepare the interview questions aiming to closely match the subject matter and expected tone of the interviews you’re preparing for. With Taunton MA presentation skills training from Ellis Strategies we are able to help our clients separate from the pack and establish themselves as a confident, persuasive, and fearless public speakers. Those executives that understand the power and effectiveness of hiring an executive coach are the ones that lead the game. You will then receive a DISC analysis to gain insight into your management and leadership style. These examples and more can be achieved when you have a combination of the following: Clarity of outcomes and goals, focus and direction and the drive and desire to take action. Anyone that desires to make powerful changes in their life whether big and small can really benefit from having a good coach to support them. I spent time with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Sir Richard Branson, Tamara Lowe, etc - you are unique! You will not find a better mentor for your executive coaching practice with the pragmatic brilliance, integrity, and insight of Andrew Neitlich.
In fact, many of our members get paid coaching engagements well before they graduate with us – all because of our practical methods and toolkits that you can put to work immediately for you. More importantly, they have been applied in the field, in over 32 countries by coaches around the world, and they work. Companies and associations worldwide hire us to train their employees and members to learn how to coach executives and managers.
They just ask open ended questions in the hopes that the client has some sort of sudden insight. We give you ways to assess your client and the situation, understand gaps between where the client is and wants to go, and develop a clear path to getting results -- results worth five to ten times your fees. Not every coach training program prepares you to succeed as an executive & leadership coach.
You can even adapt and re-brand these tools with your name and firm, so long as you give us a footnote. That's why we set our program up so that you can learn in the way that works best for you.
You get three marketing manuals, and valuable guidance about the best way to set your practice apart, get clients, and build a firm. You can email me any time to set up a meeting to talk about your marketing, client situations, or practice coaching conversations. As the Founder and Director of the program, I want to speak to each and every prospective member before you enroll.
You also receive a password to our member area and invitations to our weekly live telecalls. Instead, Sheri Boone, a Master Certified Coach with the ICF and perhaps the top mentor coach in the world, runs this program – and people rave about her work. We also practice using these toolkits in our curriculum so that you continue to develop mastery.
They absolutely rave about our seminar experience, which is high-energy, fast-paced, fun, and highly engaging.
We have worked with professionals of all levels of experience and will work with you to develop a customized training session that caters specifically to your needs.
Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about media training in Taunton MA. As part of our public relations service in Taunton MA we help our clients achieve success with long-range strategic planning that includes a focused, coordinated PR plan. This is followed by the VAK analysis so that we can understand your preferred learning style.
In most cases, those that really benefit from coaching are those who have already reached a level of success in life or business. If you are ready to move from where you are today to where you want to be, then you are someone who will benefit from having a coach. At the Center for Executive Coaching, we give you a the methods, processes, and tools for an efficient path to results with clients.
Then we focus on the client's relationships, key decisions, strategic issues, organizational culture, and even any distractions outside of work that might have an impact on their performance.
However, unlike other programs, we show you how to get measurable results with demanding executive-level clients and the people who decide to bring coaches into their organizations.
You can write books, speak, develop seminars, and become a sought-after expert in the market (yes, we have modules on these topics along with examples to guide you).
This benefit saves you the trouble of having to reinvent the wheel and lets you get started immediately as an executive coach.
It starts with an orientation call to discuss your goals and develop the best approach for you, along with a Quick Start Guide and your syllabus. We understand the psychology of different kinds of coaching clients, and train you to deliver solutions that get results.
We are also delighted to review your marketing plans and messages; members rave about our ability to make their marketing strategies and materials much more effective. I pledge to get back to your requests within one business day, and members report that my personal commitment to their success is one of the most remarkable parts of this program. You are welcome to use these and adapt them with your clients – giving you instant experience and solutions to offer in addition to the coaching toolkits already described. For others, we develop a plan to get you grounded in the fundamentals of coaching, and advance from there.
Simply put: NO OTHER PROGRAM OFFERS THIS LEVEL OF DEPTH AND BREADTH IN COACHING TOOLKITS THAT ARE FOCUSED ON GETTING RESULTS FOR MANAGERS, EXECUTIVES, LEADERS, BUSINESS OWNERS, AND UPAND-COMING TALENT. This program includes all but 10 of the required ICF training hours, which lets you keep your options open anytime you decide to move forward with the ICF designation application process. By attending a seminar, you accelerate your hours towards ICF, and also receive certification as a Certified Executive Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching. These are the people who are ready to move to the next level and need to fine tune their skills, behaviors and life strategies.
We also show you how to create your own coaching methodologies, so that you continue to stand apart with your own branding. Assuming you can get yourself hired at all, the content that you learn in many of these programs will get you fired immediately -- especially by a busy, already-successful, and skeptical executive. Even with this comprehensive approach, we still insist that our coaches learn how to coach efficiently. You can also offer multiple services to your clients, depending on your interests and talents, and including consulting, training, and facilitation. Then you choose from a variety of ways to learn the materials, depending on your schedule and preferences. We also match you up with other members on request, so that you can form alliances and get support from them, too. This Option includes everything described in Option One (including all but 10 of the required ICF training hours), along with the in-person seminar.
For this reason, we show you how to create a high-impact coaching plan based on each client's unique situation and goals. Of course, you can focus on offering one-on-one coaching, but with this new perspective, you can become the go-to professional and open up all sorts of new possibilities.
If you miss a call, it is recorded and put in your member area, so that you can listen to it at your convenience.
The cost for this option is $5,000 -- which is in the mid-range of the market -- and you can pay in 10 monthly installments of $500 per month. Even if you get Certified sooner than 10 months, as most members do, you can keep paying your monthly installments. Practice coaching with other members, or with your colleagues; if you record these sessions, we are delighted to review them for you. Finally, we offer live seminars for those who want an intensive, rapid path to Certification.

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