We believe individuals and organizations have reservoirs of talent and potential that are often undiscovered, undeveloped, or under-utilized. Goldgrab Leadership Coaching offers measurable, results-oriented coaching programs that are behavioural and include multi-source feedback to develop leadership, improve performance and ensure successful executive integration. Whether youa€™re moving to a new position, a new assignment or a new country, this coaching program helps you maximize your effectiveness and reduce the pitfalls of making and succeeding with the transition. This is a developmental coaching program for valuable managers who are experiencing performance difficulties and need assistance in a turnaround before they limit their career potential or it becomes a business issue. Goldgrab Leadership Coaching serves clients throughout Toronto and the GTA, as well as across Canada and the U.S. Goldgrab Leadership Coaching President and Master Certified Coach (MCC), Sheila Goldgrab, works with a team of qualified associate professional coaches, each with an area of specialization. Imagine what it must be like to be good enough at your job so you are obliviously unaware of how much better you can be?
The world's best sports stars have personal coaches; are you as good at what you do as they are in their chosen professions? We at Third Way Coaching sincerely believe that we can help transform your business by helping you discover solutions to these questions and much more. Our bespoke coaching programmes are uniquely designed to bring out the very best at all levels of your Business, increasing your profitability and effectiveness in the Business arena. Coaching will help your Business gain the clarity it needs in meeting its challenges, moving it steadily forward and overcoming barriers by the implementation of realistic and successful action plans. We at Third Way recognise that every individual is unique and so our personal coaching packages are tailored exactly to your needs and to your lifestyle. Why not come along to one of our exciting one day workshops where you can experience coaching for yourself in an enjoyable, informative and interactive workshop.
Knowing the composition of the soil (values and goals of the organisation) is a major component of success.
To ensure the harmony, which allows the tree to blossom, all these interactive elements will have to be deeply scrutinized. Otherwise one may have spent a tremendous amount of money to buy a tree and see it stunted and shrivelled.

The tree coaching model aims to support the clients in reaching their goals and leveraging all their potential, thanks to mastery and harmony between the clients, their organizations and their environments. A good Bridge player is someone who masters her or his cardsA and can figure out the cards of her or his partner and opponents.
The coaching process is not a sticker you put on a person, hoping it will solve a problem without addressing its roots.
Thanks to a better awareness of their strengths, executives will have the opportunity to explore other additional personal developments which may lead them to surpass their goals. It will also be an opportunity for them to understand how the coaching process can support them, and to build up a secure environment with the coach. Phase II: Understanding the organisation, the achievement of the goals sets by the organisation or the person and defining the path to reach the goal. Working on how this development will sustain the organisation objectives and the clientsa€™ objectives. This phase will be focusing on supporting the clients in moving forward to reach their goals.
The coaching will focus on establishing long term goals meanwhile ensuring quick wins so the clients feel supported and empowered. The clients will be supported in discovering what additional competencies or knowledge they could reinforce to feel more comfortable when reaching their goals and even surpassing them. The coaching process during this phase will work on anchoring the new habits and enjoying the comfort and the empowerment they provide.
Lasting improvement comes from obtaininga€”and acting ona€”honest feedback about performance. By assessing their progress, the clients will be able to build on it and improve even more!
Development is a self-reinforcing, self-perpetuating habit that continues to serve you long after the formal coaching engagement is over. Coaching can help increase the performance of talented executives and high-potential managers. In this executive coaching program, we uncover and leverage your key strengths and utilize your leadership skills to accelerate organizational and personal goals.
We coach leaders and future leaders at several levels how to implement best practices for effective leadership taking into consideration the strategic needs of your company with your personal development needs.

Learn how Goldgrab Leadership Coaching executive coaching programs can benefit you - contact us for more details about our coaching programs. Our coaches draw from their experience in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, telecommunications, financial services, retail, government, higher education, management consulting, the hospitality industry and other industries, in all 3 sectors. One of my wisest decisions has been to get executive and leadership coaching from GLC to help me negotiate my way. We can provide you with the tools you need to empower your business, working with you to bring out the very best for lasting success. The Power of Goal Setting a€“ how achievable goal setting can move you forward as never before. However, they need to know all their characteristics (values, personal and life goals) if they want to grow and blossom.
To develop themselves, they have to get a clear awareness of their values, strengths and weaknesses, as well as life goals. Then, they will be able to move forward in the coaching process and reach a a€?shareda€? goal. It will be done using the clientsa€™ daily life so they can practice themselves, gain awareness of their behaviour, and feel the reward and efficiency of their development and progress. We understand the challenges facing leaders, and bring in the coaches best suited to your needs. Sheila Goldgrab has provided a source of confidential support, generous amounts of information, practical advice and encouragement that has been invaluable to me. The definition of the steps to reach the goal will be facilitated and even more efficient. The deeper the mastery of their internal and outside realities is, bigger will be their capability of personal development. This will allow them to be in a position to understand the requirements, and even to challenge them to excel.

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