In order to maintain a hands-on, interactive environment throughout the training, seats are limited to no more than 30 participants. 2013 Executive Communication Training (ECT) alumna Maegan Ellis was recently featured in an interview on FOX 7 Austin to talk about Literacy Awareness Month. To see a full list of all of our participating organizations, speakers, and past workshop agendas here. Intensive One-to-One Professional English Communication training by WebCam Skype with an emphasis on spoken English and the use of English allowing maximum attention and focus on your weaknesses.
Role and importance of social relations, sex, family and marriage in your life (your life goals and identity).

Philosophical, scientific, psychological interpretations of life events, of human desires, of success and failure vs. Participants are invited to share their presentation and receive direct feedback from our trainers. Identifying your social image, not getting misunderstood, workshop for developing your social skills for enriching life. This corner is for all you book worms. Browse good books to gather new ideas and inspiration. Your highest success and happiness would go together, riding on your identified inherent strivings and innate strengths.

Videos are then shown and our trainers offer their feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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