The Bloch Executive Education Teachers Training Program (TTP) is a 20-day immersion program designed for teachers and administrators in Chinese Universities to learn about the U.S. Become an even more valuable player within your organization, with our lineup of complementary programs. A unique series for talented managers looking to ease the transition toward positions of increasing responsibility. Obtain a comprehensive overview of the essential management-related content and learning methods of an MBA degree. Be more strategic in your decision-making and in responding effectively to the issues facing your organization. Zero in on important issues, think and act strategically, and demonstrate leadership acumen a€“ all at a higher level than before.
The next generation of leaders will be called upon to use high-level analytical and decision-making skills and mobilize the troops in an increasingly challenging business environment, where issues are more global in scope, required response times are faster and leeway increasingly limited.
Supporting a manager along this pathway is a concrete way for organizations to recognize promise, show their commitment to keeping the best and the brightest within their ranks and building the management team of tomorrow.

You may enrol in all three programs in the suggested order, at a suitable time in your career, or choose one program that best meets your individual needs and academic background. Make sure your personal and professional details are up to date by filling out our online form. Propel your career to the next levelInside Sauder Executive Education: Tracey Gurton challenges participants to make the work world a better placeYour goals are our focus.
EMBA ProgramsPart-time, Industry-focused  Our ground-breaking, part-time, Executive MBA programs offer the broad leadership and management foundations of an MBA, applied to the unique context and complexities of two of Canada's leading industries - mining and health care. Residential ProgramsHighly interactive, weeklong  Our residential executive programs for senior leaders enhance your ability to lead, innovate, and inspire. The only way to be ready to face the challenges coming at you from all directions is to invest now in talented individuals who stand to make a difference in future. It has been designed specifically as a grooming solution for talented managers with executive aspirations. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each program to attest to their achievement in meeting a specific set of objectives.

This residential program is designed to provide administrators from Chinese universities an opportunity to travel to United States for a top notch learning and professional development experience.
With more than 100 programs offered annually, you'll find the topic that fits your need and schedule.For OrganizationsIs your company facing a unique challenge?
During the program, participants will take courses taught by top professors at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and will also be introduced to various aspects of American culture and university systems.
Participants will gain an in-depth perspective and insights into best practices for the respective industries including Human Resources, Physical Education and Student Affairs. The program also includes travel opportunities to both the East Coast and the West Coast which include cultural tours and recreational activities.

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