Leaders from 466 of the world’s most notable organizations participated in our recent biennial survey. Critical Thinking is the combination of creative thinking, strategic thinking, problem solving and decision-making.
Executive Coaching is one of EDA’s Best-Practice Solutions that delivers a one-on-one growth and development opportunity and produces real business results in a short period of time. Executive assessments are an integral part of many of our individual, team, and organizational services and most are available through our online assessment center. Since 1982 EDA has pioneered and been a leader in creating custom-designed executive development strategies, systems and programs that help clients achieve their strategic objectives and win in the marketplace.
Since 1982 EDA has pioneered and been a leader in creating custom-designed executive development strategies, systems and programs that help clients achieve their strategic objectives and win in the marketplace. Critical Thinking is the combination of creative thinking, strategic thinking, problem solving and decision-making. In addition to creating and delivering world-class executive development and talent management strategies, systems and programs, EDA connects people who are responsible for learning and development to valuable research, workshops, publications and other resources, that support their success and effectiveness.
EDA's Assessment Team includes industrial and clinical psychologists and technologists with 34 years of experience in designing, creating and implementing innovative organizational effectiveness products and services. Executive Development Associates is a leader in creating custom-designed executive development strategies, systems and programs that help organizations build the capabilities needed to achieve their strategic objectives. Tanya has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Anil Pinto has 12 years of diverse experience in healthcare, infrastructure and the hospitality industry. Marcus holds both his undergraduate degree in Physiology and his Medical degree from University College in London. She comes with an extensive knowledge of Medical systems in India, having worked with different hospital groups.
Right Hand Executive Leadership - Balanced Executives with Integrity, Intelligence, and Energy! Today’s world class businesses demand the best partners and talented employees to succeed in their industry’s environment.
From Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Human Resources, to Logistics and Materials areas, Right Hand Synergy will find the best talent for you. The best and brightest executive team members, dedicated to making success happen, can help you win over the competition. Customized personality tests (customized to your company) and other time-tested tools match the right candidate to you. At least that’s the premise of Fear Your Strengths: What You Are Best at Could Be Your Biggest Problem. Kaplan and Kaiser culled from years spent working with executives to provide examples of leaders for whom the strengths that helped push them up the ladder have ultimately undercut their effectiveness once in the boss’s seat.

For instance, one such go-getter—a division president at a large healthcare technology company—is apparently “so adept at wielding his intellectual firepower and charisma that he shuts down people around him,” according to a colleague.
The authors conducted “thousands of assessments” of senior executives, in an effort to determine when these leaders’ greatest strengths could betray them. Many executives are “lopsided,” the authors say, and favor certain qualities at the expense of others, without even realizing it. The notion that many leaders have a tendency to overplay their strengths is often overlooked in leadership development, according to the authors, who provide a few tips for tempering executives’ excesses.
For instance, they say, asking a leader’s colleagues whether the leader displays too much, too little or just the right amount of a certain characteristic can be instructive, and help a manager or executive find the right balance of the aforementioned qualities.
About UsHRE Daily is produced by the editorial staff of Human Resource Executive®, the leading magazine for HR executives (formerly The Leader Board). In talking with numerous healthcare executives, one essential element they commonly stress to us is the need for solid leadership in order for their organization to be successful. First, “leadership is best understood as a set of roles in an enterprise. These roles differ in tasks and responsibilities. 2.) Senior leaders who “are responsible for profit and loss, and they work across functions to achieve business aims. 3.) People performance leaders who “accomplish their goals by working through the managers they lead.
To make one’s leadership team as successful as possible, the authors contend, each type of leader must be represented. An intelligence exchange platform for passionate healthcare executives; promoting an invigorating dialogue on healthcare. EDA customizes coaching to meet the individual’s specific needs and matches the leader with the most appropriate coach. We work in partnership with our clients to make their executive development efforts successful. EDA leads the way in the use of executive development to help organizations successfully address their marketplace challenges and accelerate the execution of their business strategy. Being a continuous improvement manager, I was aware of problem solving tools, but the delivery of this course was great! Prakash Khubchandani is Founder and Managing Director of Khubchandani Group which is diversified into Healthcare, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Education, Retail and Leisure.
She has previously gained experience in Business Development at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, and in healthcare operations at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY. She further specialized in healthcare organization and management during her Masters of Public Health at Columbia University. During his tenure he has worked across the divisions of operations, projects, project finance & controls, strategy, business alliance and international business. He has a strong commitment to create and provide world class healthcare facilities in India.

Marcus Ranney made the transition to Mumbai where he worked within the Healthcare and Life-sciences industry as a Business Consultant. At Right Hand Synergy we specialize in finding the best professionals in each field for you.
We also provide courses and workshops in accordance with your company needs, we have highly qualified instructors in all the different areas to advise and train your employees. Recruiting professionals with the experience, expertise, and passion that you need to succeed is our specialty. In the new book, authors Robert Kaplan and Robert Kaiser “address a glaring oversight in the field of executive development—namely the lack of attention paid to the danger of leaders taking their strengths too far,” according to a press release issued by Kaplan DeVries Inc.
As a result, he explains, “people then seek to be in agreement with him rather than bringing their best thinking,” effectively disengaging team members and hampering their ability to contribute.
Kaplan and Kaiser identified a set of what they describe as fundamental leadership qualities—strategic leadership, operational leadership, forceful leadership and enabling leadership—that can be detrimental when overemphasized. It is with this in mind that Stosh Walsh and Paula Walker at Gallup Business Journal outline the four types of leaders necessary for any organization, including hospitals, to be successful.
They outline an ideal future state and collaborate with other leaders to bring that state to fruition.
They plan and execute at a macro level, recognize external factors that affect the business, and position the company to capitalize on market trends.
They set the stage for effective performance management and engagement throughout the organization by ensuring that managers and employees have clear expectations and defined career paths.
Furthermore, these leaders “should be selected for a given role because they have the natural ability to thrive in that role. With our proven ability to achieve results we create measurable improvements in both individual executive performance and business outcomes. She is an ardent supporter of improved healthcare access for Indians domestically and globally. Blending together his rich experiences from both the scientific and business worlds, Marcus works within the groups Business development team. As healthcare executives, what are you doing to groom the next generation of healthcare leaders?
Wagh did his Public Health course from LTMGH Mumbai and Hospital Administration from TISS a€“ Mumbai.

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