No capability is more critical to business success than the effectiveness of its leaders, but i4cp research has shown leadership development has remained as one of the least effective issues for years.
The Executive Leadership Development Exchange, a peer-driven working group, focuses on how global high-performance organizations identify the leadership competencies required to ensure organizational agility and develop effective leaders accordingly. We will be redesigning our survey questions and survey process as a result of participating in the Employee Engagement Exchange. Want a team that is strong, effective, aligned with the organization's goals and objectives, playing by the same rules and not afraid to hold one another accountable for results?
The Manager Bootcamp Program is a unique, public professional development program for supervisors and managers who are responsible for a team and want to further develop their ability to motivate, coach, plan, direct, execute, manage change and more effectively hold their team accountable for results.
Executive Impact is an organizational development firm focused on increasing your culture capital by empowering leaders and developing high performance teams. We are committed to equipping our clients to develop and execute a talent and performance management strategy, complete with the tools and resources needed to select, on-board, engage and motivate, manage and pro-actively retain top leadership talent. It is said, "without a vision, the people perish." We believe this to be true, especially in today's economy. About UsExecutive Impact is an organizational development firm focused on empowering businesses and organizations to achieve greater results through their people. Leaders from 466 of the world’s most notable organizations participated in our recent biennial survey. Critical Thinking is the combination of creative thinking, strategic thinking, problem solving and decision-making. Executive Coaching is one of EDA’s Best-Practice Solutions that delivers a one-on-one growth and development opportunity and produces real business results in a short period of time.
Executive assessments are an integral part of many of our individual, team, and organizational services and most are available through our online assessment center.
Since 1982 EDA has pioneered and been a leader in creating custom-designed executive development strategies, systems and programs that help clients achieve their strategic objectives and win in the marketplace. Since 1982 EDA has pioneered and been a leader in creating custom-designed executive development strategies, systems and programs that help clients achieve their strategic objectives and win in the marketplace.

Critical Thinking is the combination of creative thinking, strategic thinking, problem solving and decision-making.
In addition to creating and delivering world-class executive development and talent management strategies, systems and programs, EDA connects people who are responsible for learning and development to valuable research, workshops, publications and other resources, that support their success and effectiveness. EDA's Assessment Team includes industrial and clinical psychologists and technologists with 34 years of experience in designing, creating and implementing innovative organizational effectiveness products and services.
Executive Development Associates is a leader in creating custom-designed executive development strategies, systems and programs that help organizations build the capabilities needed to achieve their strategic objectives.
ICF Approval: This 33-hour program of Core Competency Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), Cluster Or Individual Training. A 2009 International Coach Federation (ICF) Global Coaching Client Student conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, reported the median coaching ROI to be 700%. Three stock portfolios comprised only of companies that spend aggressively on employee development each outperformed the S&P 500 by 17-35%. According to a study of senior level executives at Fortune 1000 companies who received developmental coaching, the average return from the programs was nearly 5.7 times the initial investment.
For individuals who wish to complete the CELDC certification, there is also a requirement of 5 mentor coaching calls (approximately 1-hour each) to focus on developing leadership coaching competencies.
The individual mentor coaching must be completed within 8 weeks after completion of the 12-week CELDC program in order to qualify for your credential. Susan Whitcomb, Founder and President of The Academies, Inc., is a leading authority on career coach training.
Fran LaMattina brings 30 years of business experience in marketing, sales, finance, and operations gained from leadership in telecom, financial services, consumer products, and non-profits. No special computer technology is required for the coaching clusters, although it is highly recommended that you have a computer for obtaining email and sharing files.
Explore these issues with peers and key thought leaders to apply those strategies in your organization. Are they planning, directing, motivating, coaching and achieving optimal results through their team?

EDA customizes coaching to meet the individual’s specific needs and matches the leader with the most appropriate coach. We work in partnership with our clients to make their executive development efforts successful. EDA leads the way in the use of executive development to help organizations successfully address their marketplace challenges and accelerate the execution of their business strategy. Being a continuous improvement manager, I was aware of problem solving tools, but the delivery of this course was great!
Coaching shifts people from a “problem state” or a “status quo mentality” into a “possibility perspective” where awareness, curious exploration, the power of choice, and intentional action lead to the claiming of new territory for the client and increased productivity and profitability for the client company. Over the 12-week program you will receive ICF core competency training, leadership essentials, and hands-on coaching experience. Whitcomb directs a team of 10 career thought leaders who have trained and credentialed hundreds of career professionals worldwide. Also, if you don’t already have one, purchase a good quality telephone headset and use a telephone that is not dependent on a battery charge.
Including CD-ROM, featuring: exclusive screen saver, PC wallpaper, downloadable sheet music, 2 movie trailers and website link. With our proven ability to achieve results we create measurable improvements in both individual executive performance and business outcomes.
She is completing her PhD in Executive Coaching and runs a thriving coaching business serving corporate, nonprofit & entrepreneur clients.

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