This is not an inclusive list of all the KSAs of good leaders but is a good start for organizations looking to build frameworks to support leadership development. Thought leaders at UNCa€™s Kenan-Flagler Business School have condensed the best of leadership publications into an effective continuous learning cycle that can be incorporated into an organizationa€™s leadership development program to strengthen the ability to learn and adapt as a leader. Other areas that could be identified for development include working well with others, negotiating effectively, improving self-awareness, increasing open-mindedness and dealing with ambiguity. Honest feedback is critical to a leadera€™s success, and as such, organizations must foster cultures where leaders can give and receive it. In this continuing learning cycle, reflection means taking the time to put the principles, practice and feedback into context. We utilize a customized approach, called the Success Architecture, which focuses on the whole individual to bring about change.
For over 25 years, Jamie Conglose has consulted with leaders of Fortune 100 and 500 companies in the field of organizational development and leadership effectiveness. She is formerly a program director with Executive Challenge, an award-winning outdoor team-building program run by Boston University School of Management’s Executive Programs. When Jamie is not consulting with organizations, she leads wilderness oriented personal growth and leadership experiences near her home in Sedona, Arizona.

Organizations with strong leaders outperform other organizations in workforce retention, employee engagement, and organizational performance (including financial performance, customer satisfaction, service quality and productivity).
The continuous learning cycle is an integrated approach that focuses on the following four core components and produces solid results in leadership development. The first step in an organizationa€™s leadership development plan begins with identifying what knowledge, skills and abilities need to be further developed in the organization. Leadership studies repeatedly show that the best way to learn, particularly for adults, is through practical experience such as on-the-job, project-based work and action learning such as coaching others, leading a meeting, team building, or taking an expatriate assignment.
Reflection may come in informal formsa€”such as meeting peers to review a project outcomea€”or it may be more formal and include professional development plans, career coaching, executive coaching or reflective essays. She holds a Masters of Education in Counseling, Family and Groups from the University of Missouri and has completed post-graduate work and training in conflict resolution and mediation. She is a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, a non-profit global peacemaking organization and a member of The Wilderness Guides Council, committed to reintroducing earth wisdom and ancient ways to modern culture to help create and maintain a sustainable society. Feedback helps individuals gather information about how others view their strengths and development opportunities. Ultimately, reflection may close one door and open a dozen morea€”which leads back to the cycle of principles, practice, feedback and reflection.

She received her undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of Vermont and since the age of nineteen, has held jobs in a wide variety of settings; always working to help develop the potential of individuals, groups and teams. Employers must ensure that their leaders have the knowledge, skills and abilities to help their organizations to succeed today and in the future. Because she believes there is no difference between personal and organizational leadership, she strives to earn the privilege of being a trusted advisor to her clients as they travel along their leadership journey where ever it may take them.
To that end, employers must create learning cultures that nurture the development of strong leaders at all levels. Framing leadership development as a continuous learning cycle such as the one used at UNCa€™s Kenan-Flagler Business School offers business leaders a model in which to create long-term leadership development solutions.

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