DALLAS–Mozido, a leading provider of multichannel transaction services for mobile network operators, financial institutions and retailers, has recently appointed new Executive Management including Gregory J. Sanchez has built operations for some of the leading Global Corporations in the IT and telecommunications industry and most recently managed Telefonica’s operation in the USA and Puerto Rico.
In addition to new management, Mozido has appointed a seasoned and credible Board of Advisors with diversified leadership experience in the telecommunications, financial services, advertising, venture capital, e-commerce, and entertainment industries. Mozido received funding from Tomorrow Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s personal investment vehicle, in April 2011 that has enabled them to grow and establish retail and commercial partnerships around the world. Their one stop mobile wallet solution enables consumers to pay bills, transfer money, buy and transfer airtime, receive payroll deposits and make retail purchases all from their mobile device, saving time and money making the transactions.

Founded in 2007, Mozido is the leading provider of multichannel transaction services to retailers, mobile network operators and financial institutions. British Airways unveiled a new corporate identity in 1997 which involved repainting its fleet with around 20 daring tailfin designs by world artists? Corona as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Diane Sanchez as Executive Vice President, President of Global Operations. Mozido offers solutions that enable easy and secure transactions all from the convenience of a mobile phone, and without the need of a traditional bank account.

Liberty is the founder of Mozido, a global mobile payments platform provider that is in the process of unlocking financial freedom for roughly 2 billion people.

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