Kelly pointed out we are now moving into a new area where executives are considering more and more about 'Protecting People' versus 'Protecting Profits'.
What is becoming ever more obvious is a longer term vision and succession planning is the key to a successful business. If everyone is focussed on the short term - as are their leaders - the future is frowned upon - staff are immobilised and the business stagnates. The Executive Monitor Report conducted by Six Figures shows these are not just simple thoughts. Responsible Leadership is not about 'holding the fort' - it is about leading the way forward - let everyone else catch up - if they can.
Despite being in the business of recruiting, Kelly believes companies should look internally more - plan for succession - hire - but also firstly retain and promote. Many staff also like to have a little skin in the game - so don't be afraid of providing share options for staff. And when it comes to performance review time, if someone isn't performing well - look for the cause - where is the engagement? Technology also came into conversation as we discussed the age of technology and capturing peoples hearts and minds with knowledge. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article.
We partner with Senior Leaders to help them become more effective in their current roles and to achieve their business objectives. Our coaching and development services bring top talent to a higher level of performance, and enable them to meet their true potential.
We distinguish ourselves by our deep understanding of how businesses operate, and of what is required of those who lead successful organizations. Help the Board and CEO identify top-level successors for coaching (see Executive Coaching Programs). Good leadership program provides opportunity to share leadership experiences and also one-on-one private consultation with coach to achieve exalted organisational leadership, self identity and actualization.
Outcome: This is a truly unique, highly innovative program designed for long lasting impact on professional CEOs, family business Promoters and Entrepreneurs, SBU and Functional Heads, and Sr. Over 30 years consulting (starting as IIM-A faculty) with top MNCs, Indian COs, Centre & State Govts. British Airways unveiled a new corporate identity in 1997 which involved repainting its fleet with around 20 daring tailfin designs by world artists?
Forum 35’s Baton Rouge Original Award recognizes an individual dedicated to improving the Baton Rouge community through exemplary leadership, visionary thinking, and extraordinary volunteerism. As a community award, Forum 35 seeks nominations annually from inside and outside the organization. Forum 35’s Art Melt is the largest multi-media, juried art exhibit in the state of Louisiana.
All accepted artwork will be available for sale and displayed to the public in the Art Melt exhibit from July 23 to September 3, 2016 in the Capitol Park Museum gallery in downtown Baton Rouge. The winners of the 2016 Art Melt will be announced at the Art Melt Preview Party on Friday, July 22 at the Capitol Park Museum. The service committee decides what projects and volunteer opportunities to offer the membership and then coordinates our involvement in the service activity.
With over 200 people in attendance, One Book, One Community committee celebrated this year’s book “Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Also, pick up a copy of “Kingfish” at the EBRPL and tweet out a picture using #readebr to see who else in our community is getting into the movement.
Forum 35’s involvement with One Book One Community aligns wholly with our mission at Forum 35, to help improve Baton Rouge.
The incoming Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Forum 35 met as a group on Saturday, February 20, for formal training before they assume their roles on April 1. Since its founding in 1993, Forum 35 has grown into the largest young professional’s organization in Baton Rouge, with over 600 members! President Alexander took questions from the audience and expressed his joy in knowing that young and talented leaders like the members of Forum 35 are in the community doing great things. Forum Friday is our monthly membership luncheon featuring a local speaker addressing issues specifically targeted to the needs and concerns of Baton Rouge-area young professionals and leaders. For over 20 years, Forum 35 has offered its members the opportunity to network and develop relationships with over 600 other young professionals in Baton Rouge. We are very grateful for the growth that we have seen in Forum 35 over the last few years, as well as the opportunities for our members to represent the voice of young professionals in the Baton Rouge area.
In order to support the growth of Forum 35 through our ongoing projects, as well as new initiatives that are constantly being considered, the Board of Directors has recently decided that a dues increase is necessary. October and November have been busy months for Service Committee with our volunteers completing 124 total service hours at 5 events. On October 14th, Forum 35 came out to volunteer at STAR’s annual Hunks in Heels fundraiser.
Thanks to Service Committee co-chair Leland Moss for organizing a new event for Service Committee at BREC’s Hooper Road Park. Since its founding in 1993, Forum 35 has grown into the largest young professional’s organization in Baton Rouge. The Public Education Project (PEP) is for those who believe that we can make a difference in public education and that the time is now.

Forum 35 recognizes that a strong public education system is essential for economic prosperity, social equity, and active civic engagement. On October 31st, 2015, Forum 35 joined the East Baton Rouge Public Library at the Louisiana Book Festival to help unveil the 2016 selection for One Book, One Community. Eight volunteers from Forum 35, dressed in 1920’s attire and helped the library hand out 150 copies of next year’s book, The Kingfish – by Richard White.
There were hundreds of visitors to the EBRPL tent and Forum 35 was there to explain the One Book, One Community initiative and invite guests to take fun pictures in front of Forum 35’s step and repeat.
Worry not, because there will be many more events planned around next year’s book and Forum 35 will be there along the way.
The One Book, One Community program is a partnership of several non-profit agencies within the Baton Rouge area. Forum 35’s fall Uncorked wine tasting event and competition was held Thursday, November 5, at the Roux House in downtown Baton Rouge. At each Uncorked event, teams of 1, 2 or 3 bring 3 matching bottles of the selected varietal of wine for the event. Attendees tasted wine brought by other participants throughout the night, enjoyed light appetizers and entertainment by The Routh Brothers and heard about the selected charity that will receive half of the proceeds from the event.
In addition to award presentations, Viva il Vino will feature the unveiling of Forum 35’s strategic plan, a wine pull, a silent auction, wine, food, and entertainment.
All monies raised from Viva il Vino will benefit Forum 35’s mission of improving Baton Rouge through support of its core pillars of leadership, arts and culture, and diversity. On September 12th, Forum 35 volunteers (along with community volunteers from Baton Rouge General, City Year and more) worked to renovate a retired fireman's house in rememberance of September 11th and those that helped in the aftermath. BATON ROUGE -Forum 35 held a special meeting of the membership October 6 to publicly announce the resignation of President Kasey Henry and present the leadership succession plan to members for adoption.
Henry accepted a position at a CPA firm that offers a unique focus on nonprofit accounting in her native Texas, and will relocate at the end of October. In her absence, Immediate Past President Eric Dexter will step in to fulfill her six remaining months as President. With mixed emotions, I wanted to let you all know that I will be relocating to Houston later this month. One of the most valuable things a Forum 35 member can provide to the organization is their leadership. Forum 35 is now accepting nominations for open positions on the 2016 - 2017 Board of Directors through Wednesday, Oct. Please join us as we continue to plan the November installment of Uncorked that is scheduled for Thursday, November 5. If your birthday is this week and you do not see it listed here, you do not have your birthday listed in your Member Profile. Preparing them to deliver outstanding results is an area of great leverage for your business and is where Leichtman Executive Coaching excels. We work with CEOs, their Boards and HR to develop customized approaches to CEO succession planning and CEO Coaching that work with your culture. Bureaucrats, to help them achieve higher organizational performance and also a sense of personal fulfillment or self-actualization as leaders.
Forum 35 is a nonprofit organization that depends on individual membership and the generosity of corporate partners including L’Auberge Casino & Hotel Baton Rouge, Entergy and Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers.
Now in its 13th year, Art Melt strives to promote professional artists throughout the state of Louisiana while providing an opportunity for the public to experience the best of local fine art, music, and performing arts.
Viewing of the gallery will be free to the public on opening night, Saturday, July 23 from 5 – 9 p.m.
The Preview Party will also be the first opportunity for the public to view the exhibit and purchase the artwork, and will be a ticketed event. Vincent de Paul Dining Room, where hot lunches and brown bag dinners are served daily to the underprivileged. President-Elect Kelly Bienn briefed the team on expectations, processes, financials, the strategic plan and other information relevant to Board service.
The goals identified are not necessarily in order of importance, yet goals one through four are essential for goal five to be achievable. King Alexander took place on Friday, February 19 from Noon to 1:00pm at Juban's in Baton Rouge. King Alexander spoke to members and guests of Forum 35 on the current situation of the LSU campus and other colleges within the LSU System. The members work together to support the organization’s mission of improving and shaping Baton Rouge. Vincent de Paul’s soup kitchen, but our volunteers also pack snack bags for the needy to have when the soup kitchen is closed.
It is a wonderful way to meet like-minded young professionals and give back to Baton Rouge. This strategic plan aims to strengthen its framework and set the organization on the path to a healthy, sustainable future.
The goals identified are not necessarily in order of importance, yet goals one through four are essential for goal five to be achievable.
Amanda Austin's 5th grade class will be taking an adventurous trip to BREC’s Bluebonnet Swamp in December 2015. These field trips will serve to enhance students' knowledge and skills, as well as provide a recreational learning atmosphere.

All of the fun was unfortunately cut short by the weather and we had to pick up early due to the threatening storms heading in our direction. Hosted by East Baton Rouge Parish Library, Forum 35, Up Alliance and other organizations support the 3 month long community-wide program with events, outreach and awareness. There were over 170 people in attendance, all who enjoyed an evening of fundraising and wine tasting in the Capital City! Forum 35 is a nonprofit organization that depends on individual membership and the generosity of corporate partners including Entergy, Jones Walker, L’Auberge Casino & Hotel Baton Rouge, Launch Media, and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. Forum 35 is a nonprofit organization that depends on individual membership and the generosity of corporate benefactors including Entergy, Jones Walker, L’Auberge Casino Hotel Baton Rouge, and Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers.
Beautifying this space will enable Walls to offer up the center for community use, furthering the reach the arts have in our community. Kelly Bienn, who was approved by Forum 35’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors as President-Elect in September, was voted on to be preemptively moved into the role.
Forum 35 is an all-volunteer organization and without you, the organization would not be where it is today. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please first determine their willingness to serve on the Board. With your leadership and effort, we can continue striving toward excellence for Baton Rouge and its community members.
Join us tonight for our meeting as we discuss the next round of Learning on Location grants and the remainder of 2015 public education projects. It will focus on developing deep insight into one’s ‘inner’ self and underlying dynamics of leadership style.
The example set by these individuals serves our community as a beacon, showing us how we can make a difference in our community.
The Baton Rouge Original Award will be presented at Forum 35’s annual fundraiser, Viva il Vino, on September 29, 2016.
Opening night will also feature an outdoor festival with cultural and musical performances, and an arts marketplace.
The Kick-Off party was meant to draw interest towards this year’s book and to bring the community together for discussion. The Dining Room is the largest mass-feeding facility in the Baton Rouge area, and serves an average of 350 - 450 lunches daily. For three and a half hours, Forum volunteers sold calendars to the crowd, passed cake balls, collected donations, and tended to the needs of the “hunks” backstage as well as cheered on Forum’s own Mathew Laborde! This running project is organized by Quinton Renfro and is a great way to help out during your lunch break.
On November 18th, we had 13 volunteers give a few hours of their Saturday morning to pack 1,400 bags and make 300 sandwiches.
If you are interested in getting involved and have a passion for volunteerism, please join us at our next monthly meeting! Upon arrival, 2 of the bottles are bagged and numbered for the blind wine tasting and the remaining bottle is put into the winner’s prize lot. Community Leadership Development Program is proud to announce our 2015 graduates from the intensive leadership program, held in partnership with LSU Executive Education. Community Leadership Development Program is a core pillar under Forum 35’s leadership initiative and enables members to develop leadership skills while promoting community involvement and volunteerism in Baton Rouge. The annual event is a celebration of the organization’s community impact and an opportunity to honor recipients of the Baton Rouge Original Award, Art Melt Louisiana Art Legend Award, and the Corporate Member of the Year. VIP guests will enjoy reserved seating, waited service from members of Forum 35’s Board of Directors, and a VIP gift bag. With a show of approximately 100 community volunteers total, Forum 35 contributed 15 volunteer hours to the event. Through discussions with the leadership of Forum 35, we have developed a plan to help make this transition as seamless as possible. Thank you for making a commitment to be part of positive change and improvements in our community. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning Board nominations. Even more importantly, it will assist them in identifying and synergizing life goals with leadership role, as lack of congruence between the two, impedes promotion of both. Following opening night, viewing of the gallery will be available during regular museum hours and included in the regular museum admission fee. Please join us for a special meeting of the membership on Tuesday, October 6 at Creative Bloc in downtown Baton Rouge to discuss and vote on this transition plan.
In accordance with our Bylaws, we have 9 Class "B" Director positions open for nomination.
Past members of the Forum 35 Board of Directors have served on parish government committees, served on the Boards of other nonprofit organizations, and have started their own highly-regarded initiatives in the community. Directors who currently hold those positions and wish to remain on the Board will be considered alongside new applicants. The program aims at achiveing exalted leadership, taking the organisation to pinnacle and self-acutalization of the leader.

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