TSiBA has embarked on an exciting partnership with Sanlam to support Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) where Corporates donate funds to benefit local entrepreneurism and also gain BBBEE points. During this 8-month programme Sanlam’s funding will enable TSiBA to provide 5 local entrepreneurs with business training, mentoring and support to strengthen their sustainability and profitability which in turn supports the South African economy. SocioNEXT is a Dutch organisation managed by Tjaart Theron in conjunction with the University of Amsterdam.
From February 2014 the SocioNEXT Challenge has been incorporated into the final year Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA3) Innovation course.
Thanks to Business Partners for your support, sponsoring the Top Student Entrepreneur Company Awards Dinner and prizes and choosing TSiBA as the beneficiary of your first ever Golf Day which raised over R22 000.
Another ground-breaking first for TSiBA is the roll-out of computer tablets for Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) students. Feedback from students has been incredible with 91% of students opting in to the programme. Thanks to the Trident Trust Group for their sponsorship which made these subsidised tablets for students possible. TSiBA was founded as a not-for-profit higher education institution in 2004 with a mission to graduate entrepreneurial leaders who Ignite opportunity and social change which is why we select people who want to make a difference in their communities” says Adri Marais CEO and TSiBA co-founder.
To be accepted at TSiBA applicants need to have matric, but can apply with a higher certificate instead of a degree level pass. If you can’t make it to the Open Day, you can still pop down to campus to collect an application form, or you can download one here. Please click here to read the 2013 highlights, a strategic and financial update, as well as second semester academic results. A spirited breakfast was held this morning at the TSiBA Cape Town campus to celebrate their the first ever ‘Cycle for Change’ team to take part in the . TSiBA was selected as their sole beneficary for their inaugural gold day at the Durbanville Golf Course.
Business Partners is full supportive of the vital service that TSiBA offers in assisting working micro-enterprises from a survivalist perspective. Thanks goes to Business Partners – it is wonderful to be linked to such a great organisation with a successful model committed to growing entrepreneurship in South Africa.
Over the last ten years TSiBA has provided tuition scholarships to over 1,200 talented young people who would otherwise not have been able to access higher education due to financial or educational constraints.
It was just ten years ago that TSiBA’s four co-founders established TSiBA in response to the dilemma of how one can Ignite Opportunity in South Africa.
TSiBA’s achievements over the last ten years, across six degree cohorts, include five Mandela Rhodes Scholars, two Kofi Annan Scholarship winners currently enrolled in Masters postgraduate studies in Geneva and Berlin, as well as two final year degree students in the prestigious Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship programme.
Adri Marais, co-founder and CEO of TSiBA explains, “People ask us where we find our talent. Marais continues, “TSiBA’s tenth birthday milestone is a testament to the success of TSiBA as a grassroots initiative which continues to make a significant contribution to South African society.
Zikhona Ngumbela, 20 year old final year TSiBA Bachelor in Business Administration student and Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Candidate Fellow, recalls that “when I joined TSiBA in 2011, I finally began to realise my dream of one day becoming an entrepreneur. Thokozile Mcopele, a TSiBA Bachelor in Business Administration graduate and 2013 Mandela Rhodes Scholar, has future plans to work in enterprise development and ultimately start her own consultancy.
TSiBA has two campuses, one in Cape Town as well as in the rural town of Karatara on the Garden Route. As TSiBA Education is a registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), donations made to TSiBA Education can be claimed as a qualifying deduction on your 2014 income tax return (please see our banking details below). On Wednesday 19 February 2014 one hundred and twenty TSiBA Cape Town students were awarded full tuition scholarships to study towards their Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA).
Each tuition scholarship has a rand value of R48 800 per annum which includes things like administration fees, textbooks, stationery, one meal per day, tutorials, mentorships, IT facilities and online teaching tools, printing allowance, student counseling (personal and career), course materials and workbooks, experiential learning programmes as well as internships and placements. Since founded in 2004 TSiBA has already provided scholarships to around 1 200 talented young people, who may otherwise not have been able to access higher education due to financial or educational constraints. The event was MC’ed by Cindy van Wyk and Muneebah and Natheerah Titus – affectionately known on campus as the ‘TSiBA Triplets’. Bethwill Cloete, TSiBA’s Recruitment Officer and TSiBA 2011 graduate, has himself experienced how a tertiary education can be life-changing and witnessed many other graduates being the first in their families to complete a tertiary education and inspire entire communities. History will be made once again in 2014 in the South African entrepreneurship arena with the second cohort of students beginning their Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting (PG Dip SEC) - the first postgraduate programme of its kind in South Africa which targets consultants, coaches and mentors working with entrepreneurs instead of the entrepreneur themselves. The 18-month modular part-time course at NQF Level 8 accreditation is currently only available at the Tertiary School in Business Education (TSiBA). Support Gary Powell, one of TSiBA’s 2014 Argus Cycle Team members by booking a ticket to this great benefit. The Lauren Powell Band have been playing together for the past fifteen years - despite their lead singer only being 21 years of age. TSiBA Education (housed in the Mupine Building behind Old Mutual Park) have been offering high quality higher education to deserving youth for 10 years!
During those 10 years, TSiBA has produced 5 Mandela Rhodes Scholars, 2 Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellows and currently 2 TSiBA graduates are pursuing master’s degrees at universities in Europe as Kofi Annan Scholars. Volunteer lecturers, tutors ad mentors make a critical contribution to the attainment of such sterling results and play a vital role in enabling TSiBA to offer excellent education to its students – and do so as a non-profit organisation that does not receive assistance from government. Please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you are interested in paying it forward a volunteer.
Hetzner, SA’s largest specialist web hosting company, has donated 40 decommissioned Dell servers to three worthwhile educational organisations in South Africa. The donated Dell servers will be used to replace old equipment as well as run Internet services and applications to support the students. Adri Marais, TSiBA CEO, expressed her team’s appreciation for the donation, “ICT plays a crucial role in the effective delivery of education and thanks to this donation our server capacity has been strengthened significantly at both our Cape Town and Eden campuses. TSiBA Education is a non-profit business school that was founded in 2004 and is registered and fully accredited with the Department of Higher Education. LEAP Science & Maths School is currently made up of six LEAP Schools that provide a high quality education aimed at talented learners from grades 8 to 12. The Maharishi Institute was founded in 2007 to provide disadvantaged youth access to Consciousness-Based tertiary education through accredited education partners and is focused on unlocking the genius of South African youth.
TSiBA Education is committed to Employment Equity when recruiting internally and externally, this includes persons with disabilities. Twenty-five best-practice projects around South Africa have won awards from the Impumelelo Social Innovations Centre for implementing innovative, well-managed and replicable models addressing a variety of South Africa’s social challenges. Impumelelo has being hosting the awards since 1999 and has become a sought-after repository of more than 1000 public service models which can be adapted to work in other locales.
Quality rural tertiary education, and scholarship-based tertiary business schools, are virtually absent in South Africa. TSiBA Eden aims to solve the desperate need for South Africa to produce a new generation of social and environmentally aware entrepreneurial leaders the nation needs in government, business and the non-profit sector. Executive Director of TSiBA Eden, Sandy Ueckermann explains, ‘the challenges, generally, faced by rural areas and small towns, are well known.
Ueckermann continues, ‘the success of the rural TSiBA business school is a result of working in an excellent organization with great governance where successes and challenges are managed dynamically and innovatively. The Impumelelo Awards Executive Director, Rhoda Kadalie, was MC at the ceremony which included performances by opera singer, Goitsemang Lehobye and comedian Kurt Schoonraad. TSiBA Eden was generously offered a personal talk by Clem Sunter, on behalf of the Knysna Literary Festival and Pam Golding-Knysna.
After the foundation was laid to how TSiBA was formed, an opportunity was given to Shingai Gunha a current Higher Certificate student who beautifully illustrated what Pay it Forward means to him and how Igniting Opportunity has played a pivotal role in his life. This gave us a nice past to present timeline of where TSiBA currently is, TSiBA Education’s Dean Nolan Beudeker then presented the exciting projects the institution is embarking on going forward. After this time line has been presented to the audience, they had some time to digest all this information. Please click here to have a look at our recent mid-year report for highlights and a progress update on our strategic goals. As a student, you definitely know all about deadlines - so make a note of this one: applications to the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship for first year university students close at the end of August. The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, which aims to develop a new generation of dynamic entrepreneurial leaders who can make a valuable difference to the societal fabric of Southern Africa, is offering learners the opportunity to start this journey through its Fellowship. On Friday, 19 July 2013, the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) will host their fifth Graduation Ceremony at the Old Mutual headquarters in Cape Town. Nolan Beudeker, Dean of TSiBA explains “TSiBA balances the curriculum with both academic content and experiential learning. Nolan continues, “Graduates are empowered to find employment, start their own business, or continue with university studies.

To date, TSiBA has awarded over a thousand scholarships to talented young people who would otherwise not have had access to higher education, produced five Mandela Rhodes Scholars and many other student awards of excellence in just five cohorts.
Adri Marais CEO of TSiBA says, “The impact one hundred graduates will have on the growth of the South African economy is significant. Marais continues, “Contrast this figure with the drain of having a hundred unemployed, unemployable youth on the street. Authentic Leadership – Building leadership skills is one way to ensure continued growth and success within your workforce and organization.
Optimal Time Management – Practicing basic time saving and organizational techniques relieves stress and boosts productivity.
CAP Feedback Module – Perhaps the most critical skill to understand systemize and master within an organization is giving and receiving feedback. 7 Productive Practices Outback Style – These classic practices form the foundation of excellence. Behavior Style 360 Degree Matrix – Learn about various leadership styles and how to successfully interact with individual types. FullTilt Cardboard Boat Build – Unbelievable project management simulation featuring teams building boats out of only cardboard and packing tape. Eagle Glider Construction Challenge – Watch your people test their soaring glider creations in the business simulation featuring solid marketing and customer service lessons.
Outstanding Performance Art Program – A great group activity featuring lively music, colorful paint, and best of all, afinal product worthy of the office kitchen wall (or reception area). Ninja Sales Quest – Sales training needs to be dynamic and full throttle, which is why this program works. Some of the most memorable events are conducted in beautiful parks and open places like the ones located in Las Vegas. The bonus for these entrepreneurs is that after they complete the programme they will gain the opportunity to become part of Sanlam’s supplier database.
SocioNEXT challenges their students to run income generating projects as part of their course’s practical experiential component. Working with Tjaart Theron to implement the programme at TSiBA, Cape Town, gives students further exposure to international trends and the opportunity to study the same courses being run at international universities. The motivation for this programme is to expose students to innovative teaching and learning techniques in line with international education trends. TSiBA’s sophisticated IT systems and expertise lend themselves to working with cutting-edge technology, while the programme also helps the environment with reducing printing needs as well as related costs! The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) is a unique private, not-for-profit business school created to assist people who may have difficulty accessing educational opportunities with tuition scholarships. TSiBA Team jerseys were handed over to the brave cyclists in preparation for the challenge on Sunday.
Not only did they join the team ‘to go crazy and wild for a good cause’, as Loyiso Koyana described.
TSiBA has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Business Partners who are a private enterprise providing financing for SMME’s entrepreneurs. There were 28 fourball teams – and TSiBA’s team consisting of entrepreneurs linked to TSiBA’s services – came third! Over the years they have supported TSiBA with networking, making their human resources and expertise available for special sessions within the academic curriculum as well as local entrepreneurs.
All students are on full, or part, tuition scholarships and contribute, according to their means, to scholarships for their peers. This increases the number of people reached and stretches into the community to break historical boundaries to social and economic empowerment. Leigh Meinert, co-founder, Director and former CEO of TSiBA explains that “the idea being that people who have the opportunity to benefit from high-quality education will rise above their challenging circumstances, and in turn will help other people to access quality education, and those people will help even more people … lighting a spark that can sweep upwards from the very tip of Africa. The reason for TSiBA’s success and longevity in the challenging non-profit sector is our ability to wholeheartedly embrace innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. As a social entrepreneur and eternal optimist, and considering what TSiBA has achieved in such a short space of time, I believe the future is bright.
It was scary at first, but in the years I have been at TSiBA I have gained confidence in this dream. Thokozile says “I have not been studying only for myself, but also to be able to give something back to the community one day. Please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to request a Section 18A invoice to include on your income tax return. The Tertiary School in Business Administration’s (TSiBA) 2014 Scholarship & Awards Ceremony is the place to find out. These students earned their place at TSiBA by not only meeting admission criteria and passing academic tests, but by also successfully completing an intensive orientation week selection process. Taking into account TSiBA has already had five Mandela Rhodes Scholars, two Kofi Annan Scholarship winners currently enrolled in Masters’ postgraduate study in Geneva and Berlin, as well as two final year degree students in the prestigious Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellowship a R6 million invested in these students is a solid one. TSiBA degree graduates leave with a fully accredited business degree, 95% chance of finding a job and the skill-set that enables them to successfully undertake advanced tertiary education.” says Adri Marais CEO and TSiBA co-founder.
They are all first year Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA1) students, having completed their undergraduate foundation year HCBA in 2013. TSiBA noticed a gap in the market for a formalised, academic course aimed specifically at those people who work closely with entrepreneurs and small business owners in developing their businesses to ensure that they are profitable and sustainable“says Adri Marais, CEO of TSiBA Education. The course has an integrated practical learning component where students select entrepreneurs and consult with their over the duration of the programme. You have an opportunity to contribute your time and expertise and ignite opportunity for next generation of business leaders in South Africa as a volunteer lecturer, tutor or mentor.
The incredible donation of 17 servers enables the Maharishi Institute to provide access to volumes of material to support the education of hundreds of youth drawn throughout the country from disadvantaged backgrounds. Students are not required to pay for their education monetarily, but rather to Pay it Forward by transferring the knowledge, skills and resources that they gain at TSiBA into their communities. These schools are based in the Western Cape (2 schools), Gauteng (3 schools) and Limpopo (1 school). The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) Eden campus has been awarded a Gold Award for being an exceptional model for rural tertiary education. The impressive line-up of nominees include projects focusing on childhood development, foetal alcohol syndrome, water waste treatment works, maths and science education, enterprise development, sexual and domestic violence, youth leadership and health-care.
TSiBA Eden is the only provider of a rural tertiary education business and entrepreneurship programme in the country which also includes a residential offering. At the heart of the TSiBA Eden philosophy is an integrated emphasis on educating students in business administration and management whilst incorporating environmental stewardship into the programme. High unemployment and lack of development opportunities leads to broken social networks by young people relocating into urban spaces seeking education and opportunities. It is just such a privilege to work with such dedicated visionaries and vocationally-passionate people at both TSiBA campuses. Prof Jonathan Jansen gave the keynote address, as well as the Guest of Honour, Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Derek Hanekom, who then handed over the awards.
Over 20 of the schools around Cape Town that TSiBA Education has a relationship with attended the event.
Shingai has shown to the audience how 1 semester at TSiBA Education has given him the confidence to express himself.
Projects include blended learning, sliding scale, entrance testing and night schooling to name a few. Bethwill Cloete our Student Recruitment Officer then presented how schools can take part in the “Change your life” campaign to receive a guaranteed scholarship for the school they are representing.
TSiBA’s mission is to provide excellent business education for people with a social conscience who have the desire and the skills to build our nation.
The Fellowship distinguishes itself from other bursary and scholarship programmes with its holistic approach: in addition to providing comprehensive financial support to learners who meet the qualifying criteria, the Fellowship offers learners the opportunity to engage in a personal and entrepreneurial development programme.
Head on down to the TSiBA Cape Town Campus on the 7th of August 2013 between 12h00 – 13h30 in order to learn more about the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and its Fellowship opportunity. Esteemed guest speaker, Dr Mamphela Ramphele, will share the spotlight with twenty-seven TSiBA graduandi who will be capped for achieving their Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership. Individuals selected are nurtured to grow confidence and acquire the values, attributes and behaviour of a leader to become grounded in themselves, their community, country and the world.
Many TSiBA graduates also continue to “Pay it Forward” at TSiBA by being lecturers, tutors or mentors, even some returning to become staff members. Working with industry remuneration estimates, these working graduates could collectively earn approximately fifteen million rands per annum.
It is the most populous city in Nevada, USA, the seat of Clark County, and is an internationally-renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, and fine dining.

The programs below are designed to be delivered by themselves, or to complement any of the Corporate Explorer Training Team Building programs. Incorporating a special outdoor venue is one way to create a benchmark experience for your people. The unique element is that profits are channelled to TSiBA in South Africa for scholarships. In the same way, all profits students generate will go towards TSiBA scholarships for their peers. But they feel it’s a chance for them to contribute in the spirit of TSiBA’s ‘paying it forward’ ethos by allowing students from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to access education on a tertiary level.
Recently they sponsored TSiBA’s first ever student Entrepreneurship Awards Dinner which was a huge motivation for students who took home a trophy (and for those who want to get one next year!). Founded on February 27th 2004, TSiBA is a private, not-for-profit business school registered and fully accredited by the Department of Higher Education & Training. This phenomenon is transforming the lives not only of students, but their families and communities. Anyone can make a winner out of a winner, but if you can ignite opportunity for the general community, believe in their talent and nurture them you can develop something into greatness.
TSiBA is constantly evolving to keep up with external trends and to ensure its sustainability.
TSiBA has opened the doors to many opportunities for me; it has made me into the woman I am today.
In other words, the charitable institution gains R2,000 while you lower your net by only R1,500 - an effective tax rebate of R500!
Students who are awarded scholarships are not required to pay for their education monetarily, but rather to Pay it Forward by transferring the knowledge, skills and resources that they gain at TSiBA to their communities.
The new students were inspired to work even harder with the announcement of the 2013 second semester academic achievers, as well as the ten students who were awarded sponsored Lewis Group Foundation scholarships.
They cannot find a job and even if they are accepted at university many do not have the funds to pay for this. PG Dip SEC is a “paid-for” course, but all course fees will be ploughed back into TSiBA to cover tuition scholarships for more undergraduate students.
Blending acoustic guitar, fiddle and percussion, the Lauren Powell Band is the perfect sundowner band, guaranteed to get audiences kicking off their shoes and dancing on the grass. TSiBA, LEAP and the Maharishi Institute provide an invaluable service, educating South Africa’s next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders,” commented Athena Turner, Hetzner’s Marketing & Communications Manager. Should you not hear from us within three (3) weeks after the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful. Therefore, please be aware that internal candidates will be considered first before reviewing external applicants, providing that this supports the achievement of our Employment Equity goals. The Awards provide a common forum to bring government and civil society together to enable the sharing of ideas and networks to plan for a better South Africa for all. The Impumelelo Awards assist with creating vital awareness of TSiBA’s successful model which is producing outstanding results. Personal development and leadership are also vital focus areas to create employable graduates. TSiBA students are tomorrow’s future business leaders who may have even fallen through the cracks in their home regions because no opportunities exist there. Clem shared his expertise with TSiBA’s students encouraging them to engage in entrepreneurship, education and collaborative governance. The breakfast was opened by TSiBA’s CEO Adri Marias who briefly explained how the institution was formed and the road leading up until today. Abraham Oliver the Ignition Centre Manager took it a step further to what our graduate activities are and how graduates like Rayne Moses and Gordon White has taken strides in pursuing careers in being self employed by starting their own businesses. TSiBA’s unique ‘Profile of Graduateness’ has been carefully designed to match the needs of employers and the competencies needed to be a successful entrepreneur.
Beneficiaries are not tied to working for a specific organisation once they have completed their studies. Some of these individuals are the first in their families to graduate, which is awe-inspiring. Not only is there the lost opportunity cost of productivity, but the harsh social impact of unemployment such as increased rates of depression, illness, crime, drugs, domestic violence and reliance on social grants.
Dr Ramphele needs little introduction as one of South Africa’s most celebrated academics, politician, former activist against apartheid, medical doctor, published academic and businesswoman. The most famous hotel casinos (Ceasars Palace, MGM Grand and the Paris Las Vegas Hotel) are located on Las Vegas Boulevard on the segment known as the Las Vegas Strip.
It is a widely popular city for conventions and corporate retreats and it lends itself well as a location for Team Building of all kinds. They are high energy, activity-based, engaging programs containing lessons that teach top level tools and techniques to improve performance. Here is a selection of parks that make excellent places to conduct Corporate Explorer Training programs. TSiBA’s enduring mission is to graduate entrepreneurial leaders who will ignite opportunity and social change. These scholarships provide a contribution towards subsistence costs – which is a life-saver for many students from disadvantaged communities. Getting a scholarship to study at TSiBA was a dream come true for me as I am the first person in my matric class of sixty learners to graduate with a degree. This is why the PG Dip SEC is such a natural extension to TSiBA’s innovative offerings in helping fulfil this mission”. It will make a significant difference for our technology backbone,” said Annie Blecher, Business Development Director, Maharishi Institute. They do not pay school fees and are selected for enrolment because they display a potential to learn and a willingness to work hard. For example, TSiBA Eden’s sustained year-on-year’s graduate placement rate in further tertiary study (at TSiBA Cape Town Campus), or in aspirant employment with many top SA companies is 82%. Successful applicants are awarded full tuition scholarships and are not required to pay back their scholarship, but to rather Pay it Forward in their communities and be actively involved in the practical operation of the campus.
The higher the level of tertiary education, the greater success an entrepreneurially-minded business person will have in running their own business and employing others. The awards’ sponsors this year include Pearson SA, the HCI Foundation, Golden Arrow, the Zenex Foundation, Gold Fields, Shanduka Group, Molteno Brothers, Aurecon, Lafarge Trust, the Annie Lennox Foundation, and REUNERT. This is made possible through full tuition scholarships provided by TSiBA to study accredited, tertiary level courses focused on developing entrepreneurship and leadership. The difference between a hundred school leavers hanging around on street corners and a hundred TSiBA graduates is an astonishing one billion rands. Drawing from her experiences Dr Ramphele has spent a lifetime championing the empowerment of underprivileged communities first through her medical work in clinics and hospitals, then from a place on the world stage on the boards of international companies and at the World Bank.
The professionalism and maturity of these young adults exemplifies how TSiBA grooms exceptional, inspirational leaders and, just as importantly, well-rounded individuals. Eligibility note for all applications: It is unlawful to employ a person who does not have permission to live and work in South Africa.
TSiBA Eden’s rural, residential education model is an innovative education solution to sustainably address financial inequality and environmental issues facing South Africa. TSiBA receives no funds from government, but by corporate South Africa, foundations, philanthropists and income generating activities.
This has far-reaching positive effects on the well-being of rural development – economically, socially and educationally. We are very grateful for his humble and entertaining approach in speaking to the core issues affecting the global economy and for bringing us all into the mind of a fox!
One of seven children, Dr Ramphele’s parents were both schoolteachers who motivated her to be ambitious despite their limited resources and the political and social barriers of the time. TSiBA’s unique academic approach is referred to as the Profile of Graduateness which layers attitude and personal development around a student’s academic skills. Thank you to all our supporters who share our vision to graduate entrepreneurial leaders for South Africa and to the Old Mutual Foundation, Old Mutual Specialised Finance and Price Waterhouse Coopers for co-sponsoring the graduation ceremony event”. Her humble beginnings make it easy to identify with the socio-economic and education challenges many TSiBA students face and the great perseverance and sacrifice required to complete their degree. Dr Ramphele, a long-term supporter of TSiBA says “from rural villages to big city suburbs, a quality education and the prospect of job opportunities it brings are often the number one concern of both parents and young people themselves.

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