In India's fast changing real estate market, the international property consulting firm JLL India has taken a step in introducing certificate programmes in facility management.
JLL is collaborating with EMPI business school and Manpower Group and is ensuring that there is a formal academic approach for empowering candidates who look to make a career in facilities management. Facility management utilizes virtues of multiple disciplines making sure that there is proper functioning of built environments through integration of process, technology, place as well as people. This is gaining popularity due to flourishing real estate market, new workplace technologies, investments from foreign companies as well as surge in urban development. The modules would be provided through both classroom learning as well as live apprenticeships in leading corporates. The surge in corporatization of real estate has led to greater demand for industry-ready FM professionals. The course aims at preparing individuals having Facility Management Professional credential, Sustainability Facility Professional as well as making them Certified Facility Managers. International Facility Management Association (IFMA) CoursesThe International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Affiliate ProgrammesWe are Global Training Affiliate (GTA) of IFMA for the provision of the education and training programmes that will lead to globally acceptable professional certificates and designations in Facilities Management.

As Foreign Direct Investments make way into Africa's economy, more international businesses are demanding global best practices in the market. Deeper understanding of issues challenging FMs today through unhindered access to white papers provided by IFMA and the IFMA Foundation. Whether you are a seasoned Facility Manager or just getting started in the profession, IFMA programme offer the knowledge you need to find the perfect FM position and advance you career. Whether you are new to facility management or have decades of experience, IFMA credentials can help you achieve your professional development and career goals.
IFMA credential is an evidence of demonstrable professional knowledge and commitment to current and prospective employers. Some of Our IFMA Affiliate ProgrammesThe Facility Management Professional (FMP)The Facility Management Professional (FMP): The FMP credential is an assessment-based certificate program demonstrating a proven comprehension of the foundations of Facilities Management.
View Details IFMA Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP)IFMA’s Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) is unlike any other credential or certification. Basically, this course would assist in improving performance of facilities along with increasing value as a decision making business partner.

A rigorous education as well as placement program would be ensured for the aspiring people.
The program would address some gap in this important industry through a mix of intensive practical applications as well as formal academic instructions. The IFMA Affiliate Programmes are some of the few globally-recognized credentials for global best practice.
The programme credential was recently updated and enhanced to align with the IFMA global job task analysis, so as to ensure it teaches and tests the knowledge demanded by today’s global employers. This is a great opportunity to position yourself for these opportunities, keep abreast of global FM trends, and of course, race faster to the top of your career! Students completing the course can either become an Assistant Property Manager, Building or Facility Manager, Construction Manager, Energy Manager, amongst others.

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