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Site Safety - Working Safely On Our Site - DVDSlinging and Signalling for Lifting Operations DVDSlips Trips and Falls  - CDROM and ONLINESlips, Trips and Falls - DVDSpill Response Training DVDStress in the Workplace - DVDUnderground Services. Fire Safety DVD's and ONLINEeLearning HomepageAction in the Event of Fire - DVDArson at Work - DVDExtinguishing Fires at Work - DVDFire Awareness in the Workplace - ONLINEFire Evacuation - DVDFire Extinguishers at Work - DVDFire Precautions Regulations and Assessments CDROMFire Prevention - DVDFire Risk Assessment at Work DVDFire Safety - interactive CDROMFire Safety - Online or CDROMFire Safety and Prevention - CDROMFire Safety at Work - DVDFire Safety Essentials - DVDFire Safety for Hotels - DVDFire Safety in Catering Kitchens - DVDFire Safety in Healthcare Premises - DVDFire Safety in Order - DVDFire Safety in Residential Care Homes - DVDFire Safety in Schools - DVDFire Safety in Warehouses - DVDFire Safety Introduction - DVDFire Safety on Construction Sites - DVDFire Safety The Facts - DVDFire Warden Training - ONLINEFire Warden. Why not come relax and unwind after a hard week at work at one of Johannesburg’s most up-market venues. This course is designed to create awareness on and provide practical approaches to the challenges of managing and administering buildings and facilities.
Raffy Pefianco of RMP Consultancy conducting Facilities Management Seminar at a major BPO in Manila. Raffy Pefianco of RMP Consultancy conducting Facilities Management Seminar with the staff of a major property owner and developer in Manila. We have scheduled several great seminars that can really help you get your job done quickly and efficiently.
If you have staff who need to be trained right away, please give us a call and we can discuss how we can schedule a special class that is tailor fitted to your specific needs. If there is a seminar that you want and it is not yet scheduled, do send us an email or call us and tell us your needs. This 3-day programme is for people working within a Property Environment and specialising in Property Management. After attending this programme, delegates will be able to identify aspects relating to facilities analysis, recognise and coordinate activities with regard to facilities management and be able to monitor and ensure efficient management of facilities. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (PM&PdM) is the first line of defence for your physical assets, whether they are in a manufacturing plant, a university facilities complex, a hospital, a fleet of delivery trucks, a sports arena or a golf course. Special emphasis is placed on modern approaches to maintenance planning and scheduling such as efficient resource planning, project management, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and computerized systems.
Have not heard you commence learning and practicing and friends but also manage charitable giving. Global training providers of management training curriculums offer management programmes that cover a variety of managerial occupations. Courses featured in operations management focus on such areas as project management and facilities management. In fact, one of the primary sub-categories addressed in operations management and in facilities management, in particular, is health and environmental efficiency. Therefore, operations management training courses cover risk assessment and risk mitigation in their educational and training itineraries. However, that being said, the requirement is not set forth for companies that have 5 or fewer employees. When learning about risk assessment in an operations management training course, you will be guided to take an approach that involves several steps. Once you have made an identification, you need to determine who might be harmed or injured and how.
As an operations manager or facilities manager, you do not need to be an expert in public health and safety to perform a risk assessment.

The first way to begin to assess risk is to simply walk around the place or facility in which you work, noting the potential for hazard. Operations management skills extend to risk assessment that is detailed, documented and organised. Review the health record and accident reports for your facility to identify any hazards that are less obvious.
You also want to account for non-routine types of operations, such as cleaning maintenance or alterations in production cycles. Once you learn the ins and outs of performing a risk assessment, you have it in your power to better manage risk by providing training and information yourself for your employees. Learning risk assessment and risk mitigation in an operations management training programme extends to a variety of sectors. Risk mitigation seeks to lessen the probability of an unsafe event by implementing the necessary measures to manage and reduce the possibility injury or harm. The above listing of risk response alternatives assists in formalising risk management planning and mitigation. Sell me Something - DVDCustomer Care - Making Customers Feel Special - DVDCustomer Care - Power To The Customer - DVDCustomer Care - Satisfying Customer Needs - DVDCustomer Care - Second to None - VideoCustomer Care - Who Killed the Customer?
Its purpose is to provide you with an understanding of the issues facing facilities managers, building administrators, and maintenance, custodial, and security personnel.
More emphasis is placed on exercises to allow the participants to learn the material presented in a fun and easy manner.
Pefianco MPM FAAPM is a Mechanical Engineer by training, Master in Project Management, a Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management and an international trainer.
Since we have our own training center, we can schedule the seminar on the dates that your participants are available. This seminar is designed for anyone who needs to sharpen their electrical troubleshooting skills in order to increase efficiencies and uptime at their industrial plant or building facility.
October 14, 2015 by John Rimer As published in the October 2015 edition of Buildings Maintenance & Management magazine. IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) has experienced nearlyA 300% growth in the past five years!
These courses can cover leadership and management training for professionals working in the oil and gas industry, the legal profession, finance, human resources, public relations and sales.
Training in facilities management, in particular, offers a good grounding in developing onea€™s expertise in operations and related activities, such as the implementation of maintenance and safety within a work environment or the assessment of risk.
Risk assessment and risk mitigation are two key subject areas that influence sustainability and safety in the workplace today. These two areas of concentration are necessary to manage a healthy and safe working environment. Nevertheless, any facilities manager or project executive needs to address the hazards and risks within the workplace as he is still responsible for any liability that can occur as a result.
You only need to evaluate your workplace in order to meet your companya€™s requirements for providing an environment that is easier to manage and considered more worker-friendly.
Think about what processes or activities are being instituted or being used that could injure or harm an employee.

Learning these options is just one small facet of project management or facilities management training. Brazing and The Safe Handling of RefrigerantsRefrigeration Systems Maintenance and Safe Handling of RefrigerantsRefrigeration.
It will introduce you to the tools and techniques to analyze and solve these issues, analyse the risks your facility is facing and deal more effectively with third party service suppliers. Attendees in this course will not be playing with trainers built for a classroom but, instead, they will be working with real world industrial components found in their facility. July 10, 2015 by John Rimer Earn one of the most sought-after facility management credentials in the industry this summer in Spokane! Your maintenance planner training covers all aspects of maintenance planning and scheduling systems and explains how to produce great task productivity and maintenance work quality.
Basically, a risk assessment entails considering what might cause people harm and taking the steps necessary to prevent the harm from occurring.
A hazard is anything that may cause harm or injury, such as a chemical, a drawer that has been left open, electricity and ladders that are used on the job or a broken step.
Record any significant findings before reviewing your assessment and updating the information.
When you are used to working in an environment each, it can be easy to bypass some of the dangers.
For example, assessing risk in a medical facility, such as a clinic, is different than what it is, obviously, in a mine or a quarry. If you are interested in the operational side of management, you need to possess a good foundation in assessing and managing risk and addressing its potential in the working environment. Customized Facility Staff Training & DevelopmentAs a Facility Manager or Director, you are only as strong as the team that you build around you. Risk assessment is mandated by law and therefore is always part of the training involved in educating managers who work in operations.
The same holds true if you are an operations manager at an offshore drilling site or waste management facility.
In certain instances, a facility or project manager and his team must accept certain risks in the workplace.
He is an International trainer whose passion is to enable Filipino professionals to reach world class levels by sharing the insights he has gathered working and teaching abroad and in the Philippines.
The comprehensive content gives you best practice maintenance planning and scheduling training. Each industry features separate and distinct environments with their own set of risks and concerns for public and employee safety.
And more than just a "hands-on" training course, we have analyzed the job of the maintenance technician and provide training on some of the more commonly performed electrical troubleshooting tasks. They will be using CAT III industrial meters to troubleshoot - just as they should in their facility.

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