The "Project Runway" host and her little one ventured over to "The Empty Vase Florists" in West Hollywood, proceeding to pick out a wide selection of fresh blooms, mostly Heidi's favorite - red roses.
She spent yesterday taking part in Maria Shriver's Women's Conference, and earlier today (October 23) Heidi Klum was back out and about, as she paid a visit to the Victoria's Secret store at The Grove in Los Angeles. There for a special reason, the German supermodel playfully posed for photographers as she was on-hand to celebrate the success of "The Heidi Klum Collection" for Very Sexy Makeup. As the Fall season gets underway, celebrities have been enjoying the traditional harvest time activities. When she isn't busy working on her TV show, posing for ad campaigns and attending red carpet events, Heidi Klum always makes as much time as possible for family. And on Saturday afternoon, the German supermodel mommy was spotted having a marvelous time during a day out with her children, Johan, Henry and Leni, at Coldwater Canyon Park. The Fall harvest time is upon us and celebrities are getting into the spirit of the season. Taking advantage of a beautiful sunny afternoon, Heidi Klum was spotted with her kids out and about in Coldwater Park, Los Angeles yesterday (October 6). No matter how busy she gets with her career, Heidi Klum always sets a good example for other celebrity parents by making time for her kids.

Continuing to raise the bar for celebrity parents everywhere, Heidi Klum and her husband Seal were spotted taking their three kids to a Beverly Hills playground for an afternoon of active quality time yesterday (September 7).
Proving that the family that plays together stays together, Heidi Klum and Seal were spotted with their kids enjoying a blissful day at Disneyland yesterday (September 2). Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne Join in On “The Lion King” Craziness on “The Late Late Show”: Watch here!
A baby Harp Seal cries for this family reunion while waiting for its mother to return after she has been feeding in the icy waters along the coast of the Gulf of St. A family reunion between a mother Harp Seal and her pup happens more than once in the two week period when the mother Harp Seal returns to nurse.
TitleHarp Seal Family Reunion Gulf Of St LawrenceA baby Harp Seal cries for this family reunion while waiting for its mother to return after she has been feeding in the icy waters along the coast of the Gulf of St.
Unauthorized use of any images or footage from this site is prohibited by international copyright laws. And yesterday (October 19), Heidi Klum and Milla Jovovich treated their families to a fun-filled day at the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival.
After the pup is born, usually in February, the mother will memorize the scent of her new family member making it easy to relocate her young after feeding in the chilly waters of the Gulf of St.

While the pup is stranded on the ice, the danger of Polar Bears and humans becomes its worst fear. Lawrence.As the mother Harp Seal finds an ice hole in the thick layer of ice across the Gulf of St. Polar Bears feeding on young Harp Seals is part of the circle of life but humans killing these pups during the yearly Seal Hunt is one which is a brutal, slaughter with no sense of passion for these cute baby animals.The Harp Seal quota during the hunt for 2007 was 270,000 and in 2008, the quota reached 275,000 seals. Most of the Harp Seals hunted are under the age of three months where they are clubbed or shot and left to suffer on the ice and repeatedly clubbed again. Her whiskers are frozen after feeding on fish and sea creatures as she finds the right opening where her pup awaits the family reunion.The nursing and bonding during these family reunions continues at various intervals over approximately 12 days when the pup gains about 2 kilograms a day nursing from its mother. They are then skinned and the pelts are sold, but those prices have dropped considerably in the last few years as many people around the world are protesting against these vicious acts.Heather and Paul McCartney on the Ice to Protect Harp Seals with the Humane Society of the United States before the hunt starts.
Weaning is very sudden and the pup is then left on the ice floes to manage alone where it cries for another family reunion, eventually calming down and conserving its energy.

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