There are currently sixteen (16) short courses available which are customised workplace-based solutions that help build the skills and competence of the learner to improve their day-to-day operational efficiency within the department.
For a full description of each of the courses above please download the full course guide below.
BAT1: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Healthcare is a course in which students will learn to coordinate the implementation of legal and regulatory requirements related to the health information infrastructure, and how to apply and promote ethical standards of practice. BBT1: Healthcare Compliance and Coding Management Effectiveness is a course in which students will learn to manage the use of clinical data. BDT1: Healthcare Informatics is a course in which students will learn about information and communication technologies in the heath care industry. BFT1: Healthcare Statistics and Research is a course in which students will learn how to manage the use of clinical data required in prospective payment systems (PPS) in healthcare delivery. BJT1: Healthcare Systems Design and Management is a course in which students will learn how to implement and manage use of technology, including hardware and software, to ensure data collection, storage, and analysis and reporting of information. BKT1: Quality and Performance Management and Methods is a course in which students will learn how to organize and coordinate facility-wide quality management and performance improvement programs.
LTT1: Healthcare Ecosystems is a course in which students will learn about healthcare delivery systems. LXT1: Health Data Management Across the Continuum is a course in which students will learn about healthcare data structure, content, and standards, as well as healthcare information requirements and standards.
IYT2: Intro to Curriculum Theory is a course in which students will identify key elements of their own personal learning preferences and practices that affect the design and development of curriculum, and also determine how they affect curricular philosophy preferences.

JWT2: Instructional Design Theory is a course in which the students will compare principles of various instructional design models, and evaluate existing instruction for adherence to the instructional design models.
JXT2: Education Psychology is a course in which students will reflect on what defines effective teaching to address child and adolescent development in specific educational settings. The image above is an example of the instructional videos that you will find in Educational Psychology, as well as in other courses. JYT2: Curriculum Design is a course in which students will identify key elements of specified curriculum design theories, characterize their similarities and differences, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate their effectiveness in supporting student learning and success. JZT2: Curriculum Evaluation is a course in which students will access challenges to effective implementation of changes to curriculum and recommend strategies to implement curriculum modifications. KAT2: Assessment for Student Learning is a course in which students will identify the purposes of performance and objective items in an assessment, and justify when a performance and objective assessments are an appropriate measurement instrument, including its benefits and limitations. KBT2: Differentiated Instruction is a course in which students will outline given modifications to curriculum and instruction utilized to address individual student needs in a diverse educational environment, as well as how to modify a given curriculum and instructional strategy to better address individual student needs. ABV1: Operating Systems is a course in which students will learn through the LabSim module, which provides simulated lab exercises that will require you to complete the same tasks as you would on a live computer.
FMV2: Forensics and Network Intrusion is a course in which students will get an overview of computer forensics as well as media and operating forensics. FNV2: Ethical Hacking is a course in which students will learn about ethical and legal issues related to the unauthorized or unwanted access into and of information assets. FXT2: Disaster Recovery Planning, Prevention, and Response is a course in which students will learn about disaster recovery planning, prevention, and response through graphic novel case studies!

In the Soomo Learning Environment you will be given access to videos, articles, discussion boards, quizes, and more.
This will enable to the student to understand how corporations make important investment and financing decisions, and how they establish working capital policies. We will show managers how to interface with accounting and finance departments, help them to understand how firms meet their financial objectives utilizing financial decision-making.
They will also learn how to manage human resources to facilitate staff requirement, retention, and supervision.
Students will learn Windows installation, and about system images, hardware and applications, networking, resource access, mobile computing, monitoring and maintenance, and backup and recovery. Students will learn about the industry's best practices to protect against information asset vulnerability, and about hacking counter techniques for systems, web servers, and wireless.
The course also lays a foundation for more complex financial topics that arise in additional elective courses in finance. This course will also explain financial tools and techniques, which can be used to help firms maximize value by improving decisions relating to capital budgeting, capital structure, and working capital management. This course will deal with a number of related topics, including multinational financial management, risk management, mergers and acquisitions.

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