If your water is rust coloured please run your cold water taps only (suggested taps: bathtub or laundry tub) until water runs clear. Youth and senior wristbands, as well as vouchers for adult wristbands, will be on sale leading up to the festival at Canadian Tire Deep River, who is our proud wristband sponsor this year. Varsity College provides part-time lecture support for select UNISA modules for those students wanting the benefit of attending lectures, networking with fellow students, and having access to a lecturer. Varsity College provides part-time lecture support for select CTA level 1 and level 2 modules for those students wanting the benefit of attending lectures, networking with fellow students, and having access to a lecturer. Varsity College offers revision classes to UNISA part-time students for select modules for BCOMPT and BCOM Finance as well as CTA level 1 and level 2. The Business School at Varsity College (through The Independent Institute of Education) runs a range of over 80 different skills development workshops, for corporates and for individuals.
These skills are especially important since almost all managerial decisions have some sort of financial implication. After all, terms like corporate finance, financial planning and investing decisions are not part of everyone’s vocabulary.

So when you can speak finance and integrate that with your own expertise you’ll have some great opportunities. The business environment is hugely competitive, both internally for job opportunities, and externally for space in the market. A Finance for Managers programme is offered through the Business School at Varsity College as well as other various short learning programmes certified by The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). Residents in some areas of Town may experience a drop in water pressure and the water may be rusty or cloudy due to flushing of the distribution system. Keep checking our Facebook page to know when wristbands go on sale, and for many more updates that will be coming soon! We are excited to continue to grow this year and are pleased to welcome many new and returning vendors for the season.
This means there can be severe consequences if managers do not have a general understanding of an organisation’s finances. The IIE is registered as a Private Higher Education Institution with the Department of Higher Education Training under the Higher Education Act, Act 101 of 1997.

Come out and support local farmers and mingle in the buzzing atmosphere the market fosters. Financial management courses are specifically intended to assist middle to senior managers with getting those skills so that they can function in practical finance and accounting capacities.
At The Business School we understand this drive for success, which is why our short learning programmes are structured around your working hours and orientated to meet your practical business training requirements.
Located at the Deep River Town Hall parking lot, the market is open bi-weekly on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm. We are throwing back wristband prices to the 90s and cutting the cost by over half from the 2014 festival.

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