Important: Please be prepared to complete this application in one session, there is currently not a "Save" feature to allow you to finish it at a later time. Hospitals cannot apply on behalf of credit unions, nor can they submit the post-event form.
Events must raise funds for a member Children's Miracle Network Hospital and be conducted under the Credit Unions for Kids brand. Chapters and leagues are eligible to receive multiple matches per year within their designated region. Fundraisers that CO-OP currently sponsors are not eligible, such as golf tournaments, auctions, etc., regardless of the amount of the sponsorship. Acceptance into the Miracle Match program is at CO-OP's discretion and may be revoked at any time.
Chapters and leagues are welcome to apply for any single fundraising event organized and coordinated by the respective chapter or league. If all of the $1 million Miracle Match funds have already been allocated at the time we receive your application, your event will be placed on a waiting list until funds become available. If you are approved for a match, you will receive an approval email with the percentage of your match (which can be 100% to 25% up to a maximum of $10,000 depending upon your business relationship with CO-OP), and specific instructions. A post-event report must be sent to CO-OP by the credit union entity approved for the match according to the below dates. A separate check must be sent that pertains only to the event to be matched and the amount must match the amount raised and indicated on the post-event report.
One month after the event, send the post-event report to CO-OP and the check to CMN Hospitals headquarters in Utah.
For events that end November 30, send the post-event report to CO-OP and the check to CMN Hospitals headquarters in Utah by December 15, 2016.
For events that end December 31, send the post-event report to CO-OP and the check to CMN Hospitals headquarters in Utah by January 6, 2017. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible to ensure there are enough funds available to match your event. I ask for help in prayer that everyone involved in this case show compassion and not give him jail time. Many of those who have visited this page are aware it cost money to put a page on the INTERNET along with time to keep it updated and have asked me if they could send me money to help keep these pages online I will not refuse If you do contribute your request will get posted within hours of my seeing your contribution has been made You can send ANY amount you want to the Pay Pal LINK BelowJust Click and fill in the form Only those living in the lower 48 U.S. Please pray for my son Alexander who has been accused of rape and the CPS are meeting in 2weeks time to discuss whether he will be charged. I would like to send a heartfelt "Thank you" to My Lord Jesus Christ, St Jude Thaddeus and all who prayed for my daughter Annabelle and I. This Monica adrid I'm as for help to pray for my husband to come to me, were mariied for 27 yrs. Only thing I can think of at moment is a simple prayer for my financial situation to turn around and get better due to some debts I'm struggling with. I have spent a sleepless night after it has been confirmed that my youngest sister is still seeing her abusive 'husband'. Please pray for my sister Eleanor that she may see the light and walk out on this man who is an anchor.
I ask you all to please pray for salary increase for my husband, Abin who is working in Abu Dhabi, to increment his salary to a good amount. Please pray that I also be paid soon from January 2014 for working in the Research Centre after working there for 6 months as trainee. I understand that if I don’t send any money with this, it will be awhile before my thank you is posted. I pray that my request be heard for the obstacle that are keeping me and Michael apart to be removed. If you are not happy with me my dear saint , I pray you look kindly to my children that the Lord almighty has blessed me with.
Please pray for me and my family for God's Will to be done in our lives and let us accept Thy Will.
Hi my name is kelsey hope lina campos im a 17 year old young mother yes im young i know and its hard being a mom this young i ask you to please pray for me to have the ability to continue on being strong for my daughter i recently just got dumped by my love of my life of 3 years he said he didnt love me anymore i ask you to pray for my family back and give me the strength and patience to deal with my heartache. My question is, can I say the Novena so she will receive a blessing and get the break(s) that she needs? I have been praying almost every night for that last 9 months that my ex boyfriend (frank) and I can get back together. Dear Lord, please help Stephanie get through this health scare and be here for her husband and children.
I ask that you continue to take special interest in my family and our situation and help us to build a stronger and loving commitment to God and each other. I will be ever mindful of this great favor you have given to me and will always honor you as my special and powerful patron.
I have visited your website a few times, and admire your passion to help find missing children. I have a request of my own - I've hesitated to send it because it has nothing to do with missing children.
My name is Toni and I,am requesting prayers for myself and for my family and friends their families and the world. Please pray for my dear friend Deborah who has cancer and all the poor little homeless people, and homeless and abused animals.
P.S please watch over me and my new home and make my home safe and happy always keep theives away and also help me with my finances so I, can get some money to purchase a car to travel home to see ny mother and family I am 5 hrs away from home because of the katrina hurricane. Erase any doubt that may be in his mind about our love and our relationship and keep us focused on each other and develop immense love for one another and can begin a new life together as a loving couple.Please bring visible and speedy help, where help is almost despaired of.
Saint Jude, I promise to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to thee. He worked two jobs , I don't understand why he is facinated by the ungodly way these clowns live.
I pray to St Jude that you please help me for hopeless cause in the name of my saviour Jesus Christ. My name is Saijal and I pray that a man named Danny Joe of Warren, Michigan forgives me and tell me he loves me so I can help him get off drugs and care for him. My wife left me 6 months ago and stated that she did not love me anymore I found out that she committed adultery. My husband and I have separated in our marriage and I prayed this novena and asked for clarity and strength with my life and situation.
Thank you, Saint Jude for showing me a sign that you are helping me and that you have successfully interceded on my behalf. Tho we are still together now, i pray that she will still love me whole heartedly and her family will accept us. Please pray to St.Jude for me I am in terrible debt and have no work I sell thing but sales have been slow. I pray that my eyesight (vision) heals and improves, so that I can see with high acuity and my vision is clear as day.
I once again ask you to intervene to our Lord for this request that I continue to pray for that will affect my future and future of my two sons. To all my friends: My mother was recently diagnosed with many TYPES OF cancer and give 6 months to live Please pray for her and our familyfor those of my friends who are going through some issues right now--Let's start an intention avalanche. I will also like to ask for your prayers please I am pregnant and just last week they told me that I have a single artery in my umbilical cord so the baby may not form right or have problems I am naming him Santiago Jude and my boyfriend are also struggling with money and we only have one car so I ask for rides home all the time because he works later than I do he works a lot more than I do so I am praying to St.
Hello, I do not know if i am emailing to the right area but i have a prayer i would like to be put up. My prayer request is this: I desperately want to continue on in my Third and final year of study but unable to do so because of a failed resit paper. I spent the last several years helping out my parents financially and with the tasks around the house.
Please help me to be more positive and to see more good things on people, situations and places.
Please help me to open the flow of abundance of health, happiness, success, love and money in my life. Please Help me to increase my income and become a millionaire to be able to help my life, the life of my loved ones, the life of my friends and all of those who are in need. I am praying to you with lots of hope and faith and know it in my heart that you wont let me go empty-handed.
I have been in a loving relationship for over two years and that is all now being complicated by severe illness. Thank you, I really do not know what else to do, and am trying desperately to hold on to hope. Saint Jude I ask for your intercession and help with returning my boyfriend Micheal back into my life.
For al most 6 years it has beem from one health problem to another,from hospitals to hospitals,church to church,now I don't have money and don't know where to run to. Fast-forward: I-95 South misery successfully navigated, power washer selected and I’m standing in line to pay. Or could it be…sure enough, it was a text from Chase asking me to verify whether the 1) fairly large transaction 2) at a store I’d never been to 3) an hour from home was valid or not.  I responded with a “Yes, all good, it’s me. This entire episode — including the initial two misfire swipes and ensuing moments of confusion before I saw the text message – took less than 45 seconds. I clearly have the greatest wife in the world who, on her special day, gave me a few moments to indulge my insatiable desire to own more power tools. Levante are the minor club in Valencia, the poor working class relation to the aristocratic Valencia.
One of the stranger disadvantages of being a Celtic supporter is never to be able to share the unique ecstasy that comes with a promotion to the top division for a small club. Two years ago, in the summer of 2008, after their relegation that awful season Levante supporters had stared down into the abyss.
Promotion is 2004 was followed by a spending spree with an expensive new Manager the great German player Bernd Schuster being given new players like Harte and Mjallby, Rivera, Camacho, Celestini, Culebras, Mora and Sergi Garcia, all on high salaries. The Club gambled, literally, on a quick return, signing players like Riga, Courtois  and Tello and keeping most of the relegated squad.

Summer of 2007 saw another dozen players signed all on good contracts but only one, a young Pedro Leon, being of genuine class.
It was a classic case of the general pattern highlighted by Professor Gay, of a Spanish club investing in expensive transfers and grossly inflated wages, without any prospect of being able to meet these hugely increased expenditures from income. Luis Garcia proved in his first season to be a manager of good mettle and the assorted ragbag of free transfers and loan signings was somehow welded into a cohesive team that performed above expectation and solidly without ever getting into the promotion places. That win triggered off along unbeaten run that saw Levante steadily climb up the league table until by April they were in the promotion slots.
The bookies will definitely say that Levante will come straight back down next season, especially since President Quico Catalan will have the discipline to avoid the financial madness of the past and will continue to work within the very tight limits agreed with the clubs many creditors.
Celtic SubmariThe positive story of how an invasion of a small Spanish town, Vila-real by 10,000 Celtic supporters lead to the development of a New Model of football relationships based on respect and affection, not hatred and bitterness. The amazing story of how a wee club from a small town of 50,000 population established themselves as the 4th best team in Spain and the 12th best in Europe. It demonstrates proof that integrity and community can still produce success, irrespective of size, and offers a morally superior alternative to reliance on American and Russian Billionaires or Arab dynasties. For events that are longer than three months, please specify a three-month window in which you would like your event to be matched for (for example, “May 1st through July 31st”). Eligible events include, but are not limited to, a golf tournament hosted by a chapter, an annual meeting fundraiser, or a fundraiser which takes place at a chapter meeting. I also certify that I have read and will comply with the guidelines of the Miracle Match program. I'm asking for some miraculous intervention to occur and that the judge overseeing his case give him house arrest, or something lesser. Please pray for her life to be saved with a full recovery and to return to her the belief she has everything to live for and the will to live and work to get her life back. I must confess that there was a time l prayed to God to arrest my son, his behaviour was nothing shirt of diabolical, he acts recklessly. We are in financial need and being asked to move out of the home we've known all these years. We pray that the bank will be understanding of our plight and help us grant our much needed home loan.
Please pray for me and my family that God will give us the continued strength to overcome this difficult situation and May His Will be done in our lives and let us accept Thy Will. I really hurt him when we broke up back in December of 2012, and I've prayed for him to forgive me and prayed that we can get back together, but I'm desperate for help. I pray alongside with you for the many missing children, believing they will go home safely. My (ex) husband left me and our 3 very young kids (they were 4 yr old twins and 6 yr old) about 2 years ago. Jude to be able to move to a specific neighborhood, for the safety and development of my 3 kids. Please heal the broken relationship.Fill his heart with love and respect for me and remove all the differences and bring us close to each other with your miraculous healing.
Walk with us and bless our love; this is the man I vow to love and honor and with your help we will soon get married and raise our children together in love. Jude, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Our Dear Lord for quickly answering my request to have my health insurance crisis fixed so I would not be without health insurance. Jude for always intervening, and thank you Dear Lord for helping me learn how to listen, pray, forgive, understand, praise, and worship. Jude asking him to please let my best friend talk to me again she didn't talk to me for 5 days straight we work together so it made me feel bad that she wouldn't talk to me she was mad at me for some reason I didn't know why but I prayed to St Jude that she would talk to me before she went to her other job because it was her last week there where we work together, she's talking to me now and I thank St. I pray that the exam board, my tutors, coordinators open their hearts to me and reconsider my case favorably and allow me to proceed to Level 3.
Jude please help cure my mother and RP of their illness and help them get healthy and live a happy, medicine-free life.
Jude, I would like to also request prayer on behalf of all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, especially those farthest from Heaven. It's been almost three weeks now since I've seen or heard from him, he suddenly just stopped talking to me or having any contact with me whatsoever. I just want Chris to make contact again so that we can talk and sort out what when wrong between us please. We are not able to pay are mortgage due to both my wife and I have been out of work for such a long time !
I pray Saint Jude that you intercede with the power of God to bring be speedy help in my situation.
I was molested by my father he took away all my trust and innocents in my life and was sacrifice treated badly and was always bought up to believe that I wasn't good enough.
Chase credit card swiped (because not only was their EMV chip reader not enabled, but the opening had been taped over to thwart any would-be “dippers”), waiting to sign and…wut?
Don’t judge.” message, to which Chase immediately responded with instruction to process the transaction once more. For that very reason, most of the Celtic supporters who end up in the Valencia region tend to end up supporting them as underdogs, a trend enhanced in recent years by signings of Johan Mjallby and Ian Harte. It took place when Levante secured their promotion from the Second Division to La Liga  amidst emotional scenes of joy and rampant celebration.
Most of the 18,000 crowd ended milling about on the pitch in front of the main stand, singing and dancing in pure delight.
But there was an extra dimension to the celebrations on Sunday, derived from the aspect that made the promotion miraculous instead of just merely amazing. There was serious talk that the club would be administratively relegated two or three more levels, to the Third Division(Level 4) or even the Regional Preferente(level5) or even actually disappear altogether.
Apart from a two year spell in La Liga in 1963 and 1964 they have spent that 100 years in the lower reaches of Spanish professional football, always the poor relations to much more successful and glamorous Valencia. The 2004-2005 season started well and for a few brief heady weeks Levante were actually in the Champions League slots. The gamble paid off in sporting terms as a determined rather than skilful Levante side grittily ground out a 3rd place finish. Lopez Caro was sacked at the halfway mark with the team one place above the relegation zone. In Levante’s case the chickens quickly home to roost within 4 years and the club almost died.
As part of this fevered fantasy football, Carmona actually signed a contract with one of Spain’s most promising young managers, Lucas Alcatraz, in which he was to take over the team as soon as the buyout was finalised. They appointed  a young manager Luis Garcia and he started to assemble of a squad of players while reading every day in the local newspapers that he was about to be replaced before the season even started. It took almost another year but eventually the group led by Catalan finally managed to completely remove Villarroel from any role or shareholding in the club and the transition from corrupt incompetent irresponsibility to sober prudence was achieved.
They ended the season in 8th place, a highly creditable performance under the circumstances. This fearsome politician must have wondered what is it about Valencian football and what it could cost the city administration.
But Luis Garcia has already worked wonders with limited resources and it would be wrong to assume he will not continue to do so on the bigger stage of La Liga.  GGW will keep readers informed of how Levante prepare for the challenge and how they respond to it on the park. Finally, I understand that submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the program for a match. My father has always been the type of man that if he saw a man on the street without a coat, he would give up his own to give to that person.
Doctors say she has no life threatening illness keeping her from improving but she's just lost the will to live and given up trying to get better.
We pray for a financial miracle that we may build our house and move on to a better peaceful life.
The story is too long to even recap, but I will say I wasn't sure if it was even possible to repair the damage that had been done. I know that Frank is the guy I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with, and I feel that God separated us to show me that I shouldn't take him for granted as I did so much before, and that I should appreciate him. I, pray to Our Father Lord jesus to answer my prayers today, I am going to a situation may be losing my section 8 voucher that I truly need to pay my rent all because of a misunderstanding , I am praying for forgiveness from my daughter for not paying more attention to this situation because I could,ve cause her to lose her voucher also, she is my only child I Love her more than life her my mother and my grand children I, wouldn,t purposely do anything to hurt her or for that matter know one else I, have a good heart and it goes out to children,elserly and animals I, wouldn,t purposely harm anyone. JUDE, I adore you and you have answered my prayers in the past please help me with these prayers also Thank You.
Pray that St Jude intercedes in my favor and pulls me out of a mess that I have helped created.
Me and My girlfriend of two years broke up recently, and i know it dose not sound like much but for the several years, i have gone through homelessness, losing many friends and my family is in another continent. Shower us with your blessings, Lord, so that we can marry each other and live a happy, loving, long and blessed married life together. Ramsey, that Saint Jude will obtain me, quickly, the funds I need to REPLENISH MY CHECKING ACCOUNT for all my bills sake and that he please, ensure in mercy, that my low wages be a thing of the past and that I take home weekly from now on a minimum, PLEASE, of $550 after taxes and deductions due to aged parents, bills, need to support church, save for future expenses, support the poor, promote the rosary, promote St. My son's disappointment in me has been the greatest hurt I felt and I need your your help Saint Jude to make things "right" with him. I had a lot of emotional issues been to many counselors and therapist for help and none of them work. Probably the wife wondering why I’d eaten most of the Teddy Grahams the kid was now demanding.
Card swiped, transaction approved and a bright future of spotless driveways and dirt-free decks was, at long-last, mine.
The chain of events I’ve described for my single, isolated transaction is staggering, especially when you consider it took place simultaneously with hundreds of thousands of other transactions during those precious seconds.
Levante started the game knowing that victory, coupled with either closest pursuesr Real Betis or Hercules failing to win, would absolutely guarantee them promotion with one round to go. Such ecstasy and such pain are much more intense than the annual celebration of yet another cup or league and are the reward for years of mediocrity and misery. The President Villarroel publicly determined to put together a side that would stay in the First Division. The replacement Abel Resino managed to keep them  steady and they managed to end the season safe in 15th place.
23 players were brought in in total, all on free transfers or loans, and all on sensible salaries.

Having used the first year to create a viable base and a workable system, Luis Garcia used the summer of 2009 to enhance and improve his squad still staying within the limitations of free transfers and loans. To take a group of free transfer and loan signings and win a deserved promotion with them, against a background of bankruptcy, debts, no transfer fees and low wages is a miracle of creative constructive management. Not only are Levante 90m euros in debt the highest in the Second Division,  but neighbours Valencia at 600m euros have the highest debts in La Liga and were only saved from bankruptcy and administrative relegation last summer by a loan of 72m from the Council as a guarantor of new capitalisation. The SISIF Director, Sandy Jamieson, has been an active student of world football for over 40 years and has an extensive network of information, knowledge and contacts in Europe, South America and the rest of the football world. Her family is praying for a miracle, standing by her and doing everything humanly possible to encourage, support and urge her to eat and fight harder but her spirit isn't willing. I am elated and excited to say that our relationship has experienced the miracle of an answered prayer and I give all glory to St. We rely very heavily on my ex, who is slowly cutting them out of his life, and does not want to assist with bills anymore.
I,AM ALSO praying for my arthritis, prediebetic,high colesteral,sleepapnea,high blood pressure and a very strange feeling under my left foot, and my mothers arthritis and corpal tunnel syndrome crippling her hands,also I,need prayers said for my daughter Tammy and my unborn grandchild to be born normal and healthy,also Dear Lord please watch over Kaylan and Sean my other grand kids keep them safe and healthy and wrap your arms around them always to keep them safe Oh Heavenly Father I, know that I,ve requested a lot of prayers but, also pray every day so I,am asking for a little assisstance from you and all the Saints because I, truly love and pray to them daily.
I'm asking for prayer over her that God will open her eyes to the truth that is seen in me and the live that I have for her. At this time, I desperately need to rebuild my mother's home that has deteriorated badly and also to pay off some debts. I pray that my eyesight heals and gets cured so I may be able to see naturally with perfection.
May I ask my "FB Family," wherever you might be, to kindly copy, paste, and share this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems; health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares.
You know my intentions are pure and genuine and that I truly love RP and cherish all the moments we have been together.
May the cure of this person increase her faith and love for the Lord of Life, for the glory of our merciful God.
I love him very deeply, we have been together ten years and I would like to see our relationship continue. I am financially broke, I do have several job leads which I hope will lead to job offers but I need quick help as we are going to be homeless in about 2 days.
When Juanlu scored in the 4th minute any pressure disappeared and when Xisco Munoz made it 2-0 after 8 minutes the party began to start. Look at the paralysing effect on Rangers of being ?30 million in debt, with their stadium and 50,000 season tickets holders. Schuster was sacked a few weeks before the end of the season with the club still just above the relegation places but the decline was not halted and the club finally finished in 18th position.
He brought in another expensive manager Lopez Caro from Real Madrid and signed many players, like Laurent Robert, Tommasi, Dehu, Meyong Ze, Nino, Alvaro, Manolo, Kapo and Cesar, all on high salaries.
Abel was sacked after a few games and replaced by an Italian De Biasi who brought two good Italians, keeper Storari and Fiorentina hero Rigano, with him. Two good players Pau Cendros and Javi Guerra were brought in from Mallorca and a two good class midfielders Juanlu and Xisco Munoz were imported from Betis. Foremost of the main heroes on the playing side was solid old centre half, Sergio Ballesteros.
Although SISIF is based in Glasgow, Sandy currently spends most time at his home in Spain where he is finishing a book about Villarreal, “The Yellow Submarine”. She's always been a fighter and taught us all to never, ever give up while there's the smallest chance of life left so we're doing just that because she truly has so much to live for. Jude to bring Michael closer to me and to remove the fear that Michael has of being hurt, breaking my heart and his family turning against him. To your point of "if it is meant to be, it will be", I just want her to be happy, even if that means her moving to California.
Please pray for me to become a better christain,a better mother,daughter,sister,friend and I, request special prayers for Charles and his blind mother he is also blind. I hope God brings my wife back to me and I plead the blood of Jesus over a reconciliation over our marriage her name is Jenna Lea P and my name is Lance Brown please pray that we will reunite with more love compassion understanding truthfulness and that we will seek God in all we do. Pray that I may find the motivation, drive, and luck to succeed in these areas in my life and that they may start my pathway to success, as soon as possible! Unfortunately, the power also went out at my place of employment which set me back on paying the rent for July.
It is being caused by Macular Degeneration, plus cataracts that the stubborn doctor won't remove and CAN. I pray to Saint Jude, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and holy Mary to please help me find quick help and to give me the strength to live my life as God has intended me to live by. The Javi Guerra strike in the 40th minute to make it 3-0 was swiftly followed by the sweet news on thousands of transistor radios that Hercules were 1-0 down at home and Betis only drawing away.
Consider the effects of a ?85m debt on a second division with a rented stadium, small crowds and no players. It was only in the last 2 weeks of the season they were in the bottom 3 places but down they went. GGW’s abiding memory of that season was watching the away game against Barcelona on TV in Naquera’s Bar Blanquet with visiting friends, Richard, Bill, Tim, and Neil, and half a dozen old Levante supporters.
He started with Levante in the third division  in 1995 then went on to a good La Liga career with Tenerife, Rayo, Villarreal and Mallorca until returning to anchor the Levante defence. He has already lost his job, his retirement, filed bankruptcy, and now, the attorney general wants to put him in jail for 3 - 7 years. Their father who is touch and go with us is also now in a very grave financial crisis and is facing law suits left and right.
It may be wrong to purchase lottery tickets but it seems to be the only way to pay off all my debts and his debts and for our family to start anew. I have prayed for stable employment but for some reason, I feel that God is pushing me to stay with what I'm doing, even though I haven't made a dollar in 6 months (it is a commission job).
I pray that our hearts will mend shape conform and reconnect with each other and no man or woman can break the bond that we have for each other.
Pray that I may improve talking to GOD and having a better relationship with my Catholic religion. Nothing happened in a joyous second half to dampen the enthusiasm, not even a late meaningless Castellon goal, and although Hercules laboured to a 2-1 victory with a goal in the last minute, the Betis game stayed goalless and at the final whistle the whole crowd knew Levante were promoted.
In the end administrative relegation was avoided, just, as the club was declared bankrupt and introduced an austerity recovery plan.
Although they lost 1-0 Levante showed the fight and determination that enabled them stay up that season.
They threatened several times to go on strike but never did but the effect on morale is not hard to imagine. The new squad took some time to settle but were always in the top third of the table, and slowly belief came back to the team, the club and the supporters. In front of him in defensive midfield Pallardo finally showed the class that had been hinted in his early career at Valencia and young Iborra one of the two survivors from the first division played well enough to attract interest from Valencia and Real Madrid. And we will be faith full to each other and trust will be key and more amazing than before.
Now i am running out of steam to push myself and life keeps going wrong except this time i don't have a helping hand, one that loves me and is there for me.
He could end up in a permanent vegetative state, or he could slowly deteriorate and die by this weekend. When GGW went to the Cuitat De Valencia stadium (known to the Tartan Army from the flash flooding when Scotland played Spain there a few years) to watch Levante host Villarreal B in the first game of the second half of the season the crowd was less than 6000. Juanlu and Xisco Munoz both showed class in ensuring Levante finished above the Betis club that had released them. I will spread your marvelous name to the ends of the earth along with Jesus our healer and comforter!
I humbly ask this of you and will publish your prayer and my thanks online if you help with this request.
They saw an intense pulsating game won by Levante with an injury time goal by transfer window signing Rafa Jorda. Up front old soldier Ruben Suarez showed great skill and goal scoring prowess and the younger Javi Guerra did not disappoint. My husband and I turn to him for everything,and he is my son's best friend, we can't lose home for 3 years, let alone 7. The final element had been added to the squad with the return of Juanfran, another who had first played for a lowly Levante before going on to an illustrious career with Valencia, Deportivo,  Ajax and AEK Athens as well as starring for Spain in the 2002 World Cup. Please help heal his pain and for him to see me in a new light and miss me and love me again.
2 years ago I said a simple prayer to him for me and her to go out and 2 minutes later she texted me telling me that basically she is single and she is interested. Unemployed in Greece he was able to join Levante on a free transferand became the talisman of their promotion push.
He missed the Castellon game through suspension but was highly visible on the sidelines and the on pitch party. Ever since i started praying my butt off to St Jude he has shown me something that she wrote about how lost she has been feeling. I asked him to show me himself and his powers, and while at work i saw ten images of him in the compactor, I feel like that is a sign. And for his brain function to be restored to normal levels, for him to wake up, and to be fully restored to perfect health.
Than while saying the novena with my mom, who just found out about him from me, 3 physics came to her in a matter of 2 days which never happened before.
I later found out that his death was because of angry physics who were losing business due to his preaching.
I don't know if it means he is going to bring her back, i would like your opinion and if you can, your prayers.
I am in such a huge depression myself and lost with her, I am basically begging him daily, I do not know what else to do.

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