Fish Hatcheries serviced by the Mid-Columbia River NWRC include:A  Clearwater, Dworshak, Kooskia, Lookingglass, Lyons Ferry and Tucannon. The North Coast Eco-region contains the following National WildlifeRrefuges: Ankeny, Bandon Marsh, Baskett Slough, Cape Meares, Castle Rock, Copalis, Dungeness, Flattery Rocks, Franz Lake, Gray's Harbor, Julia Butler Hansen Refuge for the Columbia White-tailed Deer, Lewis and Clark, Nestucca Bay, Nisqually, Oregon Islands, Pierce, Protection Island, Quillayute Needles, Ridgefield, San Juan Islands, Siletz Bay, Steigerwald Lake, Three Arch Rocks, Tualatin River, Willapa, William L.
The North Coast Eco-region contains the following National Fish Hatcheries: Carson, Eagle Creek, Little White Salmon, Makah, Quilcene, Quinault, Spring Creek, Warm Springs, Willard. The Sheldon-Hart Mountain fire management zone includes Sheldon NWR and Hart Mountain NWR. The Southeast Idaho Fire Management zone contains the following National Wildlife Refuges: Bear Lake, Camas, Deer Flat, Grays Lake, Minidoka and Oxford Slough Waterfowl Production Area. The Southeast Idaho Fire Management zone contains the following National Fish Hatcheries: Hagerman, Magic Valley, McCall, Sawtooth. Some of the provisions were amended as a result of recommendations made by the various committees, appointed by the state Government.
The amendments were done with a view to have effective implementation of the provisions of the said regulations for the benefit of the public at large. For a building with height of 24 m or more such exterior open space shall be minimum 6 m or more, subject to the requirements of the Fire Brigade authorities Add the following new clause in D.C.

Regulation No.2929(6)(c)For multi-storeyed, high rise and special buildings, the provisions as stipulated in Regulation No.
However in case of redevelopment of cessed building, where marginal distances are less ,chajja protection maximum up to 0.45 m. However in case of re-development ceased building, where marginal distances are less, chajja projection maximum up to 0.45 m. While working out total existing built up area, the built-up area of existing staircase will not be taken into account.ii. The premium for the area of the staircase and lift-well will be recovered after working out the area of the staircase and lift well in the proposed building minus area of the existing staircase, lift-well etc, if any. v) Area of the basement used exclusively for parking and other ancillary uses as permitted in regulation No.
30(ii) (e)(i).Further Chajja, Cornice, weather Shade, sun-breaker or other ornamental projections etc.
It may be in one level or two.(9) Basement-(i) The basement shall not be constructed in the required front open space under DCR 29. The width of the balcony will be measured perpendicular to the building line and reckoned from that line to the balconys outermost edge.(ii) Balconies may be allowed to be enclosed with written permission of the Commissioner. Adequate area for Drivers rest rooms and sanitary block may be permitted on podiums by counting in FSI.  Proposed amendment in relevant regulation applicable to Fire Fighting Requirements Reg.

No.Existing provisionsSanctioned provisions43 (1)General The planning design and construction of any building shall be such as to ensure safety from fire. The approach to the building and open spaces on all sides up to 6 m width and their layout shall conform to the requirement of the chief fire officer. For this purpose, unless otherwise specified in these Regulations, the provisions of part IV: Fire protection Chapter, National Building Code, shall apply.
The refuge area shall be 4% of the habitable floor area it serves, and will be free of FSI.
The entrance doors to the terrace shall be painted or fixed with sign painted in luminous paint mentioningREFUGE AREA.  (Rajendra Habde)Under Secretary to Government.

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