The question that you ask is EXACTLY what’s wrong with the personal training profession today. To answer your question best, I suggest you start by looking at the agencies I’ve mentioned, plus ISSA and AFFA. It’s interesting that in most states you can’t cut someone’s hair or paint their nails without going before the state board and passing a state issued exam. The personal trainer certification system is far from perfect, but with passion, dedication, determination and an open mind, you can become a great trainer and help people get fitter and healthier!
Dana, January 2, 2012Log in to ReplyI have a Pilates Beginner and Pilates Intermediate Mat certifications through Power Pilates, System 1 Pilates Equipment Cert through Power Pilates, a Group Fitness Certification through AFAA, TRX Training and soon a PT Cert through AFAA.
Trisha is currently studying for the BSc Hons in Sports Coaching at the University of East London, aiming to eventually coach and training professional athletes in the Track and Field area. The Hayes Way™ states that the foundation to optimum fitness is laid by developing strong tendons and a firm core (abdominals). Besides his impeccable technique, Hayes is known for his ability to teach beneficial exercises and proper form to various types of persons regardless of age, gender, body type, or experience.
After a bout with boyhood asthma, Steve Hayes sought a way to achieve peak physical condition.
Expert Fitness trainer Steve Hayes and The Hayes Way releases exercise video.Expert fitness trainer Steve Hayes in double bicep pose"Body Defining, Age Defying" Exercise VideoSteve Hayes and The Hayes Way release get fit exercise DVDThe Hayes Way logoThe Hayes Way - combining strength training and cardio-conditioning. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
I’ve been interested in getting my personal trainer certification for a while and was looking around on the Internet for programs. Those 6 are recognized by most as very reputable and provide a great foundation for a future in fitness.
Yet ANYONE, certified or not, can open a training studio and advertise workouts and classes. I personally feel there needs to be an internship of sorts for newly certified trainers to go through before they actually start one-on-one training sessions.

Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind.
With the certs I've attained I've spent about $4200 (and i only do fitness part time) so far not including the continuing education courses that are mandatory. More than half-a-century old, he has trained groups and individuals for more than 20 years using "The Hayes Way™ . Hayes, who has trained groups and individuals for more than 20 years, is the natural athlete the world is looking for.
The exercise DVD, which features a circuit training workout for all levels, and special features such as a core workout and training tips, demonstrates The Hayes Way™ concepts of strength and endurance training.
The routines are designed using a push-pull method, alternating the targeted upper body, lower body and core muscles to maximize results and minimize injuries. He began fitness training while an undergraduate at Howard University, where he graduated in 1975.
Does that mean you’ll be a better trainer if you choose one from a lesser-known organization? What’s worse is that some insurance companies will also sell you a training policy without ever asking to see a copy of you certification! Bridging the gap between what’s learned in a textbook or seminar and applying it to an actual person with individual needs, is a skill in itself, and one that can only be developed by experience.
His training methods are, and have always been, completely natural, and PED (performance enhancing drug and steroid-free).
The exercise DVD also features testimonials by individuals who train The Hayes Way™ and a bonus section of exercise technique tips. Viewers will follow Steve and The Hayes Way™ video team toward principles and technique that enables improved sports performance, sculpts the physique, and reverses the aging process. Steve's knowledge of anatomy and physical development, the physics of movement, the principle of maximum exertion, and routines best suited to individual size and stature inform his expertise. Rather than adopt techniques from bodybuilding magazines, Steve developed his own signature routines - the origins of The Hayes Way™.

Sure there may be some accepted standards and base knowledge, but no one is really checking up on what these companies are promoting. So I encourage you to maybe ask a qualified trainer you know to tag along in their sessions and see how and why they make the choices they do. For those looking to enter the field and see if it's for them, it's seriously involved and a big commitment.
In the near future, Hayes will release additional exercise videos, including an Elite version for seasoned fitness adherents. He has managed corporate fitness programs and his clients have included noted physicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, and television personalities. There are certain things that aren’t arguable – anatomy, injury prevention, basic exercise form, etc.
That's why I suggested the other programs, they provide a great foundation to get your feet wet and if someone loves it, they can always become ACSM certified later on. An avid cyclist, his cardio conditioning includes a unique style of running stadium steps and sprinting (typifying his belief in maximum exertion). The NCCA accreditation is a third party that examines and audits other agencies to “ensure the health, welfare and safety of the public through the evaluation of all facets of the certification program and the organizations that assess professional competency” Basically they have standards that are universally accepted and if you’re organization is listed with them, it’s a definite plus.
But when you sign up for a particular certification, what you’re really buying is their philosophy and exercise ideology. Each one has a board of directors that develops their company’s mission and training style. Also, you should think about whether you want to be a one-on-one trainer, or a group fitness instructor as they’re different programs. A great idea may be for you to get certified as a class instructor – maybe SPINNING, Boot Camp or even TRX Suspension certified.

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