For more than two years, Florida Atlantic University has been searching for the name of a corporate sponsor to adorn its new 30,000-seat, palm-ringed football stadium. The public university on Tuesday announced an unconventional partner: the nation's second-largest operator of for-profit prisons, the GEO Group Inc. America has a long tradition of unusual corporate athletic sponsorships -- Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena and Houston's Enron Field (now Minute Maid Park) come to mind.
Critics of the private prison industry said the donation to a public university in Florida falls in line with efforts to gain influence with state and local public officials who decide whether to hand out contracts. For the last three election cycles, the GEO Group has donated more than $1.2 million to the Florida Republican Party. GEO Group revenue has nearly tripled over the last decade, as the company has captured growing shares of state inmate populations and secured contracts to detain hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants apprehended by the federal government. Officials at the GEO Group and Florida Atlantic University asserted that the naming rights were part of a philanthropic mission, and that the company and its chief executive have longstanding ties with the community. A university spokeswoman, Lisa Metcalf, wrote in an email that the naming rights are "not a corporate sponsorship" because the company will neither receive tickets nor additional promotional benefits, such as program advertising or television commercials. But marketing experts pointed out that naming rights are a major marketing move, no matter how the deal is structured. For GEO Group and its line of work, Sexton said enhanced name recognition may pose problems for the company and the university.
Florida Atlantic officials did not respond directly to questions about its choice of a naming partner. The university built the $70 million football stadium in 2011, borrowing more than $45 million.
The university fired the former athletic director, Craig Angelos, due to fundraising issues, according to local news reports. The Florida Atlantic Owls are a member of the NCAA FBS Conference USA, playing their home games at Howard Schnellenberger Field at FAU Stadium in Boca Raton, Florida. Florida Atlantic University football began play in 2001 with Howard Schnellenberger as the Owls' first coach.
In 1998, Florida Atlantic University announced it was pursuing the creation of an NCAA football program and that Howard Schnellenberger was going to lead the charge, as director of football operations and head coach. On August 29, 2000, the first practice was held at the Boca Raton campus of FAU, and 164 students showed up to try out for the team. On September 15, 2007 FAU defeated its first Big Ten opponent with a 42-39 victory over the University of Minnesota. On August 11, 2011, Howard Schnellenberger announced he would retire at the end of the season. GREY indicates games played while FAU competed in Division I-AA and against a Division I-AA opponent.
Since football's inception at FAU in 1998, Coach Schnellenberger has publicly led a campaign to build a football stadium on FAU's main campus in Boca Raton. In 2006, the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees (FAU BoT) approved the idea of moving forward with plans to build a football stadium on Boca's campus. The stadium is just a part of the university's broader concept of an "Innovation Village", covering the north end of Boca's campus.

To date, the Owls have worn the home uniforms at every home game and the road uniforms at every road game - there is no switching roles of the uniforms. Marshall receiver Tommy Shuler (1) dives into the end zone for a score against Florida Atlantic University during an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. Well, Futuristic Woo is at it again, as they (?) have been hired to create uniforms for Carol City High School in North Dade County, Fla. While most "Native American"-themed sports teams generally try to stay away from offensive iconography, Carol City has instead chosen to push the pedal to the floor and smash their football team headlong into the "INDIANS, EVERYBODY!" brick wall. If you signed up using a 3rd party account like Facebook or Twitter, please login with it instead. The newly christened GEO Group Stadium came as part of a $6 million donation from the prison company's charitable foundation, which will be paid out to Florida Atlantic over 12 years.
Republicans in the state legislature last year came close to approving a massive expansion of private prisons in south Florida, a deal that the GEO Group mentioned frequently in calls with investors.
Critics have pointed to a string of problems at GEO's facilities in recent years, including at a youth correctional center in Texas, where state inspectors found "filthy" and "unsafe" conditions that included feces on walls.
The company's chief executive, George Zoley, received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the university and previously was chairman of the university board of trustees. Thousands of people attending games or driving past the stadium, with its ocean view stands, will see GEO Group's name. Since 2011, the school has been searching for a named sponsor to provide $400,000 annually to pay down the debt.
Grass, the son of company founder Alex Grass, was forced to resign from the post he had held for just four years.
After competing their first four years as an NCAA Division I-AA independent, the Owls moved to Division I-A and the Sun Belt Conference. After his success in rebuilding programs at the University of Miami and the University of Louisville, Coach Schnellenberger now undertook the role of building a program from scratch.
During the August 29, 2000 first practice, dubbed the inaugural scrimage game, FAU continued the tradition of Homecoming King, this time including the crowning ceremony of the King as part of the half time festivities. Major accomplishments in its first two seasons include the program's first win, which came in its second game, against Bethune Cookman, 31-28, and won in the first meeting with newly-created south Florida rival, Florida International University, 31-21.
On December 1, 2011 FAU offered Carl Pelini, the Nebraska Cornhuskers defensive coordinator to become their new head coach, a position he accepted. In seven seasons of competition, the FAU Owls have called two stadiums "home" (Dolphin Stadium located in Miami Gardens and Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, neither of which are in the same county as Boca Raton).
The Village will include the football stadium, a multi-use Convocation Center for volleyball, basketball and recreation, two parking garages, student housing complexes, an Alumni Center, a wellness and fitness center and strip shopping centers. Produced and endorsed by Adidas, the uniforms are traditional in style and simple in color-schemes.
Again, the three-stripe pattern is down the middle of the helmet, in the same color pattern as the jersey and pant.
Additionally, there is no alternate uniform for the Owls and there have not been plans for any. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

Grass was formally indicted in 2002, along with several other high-ranking executives at the drugstore chain, for conspiracy to defraud, making false statements, as well as accounting fraud. Much like his time at Miami and Louisville, Coach Schnellenberger did not shy from placing lofty expectations and high goals on his newly-created program.
The Homecoming King crown was bestowed upon Wayne Burns, having been voted in by the majority of student population from across all the campuses at the time, which totaled five, then running a Q&A gauntlet along side the top three candidates, conducted by a committee of students and faculty, who then voted to determine if Mr. As a result, in just the seventh year of the football program's history, and the third year playing in Division I, Florida Atlantic set an NCAA record by becoming the youngest program ever to receive an invitation to a bowl game.
Coach Schnellenberger argued that an on-campus stadium increases popularity of the program and attracts high-caliber recruits. The Innovation Village will be funded and constructed in stages, with the football stadium being the main concern of the first phase.
The home jersey is the color of "FAU Blue" with white letters and numbers - which are outlined in "FAU Red." The chest plate sports the FAU winged logo. On the left side directly under the belt, "OWLS" in spelled in FAU Blue outlined in FAU Red in a traditional, varsity typeface font. The uniform set is believed to be traditional and simple due to the old-fashioned, throwback style and attitude of Coach Schnellenberger. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). In 2004, Grass pleaded guilty and reached a plea agreement to serve at least eight years in prison and pay a $500,000 fine, as well as waive $3 million in owed salary. Even before FAU would play an intercollegiate game, Coach Schnellenberger explained the goal of FAU football would be to play the best teams it can schedule, in order for the program to aim for a National Championship in Division I-A football.
On the shoulder area of the jersey, the traditional, varsity three-stripes highlight the break from the shoulders to the arms.
The three-striped pattern which is on the jersey's shoulder section is found on the pants, as well - in the same color pattern. At Lousiville, facing threats from the administration that the football team would be terminated, Schnellenberger made the bold (and now famous) prediction, "[We are] on a collision course with the national championship. Burns, was driven around the scrimage game field in a convertible Rolls Royce to waive to the 164 students in the stands, many of whom voted for him.
Lastly, the arms of the jersey contain the players' numbers in white, outlined in FAU Red (not shown in picture).
The road jerseys are identical in pattern of the home jerseys, simply swapping the blue body for white, and the letters and numbers combination is in FAU Blue. During half time of the inaugural intercollegiate game at Pro Player, FAU Homecoming King Wayne Burns entered the field for a ceremony to hand off the king's staff to a new king.

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