Other prizes won Saturday night included 11 tickets that matched 4 white numbers together with Powerball and won $10,000. With nine prize levels, there were a total of 569,381 tickets nationwide won $4,997,232 prizes in the Saturday, May 28th, 2016 drawing. The Florida Powerball has become a well-known lottery game that is sold in 45 jurisdictions. This is a game that is played in a number of other states and as with other games that are offered by the Florida Lottery, the Florida Powerball profits are transferred to the Trust Fund to help benefit the state's education. It costs $2 to play the Florida Powerball but if you play the Power Play it is $3 per play.
As far as setting the jackpot for the Florida Powerball, the MUSL sets the advertised jackpot. As far as Power Play, this is an additional feature that is added on to the Florida Powerball game and offers players the chance to win as much as $2 million.
Playing Florida Powerball allows you the chance to win a huge jackpot as well as many other prizes. Choose 5 numbers ranging from 1-59 in the upper area or you can always use the Quick Pick option. You want to claim your prize at a Florida lottery retailer or a district office within 180 days. If you win less than $600, you can claim your prize at any authorized Florida Powerball location. For prizes ranging from $600-$250,000 you need to go to the headquarters located in Tallahassee or at a Florida Powerball district office. If you are claiming your prize by mail and have a prize of $250,000 or less, you can mail your ticket to the Florida Lottery. You need to postmark your envelope on the 60th day at least for scratch-off games and for the Florida Powerball winnings you need to have it sent and postmarked before the 180th day.
Annuities: Florida Powerball and the Florida Lotto have the option to have the prize paid out in 30 annual payments.
Cash Options: The Florida Powerball, Florida Lotto and Mega Money as well as certain scratch-off games can be paid out in one lump sum or you can have them paid in annual payments. The winner, 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie will take home $370 million, before taxes, according to state lottery officials. Mackenzie purchased the winning ticket at a local grocery store in Zephyrhills, Florida on May 18, according to Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell.

Mackenzie opted not to take the 30-year payout and instead opted for the one lump sum of $370 million.
Mackenzie, who was absent from a news conference held by lottery officials said in a statement read by O’Connell, that she would like to maintain her privacy.
The amount of the prize shot up to $590 million as the drawing neared and, according to Florida lottery officials, they were selling close to $45,000 worth of tickets an hour at the peak. The results are shown by draw date and in descending order with the latest Powerball winning numbers shown first.
One fortune is going to be up for grabs on Wednesday, when Powerball lottery has $100 million on the line.
There was only one 2nd prize winning ticket from Saturday night's drawing, matching all 5 numbers but not the Powerball number.
4 additional players not just matched 4+1, but in addition bought the Power Play option, multiplying the winnings by 4 for a total win of $40,000 each! The jackpots in this game can get pretty steep and the record highest jackpot was $587.5 million and this was shared by two people.
The jackpots get calculated based on the sales for the drawing, any funds that may have rolled over from a previous drawing, as well as current interest rates for investments long-term.
When a ticket is purchased, you can add another $1 to play the Power Play and this allows you a chance to win as much as 4 times the non-jackpot prize. This is going to apply to all panels and also the Quick Pick numbers that are played on the slip. However, for faster redemption of your prize, you can fill out the back of the ticket and take it to any authorized dealer for verification and validation. The payment to you can be made by check or even a wire transfer to either a brokerage or bank account.
Additional winners Saturday night included 257 tickets that matched four white ball numbers and won $100. Having winnings of less than $600 isn't going to require you to fill out a Claim Form unless you get directed to. If this is chosen, you need to provide a voided check to the account you want the money transferred to. You should store the ticket in a safe place and never expose it to sunlight or heat such as in the window, irons, or dryers.
Every effort has been made to ensure that the winning numbers and other information posted on this website are accurate.

63 additional players not only matched 4 white ball, but additionally bought the Power Play option, double the prizes to a total win of $200 each! All member lotteries help contribute a percentage of the sales to a top-prize pool which allows the jackpot to grow higher and higher.
If this is the option you want, as a Florida Powerball winner you need to claim your prize within 60 days. No valid claim may be based on the winning numbers or other information contained on this website.
The numbers drawn Saturday night, May 28th, 2016 were 06, 33, 34, 58, 59 with Power Ball 12.
The Powerball grand prize has been rolling over for 6 draws since Wednesday, May 11th, 2016. There were 29 lucky Florida winners won $200 prize by matching 4 or 3+1 numbers with Power Play purchased. This affects the ticket and if your ticket does get damaged, you can go to a retailer where they may be able to redeem it as long as the barcode is still intact. The information should always be verified by contacting the Official Lottery before it is used in any way. The last jackpot was won by a single ticket sold in New Jersey, matched all six numbers for a $415.00 million top prize. There were 177 tickets matched 3+1 with Power Play option, doubled the winnings to win a total win of $200 each. Players can choose to spend $1 extra to purchase the Power Play, which multiplies the winnings except grand prize. There are 9 different levels of prizes and there are also lower-tier prizes that can range from $4 to as high as $1 million.
In the event of a discrepancy between the numbers posted on this website and the official winning numbers, the official winning numbers shall control.

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