An Ocoee woman won a $3 million Super Millions prize, according to Florida Lottery officials.
ALL NEW AT 5:00, A WOMAN IS AN INSTANT MILLIONAIRE AFTER PLAYING A SCRATCH-UP A LOTTERY GAME THE WOMAN PICKED UP THE $3 MILLION TICKET AT THE PUBLIX IN WINDEMERE. Three girls under the age of 18 died and eight others were injured in a crash Monday evening on northbound I-95 near Titusville, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
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The first thing that happened was the government took the child support he owed a€” almost $9,000. He bought for $125,000 a house near Lake Wales that he had seen only once and rented it to some tenants he had met only once. The elaborate brick and tan stucco house at 9340 Red Hawk Bend Drive is in the rural area north of town, past some orange trees and a horse farm called Heaven Sent Acres, a long 10 miles from his old neighborhood. Its 6,519 square feet include an enclosed pool and two two-car garages and it sits behind a fence in a community behind a gate. The winning ticket, claimed Ford, 34, was his, and the money, or at least what was left of the money, should be his, too.
Shakespeare said in his deposition before the trial that he never stole anything from Ford. At the trial, according to Laurato, Shakespeare came to court hauling a garbage bag stuffed with thousands of lottery tickets he said he had purchased over the years.
The first time Shakespeare met with Jim Valenti, his appellate attorney, Valenti said last week, there were 10 people in the room. The other day at the Super Choice meat market here on W Memorial Boulevard, one of Shakespeare's old regular hangouts, two signs with his picture and information were taped to the windows. In front of the Super Choice, Eddie Dixon, with a black cap on his head and gold teeth in his mouth, pointed at a sign.
Moore was part of a group of people Jackson told about Shakespeare and how he had changed her views about money. Moore told Jackson she was a writer and that she wanted to do a story on her and Shakespeare. She drove the new $36,000 Lincoln Navigator on which she owed $46,000 and parked it in a garage in Pasco County.
Earlier this fall, as rumors about Shakespeare's disappearance began to circulate around Lakeland, she told three different Ledger reporters that she could set up an interview with him.
Sheriff's detectives, she tearfully told the paper, have questioned her and searched her home, her Hummer and her hard drive. Shakespeare's mother, Elizabeth Walker, who works in the cafeteria at Florida Southern College and didn't return phone messages left last week, told the Ledger last month that she didn't know what to think, about Moore, or about her son and where he might be. As Shakespeare appears to scroll through images taken by the surveillance cameras in his house, Moore asks if he gets tired of people asking him for money.
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Right now, there’s a nightly drawing for the PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot. When you play at PCHlotto, you can pick your numbers and get chances to win lots of exciting cash prizes. 15, 2006, Shakespeare was 41 years old, had $5 in his wallet and was making eight bucks an hour. Mostly he loitered, he drove when he wasn't allowed to drive, he stole, he hit people, and later he didn't pay for the children he fathered. He was assigned to ride shotgun for a truck driver named Michael Ford on an overnight food route to Miami. Shakespeare asked for a pair of Quick Picks and gave Ford two of his $5 bills when he returned.
That's what he wanted, she said, because he was falling behind on child support again a€” a second son born a little more than a year ago to a much younger woman a€” and because he was so tired of people continuing to bug him for money he no longer had.
9, she became the primary manager of Abraham Shakespeare LLC, taking over his affairs and buying the debts people owed him, meaning the people who owed Shakespeare money a€” eight people, almost $600,000 a€” now owe that money to her.
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If he's hiding and wants to stay that way, they say, they'll let him be a€” as long as they can confirm that he's okay. Then she told a passer-by who stopped to help that she had been raped at gunpoint by three Hispanic men who stole her Navigator. You’ll find lots of fun activities to keep you engaged as you start earning fantastic rewards. It's a medical staffing outfit in Plant City called American Medical Professionals, which now owns all of Shakespeare's various real estate holdings and other assets, too. On the front porch with the tall pillars and the ornamental lions were two mats at the base of the door. OUTSIDE SHOPPERS LIKE SHANA OUTSIDE SHOPPERS LIKE SHANA OLSON CAN'T BELIEVE THE WINNING TICKET WAS SOME AT HER FAVORITE STORE. Did you know that you can play free online lotto at PCHlotto  — and it doesn’t cost a cent? Reporter: FLORIDA LOTTERY OFFICIALS SAY 31-YEAR-OLD BRANDY PAULINE OF OCOEE WON THE $3 MILLION PLAYING THE $20 SUPER MILLIONS SCRATCH-OFF GAME. DECLINED TO HAVE HER PICTURE TAKEN OR TALK TO REPORTERS TOOK A ONE-TIME PAYMENT OF $2.2 MILLION. Her live-in boyfriend at the time, Howard Browning, says the couple had a more than 10 year oral agreement that if either won the lottery, they would split the money. This case went to trial back in 2012, and teacher Lynne Poirer won that case, but the Supreme Court of Florida sent the case back for retrial.In front of Judge Melanie Chase, Browning took the stand to describe that oral agreement between the two. IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING THE LARGEST EVER FLORIDA SCRATCH-OFF WAS A $10 MILLION GAME BACK IN WAS A $10 MILLION GAME BACK IN 2009. ACCORDING TO LOTTERY OFFICIALS, PAULINE PLANS TO USE HER PAULINE PLANS TO USE HER WINDFALL TO PAY OFF HER HOME AND BUY A NEW ONE FOR HER FAMILY.

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