Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Classic Real Estate School in Central Florida offers both the state-required sales associate and broker courses, as well as continuing education courses.
Classroom – Requires 60 hours of classroom instruction and an end of course exam taken in the classroom setting. Hybrid – (exclusively offered at Classic Real Estate School)  best of classroom  learning with the convenience of an online course. Distant –  Self Study completed outside classroom using a traditional textbook and is also know as correspondence. If you have any questions about Distant learning courses, whether you qualify to take this type of course or for information concerning approval, please contact DBPR at 850 487-1395.
A hybrid class combines classroom learning with an online course combined with a book and is approved by DBPR.
In this hybrid course, all material is completed in the classroom using the latest version of the online course combined with book which reduces the amount of time required in a traditional, face-to-face classroom setting.
In a hybrid class, all students attend a traditional classroom setting, consisting of 4 to 6 hour class sessions with Q & A time.
Students may collaborate with each other, ask questions, and interact with their peers and instructor in a traditional classroom setting.

Classic Real Estate School in Orlando, Clermont, Hunter’s Creek, Jacksonville is training the next generation of real estate professionals with experienced instructors who teach easy-to-understand real estate courses. Classic Real Estate School offers classes that are conveniently scheduled to help you start or continue your real estate education in our classrooms or via online courses.
About CRESClassic Real Estate School (CRES) has helped hundreds of people in Central Florida achieve their dream of becoming licensed Real Estate Sales Associates and Brokers. Classes Starting Soon!Contact us today to learn more and to register for a course at our real estate school in Orlando. He worked for Century 21 Academy of Real estate in Miami and helped thousands of students meet their pre-license education. In addition, an exam prep class is offered to aid in preparing the student for both the end of course exam and the state exam. Start your real estate career or sign up for a required continuing education course for your Florida sales associate or broker licenses. The real estate course curriculum from CRES prepares students to take State of Florida exams.
Coverage includes getting started in the real estate brokerage business, valuing real property, listing and selling real property, specialties and more. No more than 8 hours of instructional time can be missed and 50 minutes of the 60 minutes of each hour MUST be spent in a classroom environment.

If you need assistance understanding course content or material that is covered in a course, please call (888) 840-2551. A+ Plus Schools of Real Estate maintains a full-time administrator and its faculty members have both educational credentials and real estate experience to enhance your learning experience.
A+ Plus Schools of Real Estate is dedicated as a team to satisfy your learning, developmental and professional needs.
Thank you for visiting our web site…please visit our bookstore or any one of our other links.
In the event you lose your course completion certificate, a duplicate may be obtained by written request.
Don and his staff look forward to serving your real estate education needs in the near furture!
Florida Real Estate Broker's Guide 72-Hour Online Course OutlineYou must review this outline before enrolling in our course.

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