The reason I think the core may be clogged is that the rear seat climate controls work just fine (which leads me to believe that coolant flow from the engine is good) and I have also replaced the entire front dual valve assembly (including pump) with a new one and it seems to be running properly. The Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Facility is a dual-level biosafety lab which utilizes Biosafety Level 1 (BSL-1) as the minimal work practices level in the primary lab space and Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) in the facility’s biocontainment room. Standard BSL-1 practices must be used at all locations in the facility EXCEPT the biocontainment room.
Use of BSL-1 personal protective equipment (gloves and lab coat) is required in facility locations EXCEPT the biocontainment room. Standard BSL-2 practices must be used within the biocontainment room at all times when infectious samples are being handled.
Use of BSL-2 personal protective equipment (Polyethylene coated seamless-front gown with cuffs, disposable gloves, N95 fitted mask, and safety glasses) is required in the biocontainment room when working with infectious samples. All of the solid biological waste will be handled as biohazardous waste and placed into autoclavable biohazard bags for autoclaving and disposal. Develop long lean muscles, increase flexibility, improve balance and build core strength in your back and abdominals. Clarity is always something to be grateful for even if it does not come in a box with pretty paper and a bow. Going into 2014, let’s keep in mind the intentions described in that report which are clearly laying the ground work for attempts at extraordinary levels of social engineering for the future. In this time when we commemorate Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men, I think we actually enhance our chances of ultimately getting there in as many places as possible through awareness of what the UN is actually up to in our classrooms through the aid of ambitious local administrators and oblivious politicians. Robin, after Christmas, I’d like to know more about where we can document that link between UNESCO, IB and Agenda 21. After the most recent school board that led to some interesting disclosures by our local IB charter I started digging on the principal there. It will be interesting to see how things go in the future after I ask questions at the next state of the district meeting. Joking aside, I am not putting up the link for a reason although it is now in the possession of a number of long-time readers.
Am I the only one who has children who believe they have cleaned up the kitchen if all the dirty dishes and baking pans and bowls are in the kitchen sink? It also puts the Atlanta cheating scandal in a whole new light that APS is listed as a partner in this. This is apparently the template being used in San Fran, Seattle, DC, and going national in 2014.
And that higher order thinking skills assessments of the kind actually funded by CCSSI via the 2009 Stimulus Act will be monitoring along with much of the digital emphasis? Common Core because of the change in the nature of assessments and classroom interaction and shift from facts is priming the mindsets and personalities suitable for this type of communitarian society. Notice 2 important things: first the common core flow chart Garrison includes in his article. Highlight the purposes to end family moral teachings, cultural morals, and to control who gains political power, attitudes about eugenics etc.
Speaking of Barber, watch this Pearson video and tell me if you don’t feel programmed by all the outcomes and efficacy language. LL-now that the dishwasher is running, notice how often the ecodistricts keep wanting to make the focus working for the common good. The idea that we no longer have individual rights, but we have lots of responsibilities to others.
It is LL, but it is always about making political power the dominant decision maker in the 21st century.
Have you ever noticed no matter how many scissors you own someone takes them and they cannot be found at that crucial moment to finish the wrapping?
I keep thinking of this summit in Italy on the regionalism push that the Rockefeller Foundation funded and I wondered why Shirley Franklin, then the mayor of Atlanta was there. It is Curtis Johnson who wrote that book with Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn on digital learning. And he co-authors a book on digital learning because his background is education in Minnesota? Apparently I missed a global summit held in Atlanta recently on How the Poor can Save Capitalism.
No wonder I kept hearing about finally enacting King’s vision of the Beloved Community at that September (co)lab meeting. Since reading this blog I have been having so many flashbacks to odd moments in my own education that gave me pause but I could not quite identify at the time as an adolescent what was wrong. I remember as a 6 year old in public elementary school in 1974 the relentless emphasis on equality and sameness lest anyone stand out. I remember how the push for politically correct relativism hit hard in the mid to late 80′s when I was in college and how having a strong opinion backed up with facts was frowned upon.
I too would like to know more about the documented link to UNESCO and UN Agenda 21 chapter 36. And One Million Thanks for all of your research and intrepid persistence in ferreting out all the machinations at play as regards our children’s future and our own. Agenda 21 is about getting the desired last stage vision in place whether we like it or not and preferably without anyone doing precisely what I did in the book and this blog and finally what is in my head that I have not yet written up.

To be honest, Robin, this video reminds me of the kind of time- wasting, mind-numbing activities used to distract and wear teachers out so they can’t focus on preparing truly dynamic lessons for classroom instruction.
I found that video to be troubling because it is supposedly how Pearson intends to be the dominant ed company in the world.
And yes I was struck by the fact that this is not a dynamic group to be taking on such projects of social engineering. If the teachers are preparing their own dynamic lessons though they might be off the desired script. When Tom Luna came out with his plan to bring in electronic curriculum, I started sounding the alarm. If I hadn’t learned about Agenda 21 the year before, I probably would have dismissed her fears. Here in Oregon there is a very large divide between those that see this agenda as only a corporate takeover of education and those concerned with the gobalist vision, and thstate of America.The same groups do not view the standards as having any nefarious intentions. I realized that Vygotsky’s theories of social learning are entirely based on material causes for the learning process. I also realized that, if one did not want certain traditions and knowledge to be passed from one generation to the next, the best strategy would be to muzzle adults by insisting that everything to be student-led. I notice that Stephen Krashen has come out against CCSS, and has been disinvited to speak at a TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) conference in Texas.
Bruce Mazlish, a history prof at MIT, has written a number of books pushing computers and people as what he calls the fourth discontinuity. By the way when I heard Tony Wagner speak at (co)lab in September, this was the vision he was now pushing.
Whatever excuse it takes to toss out the mental and knowledge and then push on reforming the personality to what is politically advantageous to the collectivist planning set.
The rest seems pretty harmless and constructive, but the fact is that all this puts the objectives firmly into the planning process. 1– Dialectical Thought — One of 6 skills to be learned in Grade 4 in a BC classroom (with social skills, thinking, communication, research, self-management). 3 – Flow Chart Showing Connections — Mark Garrison, again from a recent ISC post, has started connecting the dots with a flow chart. 4 – How To Muzzle Parents Even Further — The Sutton Trust released a report — “Parent Power: using money and information to boost children’s chances of educational success” — was shameless in using the media to advance its egalitarian mission. 5 – The Hobbit Is Good News — I haven’t seen the movie yet but anything to bring forward the notions of “GOOD” and “EVIL” is so welcome.
6 – Gratitude For Connections To Like-minded People — Instead of feeling one is a voice in the wilderness — to find such people as found on these pages of ISC is such a blessing. Quaternary Cleaner Disinfectant, 1:256 dilution) will be performed before and after each run. This remastered disc set, comes with a downloadable sequence sheets with photos of every posture, and offers more than two hours of yoga instruction. With clear step-by step instructions, Yasmin leads you from posture to posture, encouraging you to get the most out of your practice.
Some of it did come, however, on this slideshow that arrived in my email to Wish Me a Happy Winter Solstice. We have long known that the accreditors answered to UNESCO and intend to use education to drive cultural change. Please treat as a personal keepsake to be treasured and only used when you are quite sure security is in place. When I can get the attention of the techies in my life after the holidays, I will try to get this all turned into a pdf. Wish my ww2 navy officer grandpa was still around to enforce what constitutes a finished job! CCSSI is just the excuse for getting all this shifted and then measuring whether the desired values, attitudes, framing beliefs, feelings, applied concepts are all occurring as desired. Given the announced goal of subjective well-being, the determination to improve people’s lives through learning where learning is behavioral changes does not leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. Precisely what the US Constitution and Anglosphere common law generally were designed to prevent.
That appreciative inquiry is a part of all the urban districts change agent tool kit, not just those like Houston and Cleveland, Ohio who held summits.
The whole process ultimately comes back to this vision of society for the 21st century and people pushing related elements hoping nobody recognizes the true commonality. Agenda 21 really is the UN’s blueprint for finally shifting the West and the world generally towards that human development stage envisioned by Karl Marx so many years ago. I am as shocked as anyone, but I am too grounded in history to regard this as unprecedented or unimaginable either.
Every time I see more sales of the book I just hope it will finally get in enough hands in enough places to start to make a difference in time. It is mentioned in the heads letter to shareholders and also why they are moving away from print. Apart from making us want to pull our hair out in fury at the impertinence of so many in the political class. My favorite fact about his view of ed is that he was the first Executive Director of Educators for Social Responsibility.

Prepared samples that are brought into the facility for analysis and sorting must be clearly identified as infectious (BSL-2) or non-infectious (BSL-1) samples.
For publication purposes please contact a member of the NEWAC dissemination team for authorisation. The gifts are wrapped here and the ingredients for pasta bolognese are ready for Christmas Eve dinner. We were quietly lurking in the outfield though and have caught what was intended to be a most troubling concept.
We also knew that UNESCO globally is the driver of all the tremendous changes in higher ed.
But I personally am not good at that, and the whiz kids in my life are otherwise engaged at the moment.
Well, this document has AI listed as a tool for achieving positive change to attain this vision of communities pushing for a common good going forward.
Another book I read last week kept saying the Constitution and the common law are in the way and the French have it right. I was looking at it because the co-author with one of the big proponents of digital learning and competency, Michael Horn, has a co-author whose specialty is regional equity. So what if the math made no sense or you were reading several grade levels above the class. As you may remember when I first encountered Robert Tucker’s book earlier in the year and read what he had written in the early 60s, I was shocked.
They are not to deviate from the script so that all the classroom vocabulary becomes essentially scripted in elementary school.
Especially to me as I am a corporate and securities lawyer by training and experience and wrote prospectuses and public documents for years.
He had a quote about Thomas Jefferson and usufructs that he translated as the opposite of what TJ was saying. I hope every one of my readers gets the opportunity to engage in the festivities and rituals they and their loved ones also cherish at this unique time of year. We have suspected UNESCO is the driver of K-12 reforms globally including the US Common Core, but I have been looking for the proverbial indisputable link beyond UNESCO being a named partner in the global 21st century skills movement.
The International Baccalaureate Organization is working hand in hand with it in implementing Chapter 36 of Agenda 21 in unsuspecting schools and districts.
In the insiders only documents or even in Moises Naim’s book there is the constant acknowledgment equity will require constant overlordship.
I have since run into this intention and description in many other places over the decades. I guess by the time those students get to high school much of their vocabulary will be predictably circumscribed.
Unfortunately for him, I was really good at my Property law school classes and remembered correctly what usufructs were. She loved the classes, but it was also snowing in April and she was raised a Southern girl. I am going to just play mom, chauffeur, and cook  through the New Year after this post although I will likely keep the conversation going in the comments.
We had already noted in previous posts that the UN started a World Happiness Report in 2012 and the OECD has been pushing Subjective Well-Being as a means of aiding its Great Transition emphasis.
I now have that proof downloaded and hard copied along with UNESCO’s desired global curriculum and methods. But no one tells the people pushing for equity and social justice that instead of everyone getting Mayo Clinic calibre care, for example, only those who are in the oligarchy will in the future.
Then note what Garrison cites as Barber’s own admission that he supports the United Nations educational agenda. But we really have moved further in putting it all together in 2013 than any outsider ever has.
The timeline is to commence this in earnest in 2014 so 2013 was a really timely period for someone to pull this together. He formed an advisory board full of big business cronies to advise him and the legislature complete with teacher union president and a Nike global strategist.
Thanks for the sharp insights of Robin and contributors and hoping that 2014 proves to be a pivotal year for truth and common sense! But two important admissions that clarify what has been going on and what we will likely encounter in 2014 and beyond globally have come my way. Many times I will discover that one person who has been candid about what he or she are up to was the PhD advisee to someone else already on my radar because of the nature of their theories. This post is just a head’s up, and a reminder that there is a language involved with all these transformational intentions, we now speak it, and we can correctly translate and appraise Whatever comes our way in 2014 in both education and social policies generally. Or Robert English, the USC prof who wrote the definitive version with Gorby’s cooperation of the fall of the Soviet Union and big C Communism, who turned out to be the son-in-law of the Robert Tucker where I first encountered this. Funding from Rockefeller, and advisement from FSG , social impact consultants as well as those involved in promise neighborhoods.

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