Sutherland Shire Football Association is conducting another free skills training night for girls only to attend. Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) will again be holding its very successful football skills clinic for all interested Under 6 to Under 14 players during the 2016 April School Holidays. Sutherland Shire Football Association is conducting a free skills training night for girls only to attend.
This is an invitation to participate in a study conducted by researchers from the University of Wollongong.
With season 2016 nearly underway now is a great time to prepare for the season and gain formal coaching accreditation and experience via the FFA Community Coaching Pathway. There is more than to blowing up the whistle, organising the team sheet and preparing the car filled with footballs when it comes to coaching a team of young football players. As a coach, your first step to create a good junior football team is to make a coaching philosophy. Hello readers, in this article you can get information about The National Standard In Football Coaching Certification. Level 2 of usa football’s coaching education program is designed for coaches who want to improve their ability to coach and provide the best development experience.
American youth football, inc the international headquarters of american youth football, inc (ayf) is located in miami, fl your comments and suggestions are.
Mission statement the fa step into sport programme will enable the fa to enthuse, retain and develop young people regardless of their background, gender. Download The National Standard In Football Coaching Certification American youth football, inc.
Download The National Standard In Football Coaching Certification Young people from school based football to club based opportunities. Download The National Standard In Football Coaching Certification Minor hockey development guide skill development model skill development workshop. 2013-14 ncaa sports medicine handbook 2 preface the health and safety principle of the national collegiate athletic association’s constitution provides. Certified coaching education courses the most affordable and respected coach certification courses in football usa football is the national leader in football. Overview youth sports coaches, many of which are volunteers, are the foundation of youth sports in the us those who are trained and educated on the many different. Sports journalists and bloggers covering nfl mlb nba nhl mma college football and basketball nascar fantasy sports and more. Flag certification usa football's certified courses are the national standard in football coaching education. Above you can read article and ebook that discuss about The National Standard In Football Coaching Certification.
A detailed guide on how to become a qualified Football Coach, focusing on the FA Level 1 Coaching Course. A level 1 Coach will usually work alongside a Level 2 or UEFA B qualified coach as their assistant. When you sign up to the course you receive a number of resources that you can use for guidance and support throughout the duration of the course. Candidates get to keep these resources once they have completed the course and they can be used to help you develop and as learning resources.
Candidates also have to fill in a section about how Mini Soccer will make the game more enjoyable for players. This task provides candidates with a good platform to understand the FA’s future vision for the game. The second written part of the tasks requires candidates to work in groups and list the key elements that need to be considered when a club or group of individuals plan a football festival or tournament.
Task five is titled ‘Plan and Deliver a Football Coaching Activity Session.’ As you can see from the title, this task is a practical assessment. First is plan the session, this includes age range of the players, ability level, medical information, equipment needed and the warm up and cool down activities.
They then must plan the session, including diagrams, written descriptions, coaching points, and the timings of each part of the activity. The final part of the tasks, the candidates must receive feedback from the tutor and fill in a variety of questions evaluating the session and looking at ways to improve it next time they deliver the session.

The FA Level 1 Certificate in coaching football gives candidates a good platform to get onto the coaching ladder, although the sessions provided are basic, they can still be used for all ages groups as long as it is appropriate. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, my next one will take a look at the FA level 2 certificate in coaching football and what is involved in the course including both practical and written tasks.
If you have completed the level one certificate, or are thinking about starting the course we would love to hear your thoughts. Michael is a 24 year old football coach who is working towards his UEFA B Licence and currently has his FA level 2 coaching award. I have been coaching for over a year without the qualification so i can i can only improve on what I have all ready achieved. Great informative article, equally as interesting as I undertake this course with the Durham FA next January.
Coaching Youth Football Tips by Coach Parker, Keller TX North of Fort Worth TX and West of Dallas Texas, DFW. I am really psyched because I am coaching offense this Spring football season and was developing a multiple offense and Coach Otto has the same formations I am planning to use; Double Wing, Single Wing and a Wing T which is similar to the offset I am planning on using.
Just received the book Coaching Football and the Split T Formation by James M Tatum and Warren K. For all new youth football coaches that think they may not be good football coaches because they lack football knowledge, "Organization is the foundation of all successful football coaching.
It was interesting to learn he coached Joe Namath at Alabama and actually suspended Namath. After finishing the Paterno autobiography last week, this autobiography is a little different in that its less about coaching and more about Coach's life but a more enjoyable read, probably for a Cowboy fan.
Vice Mayor Don Burnette said the interim candidates will go through less scrutiny since the position is short term, but he’s done his homework and has lots of questions. The purpose is to investigate the feasibility of a  sports?based mental health literacy program for adolescent males. Football has become more popular than any other sports lately, and the young ones have started their own little league, forming various junior football team inspired by the iconic teams they look up to.
Youngsters grow quicker than the adults, so you will have to expect changes both emotionally and physically on the young junior football teams at different age levels. The Lancashire County FA website states ‘This course provides an introduction to the organisation and delivery of safe and enjoyable coaching sessions for players. The final part of the task involves candidates looking at the difference in player characteristics as they go up through the age groups, as well as looking at symptoms of overuse injuries. Once again candidates are required to read through a chapter in one of the booklets provided. This is a relatively new thing introduced by the FA, which I personally think is a great idea. Candidates are required to plan, deliver and evaluate a coaching session, which is assigned to them from the ‘Introduction to coaching booklet’ by the Course tutors. These sessions all have an underlying theme based around the key basic techniques footballers will need.
Level one sessions can be used for older players as part of warm ups or as parts within a whole part whole session. Once you have attended courses like Practice Play by Premier Skills Academy or Coerver then you will see what I mean. The best thing to do would be to contact Michael directly on there, we are sure he would love to help.
Would you mind dropping me an email so I can talk to you in more depth about your coaching experience? It will enhance your coaching capabilities if you are a keen observer and know to adapt to situations. But in this post i will explain Flag certification usa football's certified courses are the national standard in football coaching education more clearly than another blog. It could be that a child has started to play the game and their team needs a new coach.  It could be that you wish to further expand your knowledge of the game.
The course will introduce practical drills to develop players’ technical skills such as shooting, turning with the ball and heading.
Furthermore you must have an FA Child Protection qualification & FA first aid qualification.

The first task is called: ‘Young Player Development’ The tasks requires the candidates to read a couple of chapters from one of the booklets given on the course. It allows best practice to be shared, candidates the opportunity to see ‘coaching master classes’ from FA employees, as well as the opportunity to win tickets to see England play at Wembley.
They can complete the FA Equality and Diversity module online or if they don’t have access to complete the online module, they can read section five in the resource book and answer a set of multiple choice questions based around a variety of topics and issues within football include: Equity and Diversity, Disability football and Inclusion. All the sessions encourage players having fun, lots of touches of the ball and are in well structured environment. I would strongly advise a newly qualified level one coach to seek a more qualified coach to work with and use them as a mentor and to get feedback on any sessions they deliver. You are now eligible to enrol for the FA Youth Modules One (Developing the Environment) and two (Developing the player). Expect children ages 6 and below to never played football before, and it will be their first experience to be placed into a setting of organised team. You simply need to introduce football to them and its basic elements.
Whatever your reasons for looking to get onto the coaching ladder, like all professions, football has a variety of paths you can take. It is ideally suited to those working with groups of young players.’ In a nutshell, the course is a basic introduction to coaching football.
If you don’t, do not be put off as these two 3 hour workshops are part of the course, so you will gain these qualification throughout the duration of your course. Once reading the chapters, the next part of the task asks the candidates to discuss and describe the benefits of Mini Soccer to young players. The club also runs annual continuous professional development courses so coaches can build upon their knowledge year on year.
The sessions look at techniques such as heading, dribbling, passing and shooting, as well as encourage players to get their heads up and communicate with other players.
The final option is to take the next step on the ladder and enrol onto your level 2 certificate in coaching football. They are not really concerned about their future with football yet, so letting them enjoy the play is at its best. Whatever path you choose, it will start with the FA Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football.
The course has 32 contact hours with FA tutors, as well as a set number of written tasks that need to be completed away from the course, some of these are completed within the 32 hours contact.
For those that do not know, Mini Soccer is part of the new FA Youth Development that is being phased in at Grassroots Football. Even with the philosophy already intact and in place, you will find it hard to follow through it all the time. Those at the ages 7 to 9 will tend to begin focusing on practicing and mastering the basics. To pass the course, candidates must complete all the tasks within their log book and deliver a 20 minute practical coaching sessions which is assessed by the FA tutors. This is especially true when parents intervene, saying that they are only wasting their son’s lives for not winning any games lately, they have not made it halfway in the season, or why less capable players are given more practice time compared to the best players of the team.
They will also look forward for feedbacks from their parents and coaches, too, when it comes to their performance. Your philosophy will be challenged all the time, so before you are entrusted with the parent’s children for coaching, discuss with them what your philosophy is. For those aged 10 to 12, these are children that have already experienced playing football and are continuing to do it because they have a liking to it. Make sure to encourage and emphasize teamwork amongst the junior football players, as this will increase their morale, motivation and the drive to do better for themselves and for the team. It will give them an overview about not just being a coach, but explaining yourself as a person.
So you should take a lot of time thinking into your philosophy and never do it half-heartedly.

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