There is more than to blowing up the whistle, organising the team sheet and preparing the car filled with footballs when it comes to coaching a team of young football players. As a coach, your first step to create a good junior football team is to make a coaching philosophy. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was the focus of a 2012 Harvard Business School study on leadership.
High profile managers like Jose Mourinho (pictured) are adept at managing a complex array of stakeholders and their demands, Carson said, a skill that will be familiar to many CEOs and senior executives.
A fair comparison between the business and football worlds would be former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola and Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO, Carson said.
Borussia Dortmund's charismatic coach, Jurgen Klopp, is renowned for his energetic touchline persona. Former Celtic and Tottenham player, Ramon Vega (left), is one of the few individuals to have operated at the sharp end of both football and business. Editor's note: CNN's Route to the Top brings the latest news to give you an edge in the job market. Instead, the academics cast convention aside and approached a football manager with an avowed commitment to socialism -- Sir Alex Ferguson. The former Manchester United manager is one of the most successful coaches of all time, winning a veritable treasure trove of trophies and championships in a managerial career that stretched across five decades. All very impressive, but what could Ferguson possibly know about business leadership that would be of use to an in-depth study on the subject?
Quite a lot according to management consultant and author, Mike Carson, who has spent the past year interviewing top-level soccer managers, including Ferguson, for his book, "The Manager: Inside The Minds of Football's Leaders".
Like the researchers who studied Ferguson at close quarters and invited him to speak at Harvard last year, Carson draws parallels between the best CEOs and football managers in how they strive to introduce long term structures and values to foster a culture of success. He also points out the similarities in managing top talent, developing an effective one-to-one leadership style as well as taking into account the needs of different interests groups within an organization. This final quality is something the best soccer managers do particularly well, Carson noted.
Yet despite these broad similarities, the day-to-day methods used to nurture relationships in sport and business will in most cases be vastly different.
Jose Mourinho's often barbed public attitude towards officialdom and competitors, for example, would unlikely meet the level of decorum expected of a public facing CEO or executive. Sir Alex Ferguson's infamous hairdryer treatment (where he stands inches away from a players face and screams at the top of his voice) or the temperamental touchline persona of Borussia Dortmund head-coach, Jurgen Klopp, meanwhile hardly seem suited to the more refined sensibilities of the business world.
According to Professor Ian Clarke, dean of Edinburgh University's business school, however, these emotional techniques still display leadership attributes that businesspeople can adapt for their own purposes.
In this regard, Clarke says there is "a huge amount that businesspeople can take from those in sport. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this lack of learning across football and business is the fact that so few have operated at the sharp end of both disciplines.
The former Swiss international founded his own asset management firm, Vega Swiss Asset Management, in 2009 after hanging up boots several years previously. Although never a football manager himself, Vega spent more than 15 years studying at the feet of inspirational coaches such as Martin O'Neil, Christian Gross and Roy Hodgson which he said prepared him for the rigors of leading a successful company. Like Carson and Clarke before him, however, Vega highlights the ability to deal with people on an individual level as the major similarity between leadership roles in the two fields. Unleash your inner rock god, find the right partners and be a better boss, says Gene Simmons. A design studio has found a way to make employees happier and more productive by taking away their desks.
It's a common saying that one day all our jobs will be done by robots, but CEOs may not have expected their position in the C-suite to be under threat so soon.
Women now account for a fifth of FTSE 100 executive board members -- but is the glass ceiling in Britain finally beginning to crack? Julia Hobsbawm is known the "queen of networking." We ask her how she connects with people in the digital age. The football skills of 53 young players aged between 4 and 14 years have been improved following two days of skills coaching from Plymouth Argyle staff this weekend. The players were organised into three teams, England, Germany and USA, and received points for skill, behaviour, attitude and effort. During the two-day session, some of Scilly’s young footballers have been singled out for awards. In the middle age group, the best overall players were Will St Pier, Jevon Hughes and Ethan Mulholland. The visiting coaches also gave a masterclass in five-a-side football for some of the islands’ adult footballers. Helen Glenn from the Five Islands Football Club says they are grateful to the Council’s Children’s Services Department for providing funding to a successful weekend.
If you have completed an FA Course, FA CRC check or are a player of an affiliated club, then you may already have a FAN Number.
Coaches should encourage players to play their first touch away their body and into a position that will give them time to weigh up the options for their next pass.
Key coaching tipTell your players not to shout for the ball so they have to look for a coloured shirt with their heads up. USA Football, the National Football League and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working to make this your best season. The ONLY football coaching course certified by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education.

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New Oakland general manager Reggie McKenzie met with Allen after Senior Bowl practice to work out a deal, after the other candidates had been informed last night and this morning that they were no longer in the running. The last time the Raiders hired a head coach with a defensive background was 1969, when Al Davis selected young linebackers coach John Madden. Allen, 39, was with Denver for one year and ran a 4-3 base defense — which the Raiders have used the past seven seasons.
The Raiders told Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg that he was no longer in the running. Moss was supposed to be the front-runner, as McKenzie said he wanted his own guy when he fired Hue Jackson his first day on the job on Jan. All told, McKenzie interviewed six people — Allen, Mornhinweg, Moss, Capers, former Miami interim coach Todd Bowles and Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. The last time the Raiders hired a former Broncos assistant, it was Mike Shanahan in 1988 and he lasted two years before he and Al Davis were at each other’s throat. Football has become more popular than any other sports lately, and the young ones have started their own little league, forming various junior football team inspired by the iconic teams they look up to. Youngsters grow quicker than the adults, so you will have to expect changes both emotionally and physically on the young junior football teams at different age levels.
According to author and management consultant, Mike Carson, those in business can learn much from analyzing the work of successful football coaches like Ferguson. Both lived their vision (in Jobs' case innovative product design and in Guardiola's a style of play) dragging their respective institutions along with them.
According to the dean of Edinburgh University's business school, Professor Ian Clarke, senior business figures could learn from the passion displayed by the likes of Klopp.
New Manchester United manager, David Moyes, is highly regarded for his desire to soak up new ideas and implement innovative coaching methods. The ex-Switzerland international captain believes he learned much during his sporting career that prepared him for running his own asset management firm. We'll speak to industry and management experts and business school academics, providing the latest advice on how to advance your career. His organization now looks after $1 billion of clients' funds under advisory management, according to a 2012 profile in the Times of London.
He believes those in business can glean much from football if they were to analyze the methods and behavior of leading coaches.
Ashton Littlejohn was the penalty shoot out winner and Jowan May and Jake Guy shared an award for effort.

The FA runs a support pathway for coaches leading from beginners’ courses to elite development.
Through our extensive coach education and support programme, we aim to produce more innovative coaches, who are excellent teachers of the game.
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Developed by both education and football industry leaders, our program is backed by the National Football League. This insurance eligibility is automatically included in the Coach's Membership purchased individually, through USA Football for $25 after passing either the Tackle or Flag Certification Course. The Film Room offers hours of fundamental coaching instruction for offense, defense, speed and strength training. Summaries are also provided to identify the required equipment, time allotment and number of players needed for each drill. It not only shows a coach is properly educated, but helps to recruit players and ease many parent's concerns. It not only promotes and facilitates coaching competence within all levels of amateur sport by overseeing and evaluating the quality of coaching education programs, but confirms that football has its guideline for coaching education. Coaches and parents should know what to look for on and off the field and encourage everyone to learn the signs and symptoms of concussion.
The program utilizes five fundamentals through a series of drills to reinforce proper tackling mechanics and teach players how to properly tackle with a focus on reducing helmet contact. Developed with support from the NFL, it’s loaded with resources to help make a better, safer game. Coaches are encouraged to view and follow the list of recommended standards to keep players safer. League administrators, coaches and parents should be able to recognize when equipment fits properly and check the fit of equipment throughout the season.
Read articles on proper nutrition, hydration and other facts and share them with players and parents. The Raiders have hired Dennis Allen, the 39-year-old defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, to be their new head coach. Madden, coincidentally, sat in on new owner Mark Davis’ interview with McKenzie earlier this month.
And Packers linebackers coach Winston Moss and defensive coordinator Dom Capers were also informed Tuesday that they would not be getting the job. Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy cancelled his interview with the Raiders he thought he was the front runner for the Dolphins job. It will enhance your coaching capabilities if you are a keen observer and know to adapt to situations. The Roster Tool enables coaches to include information such as titles, birth dates, jersey number, position, contact info and more for everyone on the roster.
The QB Wristband tool is helpful for hurry up offenses or coaches that call plays from the line of scrimmag.
Our coaching courses are designed to ensure players get appropriate training using a system that guides coaches with age based courses, 3D animated Drills Library and Film Room video techniques.
McKenzie cancelled his scheduled interview with Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice on Monday.
But there were reports that Moss’ interview did not go well, and even though McKenzie denied that yesterday, those whispers have since gotten louder.
Expect children ages 6 and below to never played football before, and it will be their first experience to be placed into a setting of organised team. You simply need to introduce football to them and its basic elements. They are not really concerned about their future with football yet, so letting them enjoy the play is at its best.
Even with the philosophy already intact and in place, you will find it hard to follow through it all the time. Those at the ages 7 to 9 will tend to begin focusing on practicing and mastering the basics. When young players control the ball, they are not immediately anticipating what to do next - pass, shoot, dribble or run with the ball. This is especially true when parents intervene, saying that they are only wasting their son’s lives for not winning any games lately, they have not made it halfway in the season, or why less capable players are given more practice time compared to the best players of the team.
They will also look forward for feedbacks from their parents and coaches, too, when it comes to their performance.
For this to happen you have to sharpen their vision.Set up an area 30m x 40m and follow the diagram below. Your philosophy will be challenged all the time, so before you are entrusted with the parent’s children for coaching, discuss with them what your philosophy is. For those aged 10 to 12, these are children that have already experienced playing football and are continuing to do it because they have a liking to it. Make sure to encourage and emphasize teamwork amongst the junior football players, as this will increase their morale, motivation and the drive to do better for themselves and for the team. It will give them an overview about not just being a coach, but explaining yourself as a person.
So you should take a lot of time thinking into your philosophy and never do it half-heartedly.

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