It’s no surprise that a lot of big name programs made the list, with the Florida Gators being the number one job. This week, we rank the most difficult jobs in the Power Five conferences.It's not exactly a secret that if you're a college football coach, some jobs are more appealing than others. He commented on how the Tar Heels are the best team in the state of North Carolina, and that one team is ready to break out of that state and become a powerhouse.
Yeah, it's a promotion of sorts, but it's going to be incredibly hard to win there, and it could end up killing your career.So in this week's Friday Five, I'm going to take a look at what I believe to be the five most difficult jobs in the Power Five conferences.
There's a whole range of factors: history, recruiting base, competition within your own state and general fan apathy. Maybe it will be North Carolina State, maybe Duke will turn into a dynasty, but in the meantime, I’m ranking UNC as the top of the North Carolina football schools. Indiana There are a couple of things Indiana has working in its favor, with the two biggest being that it's a Big Ten school and it's located in a very scenic part of the state.
North Carolina is a fertile recruiting field, much more so than the three schools I rejected and I ultimately think someone will win big there. The Hoosiers last made a bowl game in 2007, but before that you have to go all the way back to the 1993 Independence Bowl. The only coach in the history of the program to take Indiana to multiple bowl games was Bill Mallory, who was at the helm for six of the nine. John Pont, Lee Corso and Bill Lynch had one apiece.Not surprisingly, Indiana is a basketball school, which makes sense given the lack of football success and the fact Indiana is just a basketball-mad state.

The state itself isn't the most talent-rich when it comes to football, though Indianapolis does produce some solid players. Oh, and thanks to expansion, Indiana now has to play in a division that includes Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State.
Vanderbilt Some might disagree with this given the recent success there by James Franklin, but look at what happened the moment Franklin left for Penn State. And we cannot forget that from 1960 to 2011, when Franklin took over, Vanderbilt had only five winning seasons.
People will always bring up the academic requirements at the school, and yes, those will always be a problem for any university with high standards. There's also the fact that while Vanderbilt might be located in a wonderful city like Nashville, there are far more Tennessee fans in Nashville than there are Vanderbilt fans.
So even when a coach like Franklin comes around and experiences success, they're much more likely to use it as a springboard to a better job than stick around and try to maintain it.3. Kansas Kansas is a school that has had its fair share of success in recent decades, as it did play in the 2007 Orange Bowl.
First of all, the state of Kansas itself isn't exactly recruiting-rich territory, so the Jayhawks have to rely on recruiting in Texas and Oklahoma and other places nearby that have more talent. It's just that everybody else in the Big 12 recruits those same places, and there aren't many top recruits that are going to pick Kansas over Texas.The good news is that Kansas State has shown that a school in Kansas can have success and build itself up after a long, dark history of losses. But I just don't know how many Bill Snyders there are, and now that Kansas State has established itself, it's only tougher for the Jayhawks to overcome their neighbors.

No matter what you accomplish at Kansas as a football coach, you're always going to be the second-most important person on that campus at best.2.
There are a lot of college campuses across the country that are located in the middle of nowhere, but Ames might actually be nowhere.That makes it harder to attract recruits, and I haven't even mentioned the fact that the Cyclones have to compete with the Iowa Hawkeyes. Also like Kansas, Iowa State has had more success in the past few decades than it had in the many before it. Obviously a factor in that is the fact that there have simply been a lot more bowl games to play in the past 20 years than there were before, but still, it's better than not playing in any at all.Simply put, Iowa State is a difficult place to have success, and it's even more difficult to have sustained success. That record at Iowa State was so impressive that Bruce turned it into the Ohio State job.1. If you're reading this post right now, there's a 95 percent chance you couldn't get into Wake Forest if you applied, nor could you probably find it on a map.And while Wake is located in a talent-rich area of the country when it comes to football, it also shares that southeast region with a number of college football powers who come in and take their pick of players.
Plus, Wake is only one of four members of the ACC that call North Carolina home, and it's on the bottom of the totem pole there as well.And while some smaller schools can go the juco route for talent, those admission standards I mentioned mean that option isn't available to the Demon Deacons. So essentially a coach is looking for a player who is not only good enough to help him win football games but one that has the grades to get into Wake and would choose Wake from a myriad of other options.That doesn't happen very often.

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