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You can see that the cause here may be one or more of noise, encode and decode in the communication channel.What is the difference between Effective communication and Efficient communication?Imagine that today you are in a city on an official trip and you are returning home tomorrow morning.
Throw in effective monitoring mechanisms into the mix and you can be sure of having least amount of communication issues on the project.What is the direct benefit of this?People tend to be happy working on the project when they do not get unexpected, nasty surprises!
I found your notes very helpful in understanding the basic idea of communication, so thank you for that!
I am however having trouble finding some more information on this sort of communication and I was hoping that you could please refer me to the original source of these notes?

It would be much appreciated!Thank you and kind regards, Juanita Reply Shiv May 10, 2013, 6:03 pmHi Juanita, Glad that you found these notes helpful.

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