To significantly increase their guests' satisfaction, a 9,000-room luxury hotel chain sought to engage and focus every employee on the actions that would better serve their clients and increase their loyalty.
FranklinCovey has studied the question of why some organizations execute with excellence while others falter, at a perhaps unprecedented level. The key difference is the shape of their "variability curves" -top performers' curves are "righter and tighter" than those of lesser performers. Among lesser performers, the enormous energy required just to maintain day-to-day operations-the "whirlwind"-undermines the achievement of their top priorities. Develop an organizational culture of execution that becomes a sustainable competitive advantage.
The accreditations and awards, which we have received throughout the years, are a recognition that our firm excels in providing quality services to our clients, as well as in managing our people.These independent third-party, local and international awards and accreditations, make us proud of the quality of our work and innovative HR practices.
Our goal is to continuously improve our working environment and facilitate the provision of high-quality services to our clients. Middle Earth HR, has been awarded Approved Provider status by the HR Certification Institute and can now offer recertification credits for the approved programs.
The recertification credits apply toward the following certifications for HR professionals: PHR (Professional in Human Resources), SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and GPHR(Global Professional in Human Resources).
Nitin Sanker, who is also currently holding an honorary position as Executive Director of The Asian HR Board ,not-for-profit organization, was given the award for having trained over 10,000 HR Executives, Managers, directors, Vice-presidents & HR heads from 10 countries including India, Pakistan, Indonesia ,Nigeria, Phillipines, Mauritius, Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore eliciting rave reviews from them.
Also, Nitin has personally mentored over 500 projects in HR over last 10 years and led over a 100 consulting projects for companies in the areas of Compensation, Competency Management, Assessment Centers, Psychometric Assessment, Strategy & OD, Behavioral analysis. Middle Earth works on a broad range of areas in HR like Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits, and OD & Strategic HR.

The India Human Capital Awards honors special achievements in the field of HR, the objective is to benchmark talent & HR practices across India. The WORLD HRD Congress recently conferred esteemed "Outstanding Contribution to Global HR" award to Mr.
This award validates the huge efforts put in by MEHR for enhancement of HR practices in organizations across the globe.
Middle Earth HR would like to thank all those who have nominated and voted for the programs.
Top performers' whirlwinds are no less powerful, but they establish processes for engaging their people toward the execution of their most important goals in the midst of the whirlwind. This high honor he shares with alumnae's like Anil Ambani, Naina Lal Kidwal, Rahul Bajaj, Kumar Mangalam Birla, K.V.
The prestigious list is compiled through extensive research and thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience, and expertise of participating companies. They focus on helping dedicated business and training professionals get the information, insight, and tools needed to more effectively manage the business of learning.
Middle Earth HR has received the HRCI Approved Provider Status for its HR public workshop programs. HR Certification Institute is the credentialing affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management, the world's largest institute serving the professional needs of human resource management. The award recognizes our company's outstanding leadership program as an award-winning example for other organizations to be encouraged and to improve their leadership and strive in developing programs that suits the needs of their users. For the past 30 years, Leadership Excellence has identified and recognized the Top 500 leadership organizations and their strategies and solutions in their yearly ranking.

Indira Parikh, evaluates companies and individuals that have truly translated knowledge into practical solutions for strategic manpower development as measured by change, strategy and results. We are proud to list the achievement that our program Certified Learning & Development Manager has listed in the 9th position in the Leadership Partners and Providers International category of the Leadership 500 Excellence awards. Each award received is a tribute to us and everyone who is associated with us by any means.
Middle Earth HR is the only training company from India on this list and shares its position with prominent companies of the training industry like UC Berkeley, ProTrain, Synergetics, IFE, Intuition and Shanegreen Enterprises. After receiving the Approved Provider Status, Middle Earth's various programs had been submitted for review of the HRCI. The human resource certifications of PHR, SPHR and GPHR distinguish HR professionals as having mastered the HR Body of Knowledge. This year's Top 500 award winners have been published in the April issue of Leadership Excellence Essentials. Ltd (now Middle Earth HR) was being awarded the India Human Capital "HR Champion" award for the work done in the field of HR training and consulting. Applications were reviewed by the Expert Leadership Panel along with the Survey of Program Participants, Social Surveying on Facebook and LinkedIn. It is a great recognition for our global certification programs and our mission in building human happiness.

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