Only $150 per person or $140 per person for groups of five or more from the same organization for this full day, hands-on workshop.
Due to the volatile nature of information technology, assuming the role of project manager for an IT project can be challenging, frustrating, and problematic.
Project management is no easy task, regardless of a project's scope, risks, and overall objectives. If you are a project manager looking to learn tips, techniques, and real-world strategies for successfully guiding IT projects to come in on time and on budget, look no further! The rewards of monitoring, tracking, controlling, and successfully executing a complex IT project are many, but the chances for failure are high if you aren't completely prepared to step into the role and drive the project toward success.
With the information provided in this powerful program, you'll learn how to immediately improve your IT project track record by using what you learn to improve your chances for success. If you've ever dreaded the difficult task of managing complex IT projects, this can't miss training is just what you've been looking for! How to take the practical lessons learned in this webinar and apply the immediately to any and all projects you're taking part in!

Who Will BenefitThis webinar is perfect for programmers, architects, designers, technicians and other information technology specialists who take part in the planning, execution, or oversight of IT projects of any and all sizes. 2 days before the event you will receive another email with full details of how to connect.
In addition to constant change, you're forced to take into account the competitive landscape, business requirements, regulatory issues, and so much more. If not, this powerful IT project management training workshop will make all the difference! Have you been involved in projects that seem to spiral out of control, increasing in complexity and cost while they fall further and further behind schedule? Your technical prowess may have gotten you where you are, but if you don't have the key project management skills required to minimize cost overruns, maximize your team's productivity, and oversee that your project keeps moving forward on the right path, you're doomed for failure. In this class, you'll master the art of collaborating to use delegation, communication, and team-building that keeps your project team focused and on schedule.
With the knowledge and know-how you'll quickly gain in one hour, you'll be able to gather and effectively utilize all of the tools necessary for successfully managing projects of all scope and size.

Have you suffered from wasted time, energy, and resources trying to keep a project going that's missing key elements for success? This program will provide you with practical solutions you can begin implementing the very same day to start taking control of the challenges you face, organizing your project’s resources, and getting real project results. Enroll in this course today, and get great training you need to keep your projects on time and on budget!
Don't spend another day struggling to get a handle on your responsibilities and take control of your IT projects.

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