AIM HIGH: A 5K is a big accomplishment, but one that anyone can achieve with a little dedication - and the right plan.
After spending 15 years as a competitive runner, Andrew Kastor now coaches runners of all abilities both online and in Mammoth Lakes, California. It feels good, maybe a little hard, but it has prompted you to flirt with the idea of entering a 5K. That’ll give you enough time to follow our training program, created by Andrew Kastor, coach of the High Sierra Striders in Mammoth Lakes, California. Cross training is an option; you can do yoga, swim, bike, hit the gym, any workout you enjoy. Another 19.5 million run 25 to 109 days per year, while 10 million hit the pavement 110 days or more.
Alternate running days also ensures rest days fall on weekdays and weekends, so that the plan can fit into your work and family life.

Sunday’s run is in miles so that you can begin to gain a sense of your pace per mile. Warming up and cooling down safely transition the body into and out of exercise, explains Kastor, but the walking segments also increase your total workout time, which helps build the endurance you’ll need on race day. Use your first race to build endurance, then if you want, you can start playing with speed. Nearly 80 percent of runners get injured; walking breaks are a strategic tool to build distance safely.
It’s the perfect preparation for your first 5K or to get you started on the road to regular running. You can then estimate the time it will take you to finish the other long runs, or of course, you can map those out too. That will come with more time on your feet.Two days a week, you’ll strength train, which will help keep you injury-free.

Complete three sets, doing each exercise for 45 seconds to 1 minute, transitioning between movements without any rest.
Try these 5 ways to improve your track workout.And remember: The plan is flexible to fit your lifestyle! You’ll still reap the cardiovascular benefits.Click here for a larger, printable version of the complete training plan.

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